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Review: Kino Polska, Virtual Film Festival at Brooklyn Academy of Music

It’s been over a year of lockdowns and one can’t be blamed for wanting to go back to the movies.  Fortunately, we live in an age where it’s not even necessary to wear a mask or observe social distancing since now one can stream a film festival in the comfort of one’s own living room.
The Brooklyn Academy of Music is currently presenting a showcase of  Polish cinema presenting the work …

Great Moments in Travel History – May 2021

“Tra la, it’s May, the lusty Month of May,” as the song from “Camelot” goes. May, the fifth month in both the Julian and Gregorian calendars is typically the epitome of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and of autumn in the Southern. May Day, typically celebrated on May 1, is an ancient Northern Hemisphere spring festival that celebrates the season. It is also a public holiday in many countries, in …

The Case of the Low Hanging Fruit: Why Achieving Herd Immunity Will Take Time, If It Happens at All

The good news is that 50% of Americans are vaccinated, the bad news is that getting the rest to roll up their sleeves may be impossible.
An astounding figure, almost 50% of Americans – over 114 million – have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine since inoculations began in December of last year, a figure bested only by a few countries, including Israel and the United Kingdom.
The vaccination …

Air Travel is Roaring Back, But Many Doors Remain Closed to Visitors

The year 2021 is not only the first year of the decade some choose to refer to as the Roaring Twenties but it also marks the year when travel began to recover with significant force.
Data from the U.S. Transportation Security Administration from this weekend shows that travel continues the high level it reached during the Passover/Easter holiday break.
The number of travelers who traversed the nation’s airport security checkpoints on Sunday …

Kusama’s ‘Cosmic Nature’ Dots and Inspires at the New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden, located at Bronx Park, is dedicated to the collection, cultivation, and display of a wide range of plants along with their botanical names.  That’s just part of its mission since it first opened in 1891.  The other aspect of its mission is to support the arts and the Botanical Garden’s latest exhibition, “Cosmic Nature” by Yayoi Kusama, is masterfully integrated into the 250-acre (100-hectare) site.
Yayoi …

April News Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of the Past Month’s Headlines

Find out how up-to-date you are with travel and aviation news from the past month. Take our travel news quiz and you could win a piece of airline and travel history including items from Pan Am, TWA, Holiday Inn, and other travel companies.
In last month’s quiz, the question about the name of the CEO of Marriot who recently and sadly died of pancreatic cancer (the answer was Arne Sorensen) had …

One Quarter of All Adults in the U.S. Now Fully Vaccinated Against Covid

Just four months after the start of coronavirus vaccine inoculations in December of last year, the United States reached an important milestone on Thursday: Over 25% – 25.6% to be exact – of adults 18 years of age or older have been fully vaccinated.
The news represents an increase of four percentage points in one week, representing 11.65 million people.
Of equal import, over 112 million Americans – or one third of …