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Credit Card Signatures Prepare to Face Their Maker

For years, I’ve made what I consider to be artistic drawings when asked to sign a credit card receipt, instead of actually penning my signature. Occasionally I’ll resort to “M Mouse” or “Max und Moritz” and I gave one cashier a laugh when I digitally signed Happy Halloween on October 31 and it popped up on her screen. The same goes for checks, yet no one at …

Major Developers Are Discontinuing Their Apple Watch Apps But That’s Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

When Apple introduced the Apple Watch in April 2015, iPhone developers couldn’t wait to get onto the Apple Watch bandwagon. It was like being seen at the right table at 21 but sometimes it didn’t make sense to be there in the first place.
Now developers are recognizing that it isn’t necessarily appropriate to invest the resources to maintain a separate Apple Watch app versus merely allowing users to get notifications …

8 Tips to Prevent Fraud and Identity Theft

Everyone is vulnerable to identity theft but frequent travelers are even more so. With yet another data breach making the headlines on an almost bi-weekly basis, it pays to assess how vulnerable you are and take measures to limit exposure.
Remember, your personal information can be compromised in a number of ways, not just via a data breach. Criminals use social engineering techniques such as phishing and spoofing that cause some …

Lobby Bar – March 16: Super-Powered Editors, Drive with the Beatles, Smart Stoves, Fly for Free

Lobby Bar – The Only Meeting Place That Makes You Question Your Existence
What-er? Put down that water bottle; turns out there may be some unwanted surprises inside. The special ingredients will give consumers some rare superpowers, but they won’t necessarily be all that great. Sure, some people might join the ranks of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but then again you have the case of FBT’s Anna Breuer, who grew …

Review: August Smart Lock Pro – Third Time’s the Charm

Thanks in part to the many cars that have keyless access, I’ve been a big fan of the very same feature for my home. I first installed the original August Lock in 2015, exactly ten years after taking delivery of my first BMW equipped with such access.
When August introduced a lock with Homekit support, I purchased that model from Amazon and was henceforth able to use my Apple Watch to …

Survey: Which Apps Do You Use Most for Travel?

Google Maps, Apple Maps, WhatsApp, Uber, and Google Translate are all apps that many travelers use on the road.
Indeed it’s rare to find a frequent traveler without an Apple or Android smartphone in hand and experience tells us that each traveler has his favorite apps that lessen the burden of traveling and add to the travel experience.
Frequent Business Traveler and GlobeRunner Insights want to find out which apps frequent travelers …

United Airlines to Introduce ‘Premium Plus’ International Premium Economy Cabin

United Airlines to Introduce ‘Premium Plus’ International Premium Economy Cabin

United Airlines said Thursday it plans to add a true premium economy offering to its international fleet.
The airline announced the news via a memo to employees, promising “more space, comfort, and amenities.”
While United did not go into specifics, it did say that meals will be served on china, passengers will be provided complimentary alcoholic beverages and receive a Saks Fifth Avenue blanket, pillow, and amenity kit.
American Airlines was the first …