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Photo Essay: Happy National Aviation Day

A British Airways 747 taking off from LAX

In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed National Aviation Day to be August 19, in honor of Orville Wright’s birthday. Roosevelt intended the day to commemorate the development of aviation in the United States and, since then, it has gone on to also celebrate its history.
In honor of National Aviation Day, airlines and airports throughout the country will be offering aviation enthusiasts behind-the-scenes looks at operations and other aviation-themed activities.
August …

Alaska Airlines First Class Los Angeles-Washington, D.C. – Flight Review

IMG_3661 (1)

Alaska Airlines is the sixth largest carrier in the U.S. and, following its merger with Virgin America, will soon be in the number five position. Perhaps due to its focus on the Pacific Northwest – its largest hub is in Seattle, with additional hubs in Portland and Anchorage – the stars never aligned. That is, however, until now.
My assignment: be the first writer at Frequent Business Traveler to review an …

JFK Gun Scare and Evacuation: My Evening at Terminal 1

Check-in counter in Terminal 1 at JFK

After an unfounded report of shots fired resulted in an evacuation of three terminals at John F. Kennedy International Airport, passengers found themselves in a chaotic scene.
I was there and witnessed the terrifying evacuation of one of the terminals.
To recap, around 9:30 p.m. EDT, police received a report of shots fired in Terminal 8, American Airlines’ facility at the airport. Two witnesses told Port Authority police that they heard loud …

In Case of Crash, ‘Don’t Take Anything With You’

Slides deployed on Boeing partial fuselage trainer at Condor Flugdienst in Frankfurt

One of the commands ingrained in my mind after various short stints in flight attendant training classes is “Jump! Jump! Don’t take anything with you” and variations on that theme such as “Come this way! Leave everything!”
As some safety videos put it, “In the event of an emergency, leave your personal belongings behind.”
Images of passengers emerging from a burning Emirates 777 on Wednesday showed many travelers collecting and exiting the …

Delta Air Lines First Class New York-Portland, Oregon – Flight Review

IMG_4455 (1)

Given the hot and muggy weather that comes with the month of July in New York, I was looking forward to a flight to a much cooler clime in Portland, Oregon. Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport was bustling the Sunday afternoon I was dropped off, and the terminal was a comfortable 68° F (20° F) as I walked over to the Sky Priority check-in area to get …

Do Electronic Devices Interfere with a Plane’s Systems? The Jury is Still Out

DSC_0520 (1)

Most airline passengers today believe that their electronic devices – mobile phones, portable navigation systems, and tablets among others – are designed so they won’t create any interference with an aircraft’s flight systems. We – and some rocket scientists – beg to differ.
It turns out that the issue is not quite as clear-cut as it would appear. Earlier this year, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which maintains the Aviation …

Lobby Bar – July 22: Southwest Sells Music, Parachuting over the Pacific, and Shopping from Your Local River


Lobby Bar – A Collaborative Collage of FBT News and Views
Slow food.  Paul Riegler dines at one of America’s finest fast food joints, In-N-Out Burger. In-N-Out isn’t available in most parts of the country, so we’re happy to offer a Double Double combo for you to try. Simply send us your address and your Uber account login info and we’ll do the rest.
Class divides. Jonathan Spira jets to Oslo in …