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Hotel Review: Canopy by Hilton Philadelphia Center City

Coordinating the opening of a hotel is a big deal no matter when it happens, but doing so in the midst of a raging pandemic is not only an achievement worthy of note but one fraught with some degree of peril.
The managers of the Canopy by Hilton Philadelphia Center City did just that and the hotel, located in the East Market development opened its doors to guests in August of …

New York City’s Hotel Pennsylvania to be Demolished, Fate of Famous Phone Number Remains Unknown

Glenn Miller fans take heed! The Hotel Pennsylvania, the fourth largest hotel in New York City that closed temporarily amidst the coronavirus-pandemic induced decline in visitors to the Big Apple, is slated to be demolished. Its owner, Vornado Realty Trust, in its annual letter to shareholders, revealed the news.
Over the course of decades, many big band names, including the Glenn Miller Orchestra, performed in the Hotel Pennsylvania’s massive Café Rouge.  …

Hotel Review: The Lloyd, Stamford, Connecticut

Writing a hotel review during a global pandemic is fraught with peril.  While I felt completely confident in my selection, I wouldn’t wish to cause someone to abandon all coronavirus safeguards and dive back into travel unnecessarily or with reckless abandon.  Then again, I also believe that the overwhelming majority of the magazine’s readers would not do this, so here goes.
The brand new Lloyd, Stamford is a new luxury boutique …

Take Me to the Four Seasons… No, Not That One!

When President Trump advertised that his lawyers’ news conference, held this past Monday, would be at the Four Seasons hotel in Philadelphia, few people flinched. After all, it was the Four Seasons and the president himself owned some fairly luxurious properties.
“Lawyers News Conference Four Seasons, Philadelphia. 11:00 a.m.,” President Trump said in a tweet Saturday morning.  No sooner had he sent the tweet than the hotel itself chimed in, saying it …

Storied Roosevelt Hotel, Once Musical Home to Guy Lombardo, to Close Amidst Pandemic

The Roosevelt Hotel, named in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt and located on Madison Avenue and 45th Street in Manhattan, announced plans to close amidst the coronavirus pandemic-induced downturn in travel.
The 1,025-key hotel welcomed its first guests on September 22, 1924.  Its last day open will be 96 years and 39 days later, on October 31, 2020 and it has served as a witness to history since opening day.
The Roosevelt …

Marriott East Side, Once One of the City’s Tallest Hotels, Won’t Be Reopening

The storied Marriott East Side hotel, which first opened its doors to guests in as the Shelton Towers in 1924, won’t be reopening and the location, at 525 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan, may not necessarily remain a hotel in the future.
The property closed temporarily in March along with hundreds of others amidst the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.
The Romanesque Revival structure was designed by Arthur Loomis Harmon and the hotel’s …

How Hotels Hope to Use Housekeeping and Housekeepers to Encourage Guests to Return

Haven’t stayed at a hotel recently?  Neither have most people who typically would have responded with a resounding “yes.”
In the event you are just returning from an extended Martian holiday (sans hotel, of course), please note the following: Clean is in.
While hotels previously would hide housekeeping carts and keep those who dusted and vacuumed as out of sight as the maids of Downton Abbey, all major hotel chains are conducting …