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Even Hotel New York – Times Square South – Review

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There are only five Even Hotels in the world, two of them in Manhattan. While the first two to open have already been reviewed here at Frequent Business Traveler, neither was in a major city. The first to open in New York City, the Even Hotel New York – Times Square South, was therefore worth exploring.
I arrived at the Even Hotels New York – Times Square South, one block from …

Hotel Ivy Minneapolis, Minnesota – Review


These pages have seen reviews of hotels that formerly had been monasteries, post offices, and army barracks, so it stands to reason that, eventually, one of us would check into what had been a church, or at least a building built with that purpose in mind.
Recently, I checked into the Hotel Ivy Minneapolis, a Mesopotamian Ziggurat style tower erected in 1930 as part of the Second Church of Christ Scientist. …

InterContinental Mark Hopkins San Francisco – Hotel Review

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One of my favorite parts of San Francisco is Nob Hill and one of my favorite hotels to stay in the city is the InterContinental Mark Hopkins. When I pulled into the driveway at the intersection of California and Mason, I thought of my many past visits, some with my parents when I was younger, others more recent. I thought of the view from the Top of the Mark, a …

Corinthia Hotel London, England – Review

Corinthia Hotel London, England – Review

While I’ve stayed at a former royal post office, a former monastery, a former 17th-century army barracks, and a former cotton warehouse, none of these comes close to staying at the fictional headquarters of MI6.
What is now the Corinthia Hotel London first opened its doors as the Hôtel Métropole in 1885. One regular guest was the Prince of Wales, who later reigned as King Edward VII. During the First World …

5 Winter Getaways for the New Year

Bicycling in the Bavarian Alps near Schloß Elmau

The holidays may be over, but the travel season certainly isn’t. Winter has just begun, and with snowstorms in recent years coming as late as April, it may be here for a while.
The presence of cold weather means that it is time to either embrace it, or escape it. Whether you are a fan of sipping hot chocolate and carving up the slopes or drinking margaritas and soaking up the …

Short Stay: Hilton London Bankside, England – Hotel Review

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Once upon a time there was a fox. The fox lived in an area of London being developed for a hotel and so charmed the hotel’s designers that his likeness went everywhere and inspired the rooms’ decors as well. The fox continued to supervise much of the construction but, alas, as opening day drew near, he moved on to another project, leaving his mark behind.
Arriving by taxi at the Hilton …

Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Munich – Review

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The Bayerischer Hof is perhaps Munich’s most traditional (i.e. Bavarian) hotel, one built in 1841 at the behest of King Ludwig I. who wanted comfortable lodgings for his guests and, at least based on one source, hot running water for his own bath, something his palace apparently lacked.
Once Europe’s largest (in the early twentieth century), the 340-room hotel, located on the Promenadeplatz, continues to attract heads of state as well …