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Heathrow Express Airport Rail Link to London – Review


Heathrow Express began life in 1998 as the Heathrow FastTrain, when it started to offer service from London Paddington Station to a temporary station near Heathrow.  Recently, all trains were completely refurbished, receiving new seats, luggage storage areas, and electric outlets at each seat.
But one thing hasn’t changed: it still takes 15 minutes to get from Heathrow to London’s city center.
Tickets may be purchased on line although prices have increased …

KLM Europe Business Class Geneva-Amsterdam Flight 1928 – Review


My first-ever visit to Geneva International Airport, officially known as Genève Aéroport and one of the only airports I know of that is directly accessible from two countries, France and Switzerland, started off on the wrong foot.  I headed to the separate SkyPriority section only to find no one in attendance.  An agent directed me to the Sky Priority line “for Amsterdam,” but where the agent informed me, somewhat rudely, …

Underwater Hunt for Malaysia Airlines Jet ‘More Focused’

Thursday's search area

Experts are continually finding out how little they know about the area of the southern Indian Ocean where Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is believed to have crashed..  Indeed, the story of the missing plane, combined with the failure to find a single trace of debris, continues to be one of the biggest aviation mysteries in 80 years.
The hunt for Flight 370 started almost immediately after the plane disappeared from radar …

American Airlines Flagship Lounge Los Angeles International Airport – Review


My first visit to American Airlines’ Flagship Lounge at LAX was the morning after American’s inaugural flights of its new Airbus A321T transcon subfleet aircraft.  I had flown out on the inaugural flight from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and my second flight on the brand new plane was to come roughly 12 hours after the first.
My visit to the Flagship Lounge started with Flagship Check-in.   American offers …

Virtual Tour: Munich Airport Visitors Park

Junkers Ju 52 “Rudolf von Thüna”

While many airports around the world offer travelers visiting their terminals large windows with great views of the tarmac and runways, and a few have open viewing decks and terraces, one airport, Munich, has an entire park to welcome aviation fans.
Munich Airport Besucherpark, or Visitors Park, is open to the public and has no security checkpoints.  Everyone is welcome.  It provides excellent parking as well as its own stop on …

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Wing and Clubhouse, London Heathrow – Review


Convenience may arguably be the single factor that the busy traveler prizes above all else today.  Indeed, while convenience means different things to different people, an undisputed definition would include short lines and personalized treatment.
Virgin Atlantic offers these to its Upper Class passengers departing from London’s Heathrow Airport, and the idea of convenience starts with the entrance to its private departures area, the Upper Class Wing.  To put it mildly, …

Searching for Answers: Why Stopping the Hunt for Flight 370 is Not an Option


As the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane continues, and the costs begin to mount, one thing has become clear: the hunt for the Boeing jetliner that took off from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing, China on March 8 is likely to become one of the most expensive recovery efforts in history and possibly one of the great unsolved mysteries of the 21st century.
While the mood on Monday was decidedly …