Photo Essay: How Your Airline Meal Is Prepared

by Jonathan Spira

Love it or hate it, airline food is a popular topic of conversation amongst travelers.
In the earliest days of commercial aviation, airlines copied what others in the transportation industry, such as operators of rail service and passenger ships, were doing and offered food and drink.
Today, airline meals are big business but there are still real people in the kitchen chopping, mixing, sautéing, grilling, and garnishing what is served to you …

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Lobby Bar – August 29: A Dawn with Don, Infamous Legumes, Transcon Crawling, and Toy Story

by Jeremy Del Nero

The Lobby Bar – A Decadently Delicious Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views 
Mad man.  Jonathan Spira stays at the Mark Hopkins hotel in San Francisco, where the views are splendid and the scents are lemony.  At the crack of dawn in the Room of the Dons, Spira ran into an old business partner, Don Draper, who happened to be pitching a new commercial to the local Don …

What’s Doing in Chicago

by Karin Sun

Known to the world as the “Windy City,” a reference of uncertain origin that may have originated with either its weather and or its long-winded politicians, Chicago, with 2.7 million residents, is the third most populated city in the United States.
Chicago first came into existence as the site of Fort Dearborn, a fort built in 1803 that played a major role in a conflict between U.S. troops and the Potawatomi …

5 Tips to Extend Apple iPhone Battery Life

by Paul Riegler

If you’ve become frustrated by your iPhone’s battery capacity, you aren’t alone. The more functionality and apps the device uses, the more power it consumes, and the amount of time the device will operate before it requires a charge may be severely limited.
For most users, what really drains the battery are some small, power hungry features that they may not even know exist and could, for the most part, do …

5 Labor Day Weekend Travel Tips

by Paul Riegler

A record number of Americans will travel this coming Labor Day weekend, fueled by cheaper gasoline prices and an earlier start to the holiday.
According to the AAA, 15% more people, or 35 million, will be on the road in a few days and many will drive. The U.S. airlines’ trade group Airlines for America said that 14 million people will fly during the holiday weekend, a 2% increase compared to …

Mark Hopkins San Francisco, California – Hotel Review

by Jonathan Spira

There are some hotels that, upon arrival, immediately make the guest feel at home. One of these is the Mark Hopkins in San Francisco, an InterContinental property I like to visit whenever possible. Over the past decade I’ve stayed here many times and the three main attractions for me are the view from the Top of the Mark, the view from the rooms, and the executive lounge on the ground …

5 Stories to Read This Weekend: August 23, 2014

by Jesse Sokolow

As another week comes to an end, we share with you the most important highlights from the past week.  Here are five news stories and features to peruse as you relax by the pool this weekend:
1.) Paul Riegler provides a look at some of the unusual amenities and facilities that can be found in airports across the world.  He takes us through golf courses, beer gardens, swimming pools, museums, and …

Lobby Bar – August 22: Mile Low Club, Bat Man Mingles, and Driving Across the Atlantic

by Jeremy Del Nero

The Lobby Bar – A Deliciously Facetious Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views
Poor parenting. Jesse Sokolow takes us on a tour of the Twin Cities from his childhood. While any good parent doesn’t play favorites, Jesse clearly prefers one of the twins over the other. It’s okay, Paul, just don’t tell Minnie.
Stranded no more. Find out how Volkswagen’s 2015 e-Golf fares on the road. Not to worry: if you …