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Apple Unveils New Watch, iPad Air, and Fitness Service

At the company’s first virtual-only product launch, Apple introduced a new Apple Watch that is capable of measuring blood oxygen levels, a watch priced at a significantly lower price point than in the past, and a new iPad.
Unlike at past events in September where Apple would reveal its new line of iPhones, the iPhone 12 is expected to make its debut in mid-October due to pandemic-induced delays in production.
As a …

Review: Radio Swiss Classic Offers Infinite Variety of Composers and Artists

Ten years ago, I reviewed the online broadcaster Radio Swiss Classic in these pages. Given that I have been listening practically nonstop to this station since the start of the pandemic, I thought it was once again time to bring it to our readers’ attention.
Commercial-free Radio Swiss Classic is operated by Swiss Satellite Radio, a division of Switzerland’s public broadcaster, SRG SSR, known in English as the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation.  I’ve …

How to Succeed in E-mail During the Coronavirus Pandemic Without Really Trying

Have you been tempted to start off an e-mail with a cheery “Hope you are well” or something along those lines in recent months?
Are you afraid of what an actual response might be?
This is the conundrum facing anyone writing an e-mail message in which such greetings and small talk might otherwise have been insignificant.  Not everyone is well, not everyone is even still employed (how many “out-of-office” messages have you …

Report from Cupertino – Highlights from the 2020 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

CUPERTINO—The 33rd Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, one of the most important vendor events of the year, kicked off on Monday, albeit in a virtual fashion. Apple uses the event to showcase the company’s newest operating systems and tools and augments it with in-depth sessions with Apple engineers and experts.
This year, however, was different.  The event, known colloquially as “Dub Dub,” took place on line and anyone could attend, developer or not.  …

Review: Apple iOS 13.5 – Coronavirus Edition Addresses Pesky Mask and FaceTime Issues

Apple’s latest iOS update – 13.5 – is a sign of the times we live in.  The new version includes a new feature that allows users who are wearing masks to unlock their phones faster when they aren’t recognized by FaceID.  It also supports Covid-19 exposure notifications and improved group FaceTime calling.
Released on Wednesday, it should be available on your iPhone if you look for it in Settings or you …

Apple Stores to ‘Look a Little Different’ and Require Masks When They Reopen

Apple Stores to ‘Look a Little Different’ and Require Masks When They Reopen

Shopping at Apple in the Coronavirus Age will “look a little different,” the company said.
Apple, which was one of the first global companies to shutter its stores in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, announced the steps it was taking to ensure the health and safety of customers and staff as it begins the process of reopening stores in various parts of the world.
“Things may look and feel a …

Lockdown Library: Here’s How to Get Access to Thousands Classic Books at No Charge

A major difference between the Covid-19 outbreak and the Spanish Flu or Black Plague beyond the increase in the literacy rate is that, despite quarantines, lockdowns, and self-isolation, one does not have to sit home reading the Bible.
Today, thanks to the Internet, there are thousands of books readily available that open a whole new world to a reader’s eyes.
Indeed, today’s online world is resembling what was set forth in Neal …