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Monday is Columbus Day: Here’s What’s Open and What’s Closed This Year

Monday is Columbus Day in the United States, a holiday that celebrates the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas on October 12, 1492. Columbus was an Italian explorer sailing on behalf of Spain who crossed the Atlantic Ocean in an effort to find a faster route to the Far East, only to land in the New World.
It is also Indigenous Peoples’ Day, in accordance with a proclamation signed last …

Say Goodbye to Summer: The Autumnal Equinox is Wednesday

The unusually hot weather in many parts of the United States may say summer, but the calendar says otherwise, namely that summer is coming to an end.
Indeed, the first day of autumn is not only just around the corner, but it is tomorrow, September 22.
The seasons change on the day of the autumnal equinox, the second of two equinoxes each year.
What exactly is an equinox and what does it signify? …

Remembering 9/11: The Day the Townsfolk Of Gander Opened Their Doors and Their Hearts To the Plane People

For the better part of a week, the people of Gander opened their doors and their hearts to the Plane People, as the unexpected guests were called, after airspace over North America was shut down following the terror attacks on September 11, 2001.   Thirty-eight wide-body planes carrying approximately 7,000 passengers and crew members almost doubled Gander’s population overnight.
The Tony Award-winning musical “Come From Away” tells the remarkable story of the …

Monday Is Labor Day: Here’s What’s Open and What’s Closed

Monday is Labor Day in the United States, a holiday that honors the labor movement in the country, marks the meteorological end of summer, and is the last day of a three-day weekend.
Trade unions first proposed a holiday that recognizes the contribution that workers have made to the prosperity and well being of the country. Oregon was the first state to recognize the holiday, in 1887, and, by the time it …

Survey: What Place Do Vaccine Passports Have in Society?

So-called vaccine passports are intended to verify an individual’s Covid-19 immunization status. By virtue of this, they would allow vaccinated people to participate in everyday activities including dining in restaurants, attending theater performances, going to the cinema, working out at the fitness center, and traveling, among other pre-pandemic activities.
Vaccine passports document an individual’s vaccination status or, in some cases during the coronavirus pandemic, proof of a negative Covid test.
While they …

Great Moments in Travel History – September 2021 Edition

September, the ninth month of the year in the Gregorian and Julian year, marks the start of the meteorological autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and the meteorological spring in the Southern.  The month gets its name from the Latin word for seven, septem, as it was the seventh month in the oldest known Roman calendar, that of Romulus, in which March was the first month.
Known as the “harvest month” in …

‘This is Broadway’ Campaign Heralds Theater’s Comeback in the Big Apple

Broadway theater owners and producers, are desperate to get its core audience of New Yorkers back into the orchestra, front mezzanine, and rear mezzanine sections as musicals and plays reopen.
The “This is Broadway” campaign was created by Drew Hodges, who helped orchestrate a similar campaign after the 2001 terror attacks to bring tourists back to the Big Apple.
It will make its debut on screens not only across the five boroughs …