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Newark Airport Won’t Be Part of ‘NYC’ Airport Code Starting October 3

Many New Yorkers would consider Newark Liberty International Airport one of the city’s three major airports, despite the fact that it’s in New Jersey across the Hudson River, as has the International Air Transport Association, which is responsible for technical standards for airlines and airports.
IATA is in charge of three-letter airline codes, airport codes, and city codes, such as AAL for American Airlines and JFK for John F. Kennedy International …

The World’s Worst Airports for Delays and Cancellations So Far This Summer

The World’s Worst Airports for Delays and Cancellations So Far This Summer

Flying this summer? You might want to avoid airports in London, Paris, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam, among others.
The delays at London Heathrow Airport are so bad that the airport authority asked airlines to stop selling tickets for outbound travel this summer, limiting passenger traffic to 100,000 departures per day.
Meanwhile, two North American airports, namely Toronto-Pearson International in Canada and Orlando International in Florida, are also on the top ten list, based …

26 Years Ago Today, TWA Flight 800 Exploded Over the Atlantic, Killing 230

Twenty-six years ago, TWA Flight 800 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. It was the fourth deadliest aircraft accident in the history of U.S. airlines after Pan Am Flight 1736 in Tenerife, American Airlines Flight 191 in Chicago, and American Airlines Flight 587 in New York City.
On July 17, 1996, 12 minutes after taking off from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, the Boeing 747-100 disappeared from radar. All 230 …

New ‘Bill of Rights’ for Air Passengers With Disabilities Unveiled by DOT

Just as the busy summer travel season is getting underway, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg announced a bill of rights for air travelers with disabilities.
The bill of rights essentially summarizes existing laws intended to protect the disabled when flying.  It outlines passenger rights and highlights the responsibilities that airlines have when a disabled individual is flying.
Key points covered in the bill are as follows:
1.)       The right to be treated with …

Worldwide Chaos Greets Travelers at Airports Ahead of Major Travel Periods

Across the globe, passengers were greeted at airports and by airlines with chaos and meltdowns. Post-lockdown staff shortages and passenger unrest are blighting what was once a tolerable, if not pleasant, experience on both sides of the Atlantic.
Indeed, just when travelers are returning in droves to the skies, they are finding that the skies suddenly can’t handle the increased demand.
The end of coronavirus test requirements and isolation periods should have …

How to Fly Safely Now That the Mask Mandate Has Been Abolished

To mask, or not to mask. That is the question on many travelers’ minds after Monday’s ruling by a federal judge that abruptly ended the U.S. mask mandate on planes and trains as well as all forms of mass transit.
Within hours of the judge’s ruling, all major airlines in the United States ended mandatory masking and some passengers were downright giddy about it.
At the same time, others were having panic …

The Busiest Airport in the World? Why It’s Atlanta (Again)

Just as the travel industry begins to recover globally, Atlanta has taken the crown as having been the world’s busiest aerodrome in 2021, rebounding after dropping down one spot the previous year.
The world’s busiest airport – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International – saw over 107 million passengers last year, allowing it to hold that title for the 22nd time.  Until 2019, the airport had held the title for 21 years in a …