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Theater Review: ‘Daddy’ at Pershing Square Signature Center

Few plays make as much of a splash on Broadway or Off-Broadway as “Daddy” has, a coproduction of the New Group and the Vineyard Theater.
The reason for the splash isn’t necessarily what one might assume: rather, it’s due to the presence of an aptly-named infinity pool fronting Matt Saunders’ exquisite recreation of a Bel Air mansion. Members of the cast jump in with alarming frequency (alarming to the first three …

New York City’s New Amusement Park for Adults: Hudson Yards Shops & Restaurants

Visitors to New York City have a new playground that is now part of the Manhattan skyline.
Rising above a dozen acres (five hectares) of rail yard in the West 30s Manhattan is Hudson Yards, a shiny new neighborhood and destination in New York City. Indeed, it’s been some 80 years since the city witnessed the birth of a development of this magnitude, when Rockefeller Center opened in the 1930s.
The $25 …

Review: ‘Chick Flick the Musical’ and ‘The Other Josh Cohen’ at Westside Theatre

Two musicals are currently at the Westside Theatre, an historic building that opened in 1889 as the Second German Baptist Church: “Chick Flick the Musical” and “The Other Josh Cohen.”
“Chick Flick the Musical,” the story of four female friends trying to spend a night together watching, well, a chick flick, is making its Off-Broadway debut upstairs at the Westside Theatre. Employing the term used (sometimes in the pejorative) for the …

Review: ‘The Prom’ at Longacre Theater

Sometimes it’s hard to pin down exactly what a show is about. Is it a satire of Broadway itself, a show within a show, a lesson in what biblical strictures are commonplace today, or a playwright taking a stand against a grave injustice?
In “The Prom,” a wonderfully joyous production at the Longacre Theatre offering theatergoers true comedic gold, it can be all these and more.
On the surface, “The Prom,” the …

Airlines and Hotels Have Cut Back on the Use of Plastic: Here Are 4 Tips How You Can Too

Earlier this year, Air Canada announced that it would gradually eliminate all single-use plastics on its flights as well as in its workplaces. Marriott International and Hyatt Hotels will soon remove plastic straws and stirrers from their respective hotels across the globe as well as at their corporate headquarters. Alaska Airlines will soon eliminate the use of plastic straws and citrus picks on its flights, and both the city of …

Daylight Saving Time for 2019 to Start This Sunday in the U.S.

Even as a major winter storm followed by a deep freeze brought parts of the country to a standstill, people are still ready for spring to arrive. One sign of spring is the arrival of Daylight Saving Time, which starts this Sunday, March 10, at 2 a.m. local time in most parts of the United States and Canada.
Clocks should be set ahead by one hour.
In the European Union, Summer Time …

Review: ‘Alice by Heart’ at MCC Theater Space

Time doesn’t ever change here. The oversized clock remains at 12 minutes past 9, a paradox, if one were to notice.
We find ourselves in a Tube station in London during the Blitzkrieg. Just like many others, this one serves as a bomb shelter and field hospital, presided over by a nurse (Grace McLean) who wouldn’t be out of place playing Miss Hannand in “Annie,” a somewhat overwhelmed Dr. …