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Alitalia Ottima Business Class Flight 436 Rome, Italy-Munich, Germany


If you are flying into or out of Fiumicino-Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Rome, chances are that you are on an Alitalia flight. Known simply as Fiumicino, the airport is Italy’s largest, having served over 41 million passengers in 2013. It’s only 18.9 miles (35 kilometers) southwest of the city and is easily accessible via the Leonardo Express non-stop rail service.
I arrived at Fiumicino’s Terminal 1, which serves Alitalia’s …

United Airlines BusinessFirst P.S. Flight 642 New York-San Francisco – Review


Three airlines, American, Delta, and United, dominate the premium transcontinental market, with flights linking New York City with San Francisco and Los Angeles, and a relative newcomer, JetBlue, is making significant headway as well. The competition for business- and first-class passengers on these flights is heated and service on these flights, especially in the premium cabins, is much more along the lines of an international flight.
We last reviewed United’s p.s., …

Air Canada Business Class Flight 7461 New York LaGuardia – Montreal, Canada


Air Canada was, until recently, the only major North American carrier I had never flown on, despite many trips to our neighbor to the north. Resolved to remedy this oversight, I opted to fly my third trip to London in 2014 via Montreal. Going non-stop would have been just too easy.
Arriving for my first international flight ever from New York’s LaGuardia Airport, at check-in, I was greeted by an Air …

Lack of Personal Space and Misbehaving Passengers Continue Reign as Top Air Travel Pet Peeves


Those flying frequently know that travel by air is inevitably fraught with petty annoyances and irritations, many of them a result of being enclosed in a small, confined space with other travelers for long periods of time.
Ironically, the results of this survey are being released on the tails of three highly-publicized in-flight fights resulting from disputes over a reclined seat.
Frequent Business Traveler and FlyerTalk, the world’s largest online travel community, inquired …

To Recline, or Not to Recline On Flights, That is the Question

DSC_0659 2

A spate of reclining-seat incidents in the air has frequent and not-so-frequent flyers debating a rather Shakespearian question, namely whether it’s appropriate to recline one’s seatback on a plane.
While some airlines boast about how far their seats recline, not all passengers seem to think that their fellow flyers have the right to use the feature. (For that matter, several low-cost carriers including Allegiant and Spirit have seats that do not …

Photo Essay: How Your Airline Meal Is Prepared


Love it or hate it, airline food is a popular topic of conversation amongst travelers.
In the earliest days of commercial aviation, airlines copied what others in the transportation industry, such as operators of rail service and passenger ships, were doing and offered food and drink.
Today, airline meals are big business but there are still real people in the kitchen chopping, mixing, sautéing, grilling, and garnishing what is served to you …

The World’s Best Airport Amenities


Most people think of airports as places to depart from and arrive on flights at, but that view may prove to be somewhat outdated.
Airport operators around the world, recognizing that people are traveling longer distances and often spending hours waiting for connections, wish to entice travelers to use their airport for that connection.
I started writing this article sitting outdoors in a beer garden in Munich, one that happens to be …