by Anna Breuer

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidelines for the Thanksgiving holiday, as cases continue to surge throughout the country.
The CDC underscored the point that the safest way to spend the holiday “is to celebrate only with people in your own household.” This goes beyond guidance issued in multiple countries including the United Kingdom and Austria, which permit a maximum of two households to gather socially
“Traditional Thanksgiving …

‘Avenue Q’ Has an Important Message for the World: Covid is ‘Only for Now’

by Jonathan Spira

The cast of the award-winning Broadway show “Avenue Q” has a message for the world in a new video: Covid “is only for now.”
“Nothing lasts,” a line from the song “Only for Now” tells us, including the pandemic.
After calling out “sex” and “your hair” as the standard faux ad libs in the course of the song, the third original faux ad lib “George Bush” from 2003 has been updated multiple …

The Riskiest and Safest Places to Be in the United States on Thanksgiving

by Anna Breuer

Aside from a few areas that are so remote they might serve as their own NBA bubble that fended off the novel coronavirus as long as they could, the coronavirus has left no stone unturned, no county untouched.  Indeed, only one county in the United States is virus free.
That county, Kalawao County in Hawaii, is where the Kalaupapa settlement is located on the island of Molokai.  The settlement dates back …

A Dr. Fauci Thanksgiving – The Nation’s Top Expert’s Advice on Holiday Travel

by Paul Riegler
A Dr. Fauci Thanksgiving – The Nation’s Top Expert’s Advice on Holiday Travel

If you’re wondering how to have a Covid-19-safe Thanksgiving holiday, you might wish to consider the example of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert and a voice of reason during the pandemic.
Instead, he will be following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,which told Americans “is to celebrate only with people in your own household.”
“Traditional Thanksgiving gatherings with family and friends are fun but …

As College Students Travel Home, Here Are 5 Tips for a Safe Visit

by Anna Breuer

In past years, it was generally assumed that college students would cross over the river and perhaps through the woods to return to their parents’ homes.   This year, amidst a raging pandemic, the visit presents all parties with a series of daunting challenges, namely how to ensure to the extent possible that the college student in question doesn’t bring a coronavirus infection along for the ride and infect parents and …

Hamsters Beware! Grocery Stores Across the Globe Begin to Ration Toilet Paper Purchases as Covid-19 Cases Surge

by Kurt Stolz

Supermarket chains in various parts of the world including the Austria, Germany, the United States, and Great Britain are reimposing limits on a variety of quarantine-preferred items such as toilet paper, paper towels, and disinfectant wipes.  The stores are attempting to avoid the pandemic-induced hoarding of such items that was rampant in the spring as the number of new daily coronavirus cases surges across the globe.
A headline in the Austrian …

First Look: The New 2021 Lucid Air Luxury Sedan with 517-Mile Range

by Jonathan Spira

If anyone thinks that the race for the best electric vehicle has been won and that the King of the Hill title has been awarded to Tesla, the conclusion is premature, to say the least.
Lucid Motors unveiled the Air in a coronavirus-friendly online event earlier in the fall, and its Greenfield factory in Arizona is already manufacturing early prototypes.  Lucid took two a few of those on the road to …

Dear Agony Aunt: Your Advice and Etiquette Questions Answered

by Aunt Agatha

Many American and British magazines and newspapers run advice and etiquette columns ranging from Miss Manners to Dear Abby to Savage Love.  The columns are not there, as you might have hoped, to offer solutions for everyday living.  More frequently, the questions range from “How can I get my annoying seatmate on this flight to shut up and let me watch my movie?” to “Where should I seat my ex-husband’s …