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Photo Essay: How Your Airline Meal Is Prepared


Love it or hate it, airline food is a popular topic of conversation amongst travelers.
In the earliest days of commercial aviation, airlines copied what others in the transportation industry, such as operators of rail service and passenger ships, were doing and offered food and drink.
Today, airline meals are big business but there are still real people in the kitchen chopping, mixing, sautéing, grilling, and garnishing what is served to you …

The World’s Best Airport Amenities


Most people think of airports as places to depart from and arrive on flights at, but that view may prove to be somewhat outdated.
Airport operators around the world, recognizing that people are traveling longer distances and often spending hours waiting for connections, wish to entice travelers to use their airport for that connection.
I started writing this article sitting outdoors in a beer garden in Munich, one that happens to be …

Poll: How Effective is the TSA?

Security checkpoint at Terminal 7 at JFK

If you fly frequently, be it for business or leisure, you are well aware that waiting in line at TSA security checkpoints is an unavoidable part of the air travel experience.
Over the past year, the TSA has implemented numerous changes with an eye toward improving the airport screening process for passengers, including expanding the PreCheck trusted traveler program to international flights and airlines, as well as to more airports within …

New Startup Airlines Have Old Names, Give Old Ideas a New Twist


If you were reading news items about new airline startups and momentarily felt caught in a time warp, it would be understandable. Names such as Eastern and People Express are currently in the headlines – and what’s this about new all-business class startups flying from the U.S. to Europe?
This is in no small way due to major airlines reporting profitable quarters, some for the first time in years, thus causing …

Delta First Class Flight 3394 Washington, D.C.-New York JFK


This is the story of a very delayed 40-minute flight, a patient and supremely welcoming flight attendant named Christine, a proactive SkyMiles agent, a tired but friendly Sky Club receptionist, a gate agent named Jonathan, a very late American Airlines 777 captain, and me.
I arrived at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport with plenty of time to spare, heading directly for the dedicated TSA PreCheck security checkpoint. Things were quiet at …

Crossing the Pond: Assessing British Airways’ Competition in First and Business between London and New York

London Heathrow from the air

New York-London is one of the busiest markets for business travel. The route links two of the world’s most important financial hubs and it is also the busiest intercontinental route in the world. In 2012, over 3.6 million passengers flew from London Heathrow to New York.
The competitive nature of the route has made it necessary for airlines to continually practice one-upmanship, and this has resulted in the introduction of many …

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Flight 10 New York-London – Review


Usually, I am likely to be the last passenger on any flight to actually show up at the airport. It isn’t that I don’t like airports – I love them – but, given the time I spend traveling, I feel that I already commit enough time to them already.
However, that isn’t the case when flying Virgin Atlantic from New York to London.
The airline, which is currently 49% owned by Delta …