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Boeing 787 Dreamliner Surpasses 767 Sales in One-Third the Time

An ANA Dreamliner in Seattle prior to its launch flight to Tokyo.

Boeing’s high-tech and somewhat notorious 787 Dreamliner aircraft surpassed the venerable Boeing 767 in total orders last week.
“The 787 Dreamliner booked order number 1,207 today – taking only 13 years to do so,” said Randy Tinseth, vice president of marketing at the company’s commercial aircraft division in his corporate blog, adding that it took the 767 almost 40 years to hit 1,204 orders including the current 767 Freighter and the …

As Smartphones and Tablets Proliferate, Airlines Shed Seatback Screens in Favor of Bring-Your-Own-Device Policies

Business-class cabin on an American 777-300ER

Four years ago, on American Airlines’ 2013 inaugural flight of its new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, which flew from Dallas to São Paulo, Brazil, I asked then CEO Tom Horton why he had bothered to include seatback screens throughout the aircraft. He proudly pointed out all of the high-tech features of the aircraft including the cool remote control in the Flagship Suite first-class cabin that controlled the 17” display and had …

Review: The World’s Longest Domestic Flight – Delta First Class New York-Honolulu

IMG_1404 (1)

Ask someone to name the longest non-stop domestic flight in the United States and you’ll get a variety of answers, almost all of them wrong. Many assume a Los Angeles-New York City transcon is the longest but at 2,470 miles, or 3,980 kilometers, it isn’t close to the right answer. Other guesses include Guam to Honolulu, which at 3,800 miles, or 6,120 kilometers, one would think would take the prize; …

Flight Review: Delta First Class New York-LaGuardia/Marine Air Terminal – Chicago

IMG_1162 (1)

One of my favorite airports to depart from is the storied Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia airport, which was designed in 1939 and was the base for Pan Am’s Flying Boats during the golden age of flight.
It’s like a small-town airport terminal where one can show up at the security checkpoint when boarding has already started and count on a wait time of … zero minutes, something that’s convenient given …

Is 2017 the Year of the Airline Computer Crash?

Airlines have relied heavily on computer systems for decades but how reliable are today's systems?

This may be the Chinese Year of the Rooster but to frequent travelers, it seems more like the Year of the Airline Computer Crash.
Airline computer crashes snarl air traffic across the country and leave tens of thousands of passengers stranded on airplanes that are not taking off. At the same time, they also cause very long lines in airport terminals and leave travelers unable to make or change reservations.
In an …

Beginner’s Guide to TSA PreCheck

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If you’ve wondered how some flyers arrive shortly before departure and sail through security, we have the answer: it’s the Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck trusted traveler program and here is what you need to know about it.
TSA PreCheck was introduced in October 2011 and has been expanded in scope since then. In addition to speeding enrolled travelers through security, it helps lessen the wait on regular security lines because there …

Flight Review: Delta One Business Class San Francisco-New York

IMG_8891 (1)

My first flight in a while on Delta out of San Francisco gave me the opportunity to visit the airline’s attractive new Sky Club lounge. Thanks to an absence of traffic in the Bay Area and at the TSA PreCheck security checkpoint line, I had ample time to enjoy the lounge and was captivated by the views of airport operations that the almost floor-to-ceiling windows allowed.
The old Sky Club was …