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US Airways First Class Flight 749 New York-Charlotte – Review


On the Tuesday just before the Christmas holiday, with a severe winter storm forecast for the Northeastern United States, and the holiday travel season already in full swing, I ignored my best instincts and traveled when everyone else is traveling.
This flight would be my first on US Airways, an airline now owned by American Airlines Group following the American-US merger in 2013, and an airline that will soon become a …

Virgin Atlantic Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Inaugural Flight – Washington, D.C. – London, England


LONDON AND NEW YORK — Virgin Atlantic Airways, in October of 2014, was the first European airline to take delivery of a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. That aircraft, Birthday Girl, is what I am flying in right now en route from London to Washington, D.C. The airline’s second 787-9, Dream Girl, was the airline’s launch vehicle from Washington, D.C. to London Heathrow on January 8, which marked my third flight on …

How to Take the Lag Out of Jet Lag: 6 Tips for Better Sleep While Traveling


Until the middle of the last century, sleep was simply that – sleep, a passive state with one’s head on the pillow. Fifty years of study has changed our view on slumber and we now know it to be a much more active and restorative process in which our brains process voluminous information including the events of the day.
Still, numerous factors can influence the quality of sleep, among them: age, …

Hidden City Ticketing: Why United and Orbitz Are Suing a 22-Year-Old Web Developer

A United 747 landing at JFK

It was talked about in hushed tones, decades ago, then it became the fodder of online discussion forums. My father’s travel agent used the technique for some of her clients back in the day. Today, hidden-city ticketing is making headlines and the subject of an airline’s lawsuit against a 22-year-old software developer.
What is a hidden city ticket, you may wonder. It’s basically purchasing a connecting flight from point A to …

Condor Flugdienst Business Class Flight 1048 Frankfurt, Germany-Seattle, Washington – Review

FRA ramp tour Sept14-21

Condor Flugdienst, based in Frankfurt Germany, is one of the world’s leading leisure and charter carriers. Serving a handful of destinations in North America, most of them seasonally, they remain a somewhat mysterious presence to many American travelers.
The outbound flight [read the review here] failed to impress, albeit in the wake of a four delay on a red-eye. I wondered whether the return flight would present a more accurate picture …

China Airlines Boeing 777-300 Premium Business Class Flight 8, Taipei Taoyuan-Los Angeles – Review

China Airlines' new Boeing 777-300

Taipei-based China Airlines, founded in 1959, is Taiwan’s largest airline and the flag carrier of the tiny Republic of China. It has been serving North America non-stop since the 1970s, after introducing the Boeing 747SP.
After suffering at the hands of its competitors in recent years, the airline announced it would expand its fleet with the purchase of six Boeing 777-300 aircraft. The purchase was tied directly to a renovation plan, …

Delta BusinessElite Flight 466 New York-Moscow – Review

Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport from the air

Pan Am, the first U.S. carrier to fly to Russia, launched its New York-Moscow route on June 17, 1968. The flight, which was in the air for 11 hours and 35 minutes, made a refueling stop in Copenhagen and arrived in Moscow one hour late due to weather in Denmark. According to contemporary press reports, the menu was a mixture of American and Russian food including martinis, vodka, Muscovite Chicken, …