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Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Flight 10 New York-London – Review


Usually, I am likely to be the last passenger on any flight to actually show up at the airport. It isn’t that I don’t like airports – I love them – but, given the time I spend traveling, I feel that I already commit enough time to them already.
However, that isn’t the case when flying Virgin Atlantic from New York to London.
The airline, which is currently 49% owned by Delta …

Key Facts About Malaysia Airlines Flight 17


Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, also known as MH17, crashed over eastern Ukraine on Thursday carrying 283 passengers and 15 crew members.  The flight was operated using a Boeing 777-200 with registration 9M-MRD, and the flight time was expected to be roughly 11 and 30 minutes, covering 6,368 miles (10,248 kilometers, 5,533 nautical miles).
The plane that operated MH17 had been in service for 17 years and had a clean maintenance record.
The …

Poll: What Are Your Biggest Air Travel Pet Peeves?


If you’re reading this article, you probably fly a lot and being in the air is as much a part of your day as brushing your teeth.  While you most likely know what to expect on the plane, there are still aspects of the flight experience that you may find truly annoying and vexatious.  We want to know what those might be.
Once again, Frequent Business Traveler and FlyerTalk, the world’s …

Frequent Flyer Program Award Redemption Satisfaction: The Best and Worst for 2014


Most frequent flyers know from experience that not all airlines’programs are created equal.  Although these programs may seem similar at first glance, some actually fly high above the others when it comes to award redemption.
If you are wondering which program will offer the most opportunities to redeem your miles, take some advice from some of our highly experienced, well-traveled readers.  Frequent Business Traveler and FlyerTalk, the world’s largest online travel …

Higher Fees and Taxes to Greet Air Travelers This Summer


Beginning later this month, air travel will get more expensive thanks to increased fees, starting with the federal September 11 security fee that helps fund the operations of the Transportation Security Administration.
As of July 21, the September 11 fee will more than double on many tickets sold after that date.  The fee for a simple domestic non-stop round-trip ticket will increase to $11.20 from $5.  The fee for a one-way …

Photo Essay: Patriotic Sunsets from the Plane

Photo Essay: Patriotic Sunsets from the Plane

Most people associate the Fourth of July with fireworks but, while I enjoy a great show, preferably accompanied by the Boston Pops orchestra, there will be something equally as compelling to watch tomorrow night, and it comes around roughly 365 days a year.  To me, nothing is more captivating than a beautiful sunset and, as the sky changes to a vivid red from white and blue, it’s somewhat patriotic as …

Air Berlin Business Class Flight 7430 Düsseldorf-Los Angeles – Review


DÜSSELDORF –Düsseldorf Airport is one of the world’s oldest airports, having opened in 1927 with routes operated by Deutsche Luft Hansa to Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Geneva.  Although far less well known than Frankfurt and Germany, Düsseldorf is nonetheless the country’s third-largest airport.
My destination, Los Angeles International Airport, is three years younger, having opened as Mines Field in 1930 and is the sixth-busiest airport in the world.  It’s one of …