Delta Flight to Nashville Diverts After ‘Unruly’ Passenger Bangs on Cockpit Door Screaming ‘Stop This Plane!’
by Kurt Stolz

A passenger on a Delta Air Lines flight Friday ran to the cockpit door and began to bang on it while screaming, “Stop this plane,” causing the flight to divert to Albuquerque
Delta Flight 386 was en route from Los Angeles to Nashville when the incident took place.  The Boeing 737-900 had 162 passengers and six crew members on board.
Video shared on social media shows the man, shoeless and restrained …

Everything You Missed at Apple’s WWDC Event Including Digitized Driver’s Licenses and Better Messaging

by Kurt Stolz

All eyes – at least those of Apple aficionados and tech geeks – were on the Apple World Wide Developers Conference Monday.  The annual showcase for Apple’s latest tech was held virtually amidst the backdrop of a pandemic that is easing in the United States but wreaking havoc in many other parts of the world.
Within the span of a two-hour keynote address, Apple unveiledits next mobile operating system, iOS 15, …

U.S. May Pioneer Supersonic Passenger Aircraft Second Time Around

by Jonathan Spira

The United States, which was a bystander in the first wave of supersonic travel that started in the 1970s, may be a pioneer as the second wave of supersonic transport starts to take flight.
The order by a U.S. airline for 50 new supersonic aircraft may put the country at the forefront of flying at twice the speed of sound, after having passed on the opportunity the first time around.
The carrier, …

Today Is National Doughnut Day: Here’s Where to Get A Free Donut to Celebrate

by Paul Riegler

Let’s face it: Last year’s National Doughnut Day was a bust since many of us were locked away in our homes while the coronavirus wrought havoc in our lives.
The good news is that today, June 4, is National Doughnut Day and it’s a brand new year as virus rates plummet and vaccinated people in the United States are free to go about much of their day without donning a mask. Except …

Theater Review: ‘Persou’ at Cell Theatre Celebrates the Rites of Spring

by Jonathan Spira

Spring is here, which means it’s time to head into the Temple of Aphrodite in Paphos, Cyprus.  If that’s not an option due to distance or pandemic travel restrictions, to the Cell Theatre, where the temple has been recreated. This is “Persou,” the immersive festival to celebrate the season, created by Ellpetha Tsivicos and Camilo Quiroz-Vasquez.
The appearance of “Persou” – which takes place largely indoors with live actors – not …

Great Moments in Travel History – June 2021

by Jesse Sokolow

June, the sixth month of the year, derives its name from the Latin name for the Junius, which in turn comes from the ancient Roman goddess Juno, wife of Saturn and protector and special counselor of the state.
The month of June includes the celebration of the summer solstice in the Northern hemisphere, the longest day of the year, where it is also the start of meterological summer. Midsummer is observed …

Non-Vaccinated People Remain at Risk as U.S. Celebrates Maskless Memorial Day

by Anna Breuer
Non-Vaccinated People Remain at Risk as U.S. Celebrates Maskless Memorial Day

This year’s Memorial Day holiday weekend comes as the country hit a significant milestone in coronavirus inoculations: Over 50% of the adult population of the  United States – some 132 million people – has been vaccinated and over 62% of the same population has received at least one jab.
As the Memorial Day holiday weekend approached, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that non-vaccinated individuals remain …

Millions of People Take to the Skies Amidst Memorial Day in a Test for Travel During the Covid Era

by Kurt Stolz

As many as two million people per day are forecast to fly over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, serving as a kind of stress test for the latest stage of the coronavirus pandemic.
Recent figures already show the number of people traversing the nation’s security checkpoints to be as high as 90% of those from 2019 and last Sunday saw a pandemic-era high, 1.9 million.
Airline executives have seen a steady uptick …