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Delta Air Lines First Class Miami-New York (JFK) – Review

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“When you get to the airport the most important thing is to get to the plane on time,” the agent at gate H11 at Miami International Airport said to me, as he lamented that there were several passengers with reservations who had not checked in and were about to lose their seats on what was an oversold flight to New York.
Wiser words couldn’t have been spoken.
There is a lot to …

American Airlines Strategy for 2015 and Beyond: The World’s Biggest Airline Prepares for Takeoff

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American Airlines just completed a quarter in which it reported the “highest quarterly earnings that any commercial airline ever reported in a quarter.” The earnings, $1.9 billion, were the highest the airline itself ever had in a quarter in its entire history, not a total surprise given that American is now the world’s largest airline.
On a conference call on Friday, airline executives provided details on their plans for the remainder …

American Express Centurion Lounge at LaGuardia Airport – Review

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Following changes in its relationship with both American Airlines and, to a lesser extent, Delta Air Lines, American Express began to build its own airport lounges with the goal of accommodating its best customers.
Now open at select locations, the Centurion Lounges, provide complimentary admission to American Express Platinum and Centurion cardmembers, and rival some of the best first-class lounges in existence. (American Express cardmembers with other American Express cards may …

Photo Essay: Sunrise, Sunset at Takeoff and Landing


There is something about flying off into the sunset that evokes feelings of adventure and change.  This may be a result of being imprinted by countless movie endings, where the hero rides off into a breathtaking sunset, or just an innate human characteristic.  Regardless, who amongst us isn’t moved by such a display of nature?
Whether you are or not, we can all agree that photos of planes flying into the …

Inside American Airlines’ Reservations System Merger


When American Airlines announced the date of the final US Airways flight last Friday, it represented the culmination of a long, hard-fought merger that beat the odds (and the anti-trust regulators at the Federal Trade Commission) and may go down in the history books as a model for the industry.
Since the two airlines merged at the end of 2013, they’ve had to consider multiple issues, some relatively mundane and some …

Transaero Airlines New York-Moscow Imperial Class – Flight Review

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Most airlines call their first-class cabins on three-class flights “First Class,” a clear but somewhat uninspiring designation in today’s heavily branded world. A few airlines have loftier aspirations, but nothing stuck out in my mind as much as Transaero Airlines’ Imperial Class. I had seen photos of the first-class cabin and seats and read about the service on the airline’s website, even forming images of what royalty could expect on …

JFK Premium Transcon Market: One Competitor Bows Out, Sort Of

The United name will soon disappear from JFK

Four airlines – American, Delta, JetBlue, and United – have competed in the premium transcontinental flight market, offering flights that link New York City with San Francisco and Los Angeles with trappings that rival overseas flights.
The competition for first- and business-class passengers is nothing if not heated.
JetBlue is the upstart in the Gang of Four, having launched its Mint premium service last year.  Mint offers passengers a premium cabin with …