by Jonathan Spira

It took a peacock to bring everyone to his senses.
Oddly enough, it wasn’t the pig, the duck, the snake, the spider, the chicken, the rooster, or the turkey that brought the pot to a boil.
It was the peacock.
As most people know by now, an over-entitled woman tried – albeit without success – to bring a peacock onto a United Airlines flight out of Newark in January, claiming that the peafowl …

What’s Doing in London’s West End Theatre District

by Blaise Buckley

LONDON—Along with Broadway, London’s West End is generally considered to be home to the most important English-language theater in the world.
While it might not be apparent at first blush, despite many similarities, the first-time West End theatergoer will find many nuanced differences and traditions at shows.
In general, it’s cheaper to attend shows in the West End compared to Broadway. It’s also easier to get tickets to hot shows given there …

Flight Review: Air Canada Business Class New York-LaGuardia – Toronto

by Anna Breuer

For a quick trip to Toronto to experience Canadian culture, I wanted to go Canadian all the way and booked my first-ever flight on Air Canada, which operates multiple daily flights connecting the Big Apple with Canada’s largest city.
Given a surprising lack of traffic en route to LaGuardia, I had time to stop at Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounge. The lounge offers great views albeit with a limited selection of …

Review and Test Drive: 2018 Volkswagen Golf SE

by Paul Riegler

Volkswagen’s sporty Golf is now in its 44th year and it’s as popular as ever. Introduced as the Rabbit in U.S. and Canadian markets because Rabbit sounded cute and Golf was a term only associated with the sport, it was Wolfsburg’s replacement for the Beetle (Käfer in German-speaking markets).
Indeed the name “Golf” was not chosen because of the sport but due to VW’s practice for naming its cars after winds, …

Marriott’s Luxury Collection Appears Poised for Global Growth

by Anna Breuer

Marriott’s Luxury Collection of hotels, a portfolio that dates back over a century to 1906 and the founding of the Compagnia Italiana Grandi Alberghi, or Italian Grand Hotel Company, is a global group of hotels and resorts world that that encompasses some of the world’s most historic and storied properties.
At the time of its founding, CIGA owned some of the finest hotels in Italy and later expanded to Austria, Sardinia, …

Briefly Noted: ‘The Outsider’ at Paper Mill Playhouse – Theater Review

by Jonathan Spira

Ponder the question, “what is the role of government?” In brief, a political scientist might explain that it exists to accomplish, as a group, that which individuals alone cannot. This would include building infrastructure, such as roads that connect people and cities, maintaining that infrastructure such as maintaining and keeping the roads clear, providing schools, and establishing a safety net for the less fortunate. Do the people want someone who …

Nine Airlines Donate $28 Million to National Air and Space Museum to Remodel Major Exhibit

by Jesse Sokolow
Nine Airlines Donate $28 Million to National Air and Space Museum to Remodel Major Exhibit

The National Air and Space Museum, part of the Smithsonian Institution, in Washington, D.C. will be remodeling one of its main attractions, courtesy of $28 million in donations from nine commercial airlines.
The beneficiary of this largess, “America by Air,” is a gallery that chronicles the history and milestones of commercial aviation, featuring items and artifacts such as uniforms, , and planes that museum visitors can enter.
The donations are unique in …

The Westbury, Mayfair-London, England – Hotel Review

by Jonathan Spira

My first stay at the Westbury was when I was 17. It was a memorable one but, for no particular reason, I hadn’t had the opportunity to return to the Westbury until recently.
Back then, my parents, brother, and I had been walked from a heavily overbooked Churchill, and a London taxi brought us to the serene and supremely elegant Westbury, where the first suite we were shown was so nice …