by Paul Riegler

Pet-friendly hotels have become a thing, so we wanted to see if they live up to our expectations. Since I don’t own a dog, I borrowed one from FBT Editorial Director Jonathan Spira, who was happy to let Snickers get the pampered pooch treatment for a night.
After picking up Snickers the Wonderdog, I drove to downtown Flushing and pulled into the Sheraton’s private parking garage, where the garage attendant had a …

Poll: Have Recent Events Involving Airline Passengers Affected Your Choice of Airline?

by Paul Riegler

As a result of incidents involving passengers, several major U.S. airlines have recently been in headlines that struck a chord both with fellow passengers on a particular flight as well as with millions of people who ordinarily could not care less about the airline industry.
Indeed, airlines have been in the crosshairs of both the public and regulators. From Delta’s IT meltdown to United’s dalliances with dress code enforcement and the …

‘Anastasia,’ ‘Come From Away,’ ‘Hello, Dolly!’ Lead 2017 Outer Critics Circle Nominations

by Jesse Sokolow

The 2017 Outer Critics Circle award nominations were announced Tuesday at the famed Oak Room in New York’s Algonquin Hotel.
Leading the nominations were “Anastasia,” the new musical based on the 1997 animated film, with 13 including Outstanding New Broadway Musical, Outstanding Book of a Musical, and Outstanding New Score, and “Hello, Dolly!” starring Bette Midler nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Musical, Outstanding Revival of a Musical, Outstanding Direction, and …

Today is English Language Day, Celebrating the Most Spoken Second Language in the World

by Jonathan Spira

Some 25% of the world’s population speaks English to some extent, with almost 400 million speaking it as their mother tongue and a similar number speaking it fluently as their second language, thus making it a candidate for the world’s language, ostensibly an Esperanto for the 21st century.
Indeed, some pundits have predicted that, by 2050, half the world will be more or less proficient in it.
April 23 is English Language …

Lobby Bar – April 21: Canadian Coffee Regulations, When Airlines Go Wrong, and Jesse the Canine

by Jeremy Del Nero

The Lobby Bar – Travel News and Reviews Summarized by Donald Trump’s Ghost Writer
New venture. It’s time to test your knowledge of airline slogans in our new quiz. Our favorite slogan, “Fly with the Talking Moosehead,” is used by Fawlty Airways, the airline founded by hotel owner and entrepreneur Basil Fawlty.
Trust us. Hey, you, with the terrible password. It’s time to change that thing. We recommend using a complex series …

As Password Fatigue Sets In, New Guidelines Say It’s Time to Rethink the Old Rules

by Paul Riegler

Passwords. They are just about everywhere today, from your work computer to online banking to online shopping to reading the New York Times. Try to do something online today without a password and see how far you get.
With the uptick in the number of apps, tools, and websites requiring logging in comes a kind of password fatigue. With the Internet came rules and various and complex guidelines for setting up …

Kimpton Alexis Hotel, Seattle, Washington – Review

by Jesse Sokolow

My colleagues and I have stayed in hotels that had opened in buildings as diverse as a former church, the former Royal Bavarian Post Office, and a former Swedish army barracks that dated back to 1699. Recently, I spent one night in the former offices of the Alaska Gold Standard Mining Company.
Located two blocks from the Puget Sound waterfront in downtown Seattle, the Kimpton Alexis Hotel is in a historic …

Quiz: Name This Airline Slogan or Jingle

by Paul Riegler

Many of our readers think they know just about everything about the world’s airlines, both past and present. They have fond remembrances of Pan Am commercials and today mock their current airline’s slogan on FlyerTalk.
Nevertheless, in the history of the aviation industry, many airlines have created slogans that were both memorable and successful in terms of bringing greater recognition to the airline.
Our Airline Slogan and Jingle Quiz will put your …