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Unboxing the New United Airlines Polaris Amenity Kit

United Airlines is introducing new amenity kits in its Polaris business-cabins, Premium Plus premium-economy cabins, and Polaris Lounges and United Clubs this week.
We unboxed a new Polaris amenity kit to find out what’s inside.  The kits we received came in colorful lunchbox-style paper boxes that feature colorful travel icons from airplanes to bicycles to compasses on them, although these boxes were solely for promotional purposes, as was a sheet of …

In Final Merger Milestone, American Moves Flight Attendants to Preferential Bidding System

All flight attendants at American Airlines will be using a new system to bid for trips for the month of May, as the airline completes one last step in its merger. The new program is called the preferential bidding system, or PBS.
“When fully implemented, these new systems will provide you with greater flexibility and simplicity in organizing your monthly schedules through a user-friendly, web-based platform, accessible anywhere in the …

30 Airlines That No Longer Exist from Pan Am and TWA to Wow Air and Hooters

In the past year or so, several airlines have gone out of business although none of them was a major player on the world’s airline stage. Wow Air, which ceased operations two weeks ago, and Primera, which shut down last October, had offered fares reminiscent of what People Express offered in the 1980s, namely $99 fares to Europe. Clearly that wasn’t and isn’t a sustainable business model.
But those carriers were …

Vintage TWA Lockheed Constellation Lands in Times Square en Route to TWA Hotel at JFK

A TWA aircraft that carried passengers in the late 1950s landed and spent the weekend in Times Square, en route to its final home at the new TWA Hotel at John F. Kennedy International Airport.
The 1958 Lockheed Constellation’s visit to Times Square was part of the filming of a documentary, “The Rebirth of the TWA Flight Center,” which is about the redevelopment of Eero Saarinen’s landmark terminal into a hotel. …

Officials Seek Answers from Boeing as CEO Speaks Out

Lawmakers and government officials in both Canada and the United States are seeking answers from Boeing relating to its new 737 Max aircraft.
The investigation into the Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max 8 crash found “clear similarities” between that event and the October Lion Air 737 Max 8 crash, following an initial analysis of flight recorder data.
As a result, officials across the globe are seeking answers from Boeing about new safety features …

American, Southwest Work to Fill Gaps After 737 Max is Grounded

The grounding of the Boeing 737 Max, following the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 on Sunday, has left dozens of airlines with gaps to fill in their schedules.
The single-aisle Boeing 737, which was introduced in the 1960s, is the most popular commercial airliner in history and the latest version, the 737 Max, is Boeing’s best-selling aircraft ever.
In the United States, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines operate …

The Airlines to Choose for On-Time Arrivals

Few travelers seem to give on-time performance as much weight in choosing an airline as cost and comfort, but on time arrival doesn’t happen four out of five times.
For those who want to have the greatest chance of arriving punctually, Hawaiian Airlines is the way to go. It chalked up its 15th successive year as the nation’s most punctual airline with the release of the Department of Transportation’s Air Travel …