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Coronavirus Morning News Brief – Oct. 22: Conspiracy Theorists in San Luis Obispo County, Hurricane Ian and Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Coronavirus Morning News Brief – Oct. 22: Conspiracy Theorists in San Luis Obispo County, Hurricane Ian and Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Good morning. This is Jonathan Spira reporting. Here now the news of the pandemic from across the globe on the 1,320th day of the pandemic.
In news we report today, conspiracy theorists ran rampant in San Luis Obispo County after a masking order was issued for healthcare workers, the Florida Republican who sponsored the so-called  “Don’t Say Gay” bill in the Florida House and faced 35 years in prison for Covid …

United Airlines Will (Once Again) Change Boarding Process for Coach Passengers: Here’s How It Will Work

Airlines rarely invent new ways to board passengers: Instead, it appears they keep rediscovering ways they, or other airlines, had previously abandoned and tout them as new and improved.
In this vein, United Airlines said that it will bring back, starting next week, a boarding method for coach passengers that it contends is more efficient.
The Chicago-based carrier hopes to reduce by up to two minutes what is often a cumbersome and …

Celebrating the Pan Am Building’s 60th Anniversary and The World’s Most Experienced Airline

The 60th anniversary of the opening of the Pan Am Building at 200 Park Avenue in Manhattan was celebrated by the Pan Am Museum Friday night with a reception at that very building, even though the 59-story skyscraper that looms over Grand Central Terminal had long since been owned by MetLife and, for over 30 years, had been officially called the MetLife Building.
The logo over the Pan Am Building may …

Delta Makes Sweeping Changes to SkyMiles Frequent-Flyer Program, Members Cry Foul!

Delta Air Lines recently announced what can only be called sweeping changes to its SkyMiles frequent-flyer program, but not everyone is happy about them.
The changes, which raise the bar for earning elite status, are set to go into effect in 2025 and won’t impact Medallion elite status for 2024, but it will change how members earn status in 2024 for the following year.
The airline’s lounges have suffered from overcrowding since …

Too Hot to Fly? How Airlines Ground Flights in Extreme Heat as Phoenix Faces 118° F Days

Delta Air Lines Flight 555 was in the headlines last week after the Boeing 757 sat on the tarmac at Las Vegas’ Harry Reid International Airport for almost three hours in temperatures hovering around 111° F (44° C) until it returned to the terminal due to multiple medical emergencies that required paramedics to remove at least half a dozen people for treatment.  Three were hospitalized.
In June 2017, at least 50 …

Want to Make an In-Flight PB&J or Smuggle a Gun? According to the TSA, Peanut Butter is a Liquid

The question of what constitutes a liquid had, physicists and the TSA thought, long been settled, that is until now.  The case of a podcaster, Patrick Neve, who complained about having to surrender his jar of Jif triggered a wave of sympathy as well as numerous complaints, including a cheeky reply from the U.S. Transportation Security Administration.
Neve was en route to a speaking engagement with a jar of Jif peanut …

Millionaire and Silicon Valley ‘Creep’ Steve Kirsch Offers Woman in First Class on Delta Flight $100,000 to Remove Face Mask

Just because someone is a tech innovator doesn’t mean he isn’t also a creep or worse.
Steve Kirsch, an American entrepreneur, is one of two people who independently invented the optical mouse in 1980 and created the search engine Infoseek, which was launched in 1994.  More recently he has been a promoter of misinformation about coronavirus vaccines as well as a philanthropic supporter of medical research.
In 2020, the first full year …