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Senators Get Crash Course in Combating ‘Distractions’ as Information Overload from Impeachment Sets In

The first day of the actual impeachment proceedings in the Senate chamber began on Wednesday with all 100 senators present observing not only the historic proceedings but also observing numerous rules that any ten-year-old might also be familiar with at dinnertime.
The rules in the Senate during the impeachment proceedings are simple: No mobile phones, no talking, no coffee, and substitutions in their seats by staffers. In other words, none of …

South African Airways Suspends Some Flights to Conserve Cash

South African Airways Suspends Some Flights to Conserve Cash

South African Airways, the country’s flag carrier, suspended multiple flights in an effort to conserve cash after South African government delayed a critical bailout.
The airline cancelled multiple flights this week including those from Johannesburg to Munich and Cape Town in order conserve cash.
“South African Airways is in the process of consolidating selected domestic flights between the airline’s main hub, Oliver Tambo International Airport Johannesburg and Cape Town, as well as …

How to Use Uber’s New PIN Safety Feature

A key safety feature that Uber announced last fall is now available to passengers of the ride-hailing service.
The Uber PIN safety feature matches riders and drivers using four-digit Personal Identification Numbers.  The feature was introduced after a series of incidents that have resulted in public outcry over the potential lack of safety measures that such companies offer.
“To make sure you get in the right car, you’ll now be able to …

CES to Open Its Doors Sunday: Expect Giant TVs, Futuristic Sex Toys, and Gadgets of all Shapes and Sizes

The Consumer Electronics Show, which prefers to be known as the CES, will open its doors Sunday, unleashing an avalanche of giant TVs, robots, sex toys from the future, and all kinds of gadgets, many with Alexa built in.
What the CES is not is a platform for some of the world’s largest tech companies including Apple, Amazon, and Google, to launch new products as they tend to prefer their own …

‘Password’ and ‘123456’ Once Again Top Annual Most Popular Password List (So Please Change Yours)

Choosing a new password is as easy as “123456,” at least for some, or perhaps as easy as “passw0rd” for others.
Password management company SplashData released its annual list of commonly used passwords and the company’s findings reveal that computer users not only continue to ignore exhortations from security experts but also ignore the significant publicity that the annual list generates.
The two top passwords on the list are the same as …

5 Tips to Combat Text Neck and iPhone Elbow

As I write this, I feel a dull pain in my neck, even though I am perfectly positioned in my ergonomic desk chair with my MacBook Pro on the desk at the recommended height.  It isn’t the chair, nor is it the Mac. Rather, it’s stemming from the time I spend hunched over my phone, looking at news, social media, and just keeping tabs on the world.
While FBT Editorial Director …

How to Phone For Help Across the Globe

Few travelers know what to do and whom to call in an emergency when traveling, whether that emergency is an accident, a fire, a heart attack, or something else of similar nature or magnitude.
Emergency telephone numbers are typically three-digit numbers that can be easily memorized. The problem is that there is no universal standard for them and they typically vary from country to country, although the European Union has standardized …