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What’s Doing in the Twin Cities


Although the name “Twin Cities” may give the impression that the adjoining towns of Minneapolis and Saint Paul are similar in appearance and nature, the two are anything but. Located in the eastern part of central Minnesota near the Wisconsin border, the two cities are steeped in their own distinct cultures, each with characteristics harking back to their respective origins.
Minneapolis is a bustling, modern metropolis in the Midwest, somewhat smaller …

5 Stories to Read This Weekend: August 16, 2014


Another weekend is upon us, and it’s time to catch up on things you didn’t have time to read during the week. Here are some of the most engaging features from Frequent Business Traveler for your weekend:
1.) Paul Riegler provides an overview of four start-up airlines, two bearing the names of long gone carriers, while two other airlines are reviving the concept of offering all-business class transatlantic flights.
2.) Jonathan Spira …

Lobby Bar – August 15: In with the Old, Three-Thousand-Year-Old Falafel, and Sorting Hat Shenanigans


The Lobby Bar – A Chuckle-Worthy Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views
Leave your toaster at home.  Paul Riegler shares some tips to make late-summer travel a tad easier, such as refraining from checking a bag.  An alternative that will get you where you are going faster is to rent Jesse’s new teleportation machine, available at the unheard of low price of 99 cents per mile.
His highness chimes in.  …

The Great Falafel Bake-Off: Naomi’s versus Shimon’s

A deconstructed  falafel sandwich from Shimon's

Some of the best falafel outside of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv can be found in a small enclave in New York called Kew Gardens Hills. I grew up frequenting several falafel establishments in this area and settled on one, Shimon’s, on Main Street.
Recently, however, my choice was strongly criticized by what is probably the most vocal conversation ever held on my Facebook page. A chorus of posters started to chant …

6 Travel and Packing Tips for Late Summer Trips


With a little less than two months remaining of summer, there are plenty of trips ahead and lots of bags to be packed.
Here are six tips on how to pack more efficiently and effectively so you can carry less and enjoy your trip more.
1.) Don’t Check A Bag
Only taking carry-on bags helps you speed through the airport and get to your destination faster. It will also ensure that your bags …

5 Stories to Read This Weekend: August 9, 2014


As another week comes to an end, we share with you the most important highlights from the past week.  Here are five news stories and features to peruse as you relax by the pool this weekend:
1.) Jonathan Spira lived the panda life at the Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu, in the beautiful city of Chengdu, China.  Some highlights from his stay include an opulent room with great views of the city, a harmonic …

Lobby Bar – August 8: Kind Pandas, Proud Mountains, Naughty Tweets, and Apocalypse Food


The Lobby Bar – A Rather Silly Summary Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views
Please leave a message.  Jonathan Spira recounts a recent 40-minute Delta flight from Washington to New York, which was delayed for nearly three hours.  Despite his multiple attempts to contact Jesse, he couldn’t reach him for access to his time traveling machine.
Boy slang.  Join us for a ride in a BMW 535d to Bear Mountain.  …