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4 Frequently Asked Questions About Travel After EgyptAir, Brussels, and Paris Terror Attacks

The temporary entrance to departures at Brussels Airport

Recent world events, most recently the possibility of terrorism having caused the crash of the EgyptAir flight from Paris to Cairo last week barely eight weeks after deadly terror attacks at Brussels Airport and a metro station that killed 35 people and injured hundreds, as well as the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 130 people, have had an impact on travel across the globe.
Travelers are clearly concerned …

Lobby Bar – May 20: Naughty Hotels, Illegal Brewing Practices, and the Secret to Immortality


Lobby Bar – An Excellent Excerpt of FBT News and Views
Short and sweet. Jonathan Spira goes to see “Do I Hear a Waltz?” as part of the Encores Great American Musicals series at City Center. While the performance usually lasts a couple of hours, this one was roughly eight seconds long, with a lone thespian taking the stage and reciting one brief phrase, “no, you hear a Tango,” to much …

Germany Marks 500 Years of “Reinheitsgebot” Beer Purity Law

Spaten beer at the Oktoberfest in Munich.

Five hundred years ago, what is believed to be the first consumer protection law, the Reinheitsgebot – Germany’s Beer Purity Law – was enacted.
The Bavarian law, which went into effect on April 23, 1516, limited the ingredients that could be used to produce beer to water, barley, and hops. It also set the price of beer and threatened confiscation for any brewer violating the Reinheitsgebot. Wheat, which was later allowed, …

Review: ‘Do I Hear a Waltz?’ – Encores Great American Musicals at City Center


The City Center Encores time machine is at it again. It’s 1965, the early days of the jet age and Americans are flocking to Europe. Richard Rodgers, 62 at the time, had already amassed, along with his long-time collaborator Oscar Hammerstein II, a total of 35 Tony Awards, 15 Academy Awards, two Pulitzer Prizes, two Grammy Awards, and two Emmy Awards while Stephen Sondheim, at the tender age of 34, …

Lobby Bar – May 13: Next-Level Coffee, Above Diamond Status, and Why Travel Managers are Insomniacs

DSC_0396 (1)

Lobby Bar – An “Accurate” Assembly of FBT News and Views
Not that way… The results are in: find out from Jesse Sokolow what top three things are keeping corporate travel managers awake at night. The answers: 1) significant others who snore, 2) “blue” light from their smartphones, and 3) uncomfortable pillows.
But sir, I am a diamond guest! It’s time for another poll: what are your biggest pre-flight air travel pet …

Review: ‘The Father’ at Samuel J. Friedman Theatre

Frank Langella and the cast of "The Father"

The decline begins slowly, indeed in many cases it is imperceptible for the first few years. It starts with forgetfulness, misplaced items, forgotten names. Then come changes in mood and personality, problems with recalling words, and asking for or repeating the same information over and over.
In my father’s case, I called it “The Great Unwinding.”   For him, it took about ten years. For André, a retired Parisian gentleman played masterfully …

Three Things That Keep Corporate Travel Managers Awake at Night

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For the second year in a row, corporate travel managers told us that Cost Control is their top concern and it’s worse than a crying baby on a redeye flight.
In a survey conducted from March 21 through April 19, several hundred travel managers were asked by Frequent Business Traveler what the greatest challenges of their jobs were. They may carry titles ranging from “vice president, procurement” to “VP, strategic sourcing,” …