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BMW Manufactures its Sixth Millionth Car in the U.S.

South Carolina isn’t necessarily the first thing people associate with BMW, but the Bavarian automaker’s plant in the Palmetto State is in fact its largest
The Spartanburg, South Carolina plant, which opened in 1994 on a 1,150-acre (470 ha) site, is BMW’s major production site for all X3, X4, X5, X6, and X7 SUVx, which BMW refers to as SAVs, for Sport Activity Vehicle.
Just 30 years after BMW broke ground in …

What’s New in Apple CarPlay in iOS 16: Updates to Navigation, Easier Dictation, and New Driving Task Apps

Apple CarPlay has become the premier in-vehicle infotainment system, in many respects, since its launch at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014.  With each new version of its mobile operating system, Apple added features and functionality that enhanced the drivers’ and passengers’ experience as well as their safety.
The Cupertino-based company says that CarPlay is now available on 97% of new automobiles sold in the United States and over 80% elsewhere. …

BMW Heats Up Subscription Market by Charging for Heated Seats in Some Countries

On an episode of the mockumentary television comedy “Come Fly With Me” from 2010, Omar Baba, the CEO of FlyLo (a parody amalgamation of Flybe, Ryanair, and EasyJet), explains he’s “made it easier than ever for passengers to use the lifejacket.”
“Simply reach under your seat,” he says in the episode as he pulls out a large credit-card terminal that asks “Do you want to purchase life jacket [sic]?”   For a …

Review and Road Test: Google Maps Now Estimates Toll Costs for Your Road Trip – How Well Does it Work?

With fuel prices almost double what they were just one year ago, drivers are anxious to cut down the cost of travel by automobile.  While this is generally addressed by undertaking fuel-saving strategies such as driving at 55 mph ((88 km/h) on highways, keeping tires at proper inflation levels, and not driving around town to find the cheapest price, there’s another way to save significant amounts of money when driving, …

Apple to Enhance CarPlay With Deep Integration Into Dashboard and Other Vehicle Displays

Apple, which first introduced its now ubiquitous CarPlay infotainment system in 2014, announced a number of significant updates at its 2022 World Wide Developers Conference, currently underway in Cupertino, California.
The big news is what Apple termed its “next generation” CarPlay interface, for which the company offered a “sneak peek” in the keynote address of the event.
The new version of CarPlay, which could start to appear in vehicles by the end …

New York Auto Show Returns and Electric Vehicles Take the Spotlight

NEW YORK — The New York International Auto Show returned this week after a pandemic-induced three-year hiatus and electric vehicles are commanding the spotlight.
The show opened to the public on Friday following two press days and runs through April 24. The show dates back more than a century and was previously held at the New York Coliseum, the old Madison Square Garden, and the Grand Central Palace.
Organizers said they expect …

As the Cost of Diesel Fuel Soars, The Cost of Goods and Services Will Follow

While gas prices in the United States and abroad have been setting new records, it is the price of diesel fuel that is rippling through the global supply chain.
The average cost of a gallon of diesel fuel is currently $5.19 in the United States, up almost 45% from 33.61 in January, according to U.S. government figures.    The current average price per gallon in New York State is $5.55 as of …