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by Jesse Sokolow

The number of frequent flyers voicing dissatisfaction with security screenings at the nation’s airports in 2015 continues to rise. Roughly 9 out of 10 surveyed said that the Transportation Security Administration is doing a fair or poor job. That figure, 87%, is one percentage point higher than last year’s and two percentage points higher than the year before.
The findings are from a survey conducted by Frequent Business Traveler from August …

Inside Airbnb’s Business Travel Strategy

by Paul Riegler
Airbnb is headquartered in San Francisco

Airbnb is a.) a global community that connects travelers and hosts; b.) a great way to live like a local when visiting a foreign city; c.) a good way to find inexpensive places to stay when traveling; or d.) a tool that allows corporate meeting and travel managers to find unique locations for off-site meetings as well as for alternative accommodations for the business traveler.
The answer, at least according to …

Ford Sync 3 – Review and Test Report

by Jonathan Spira

Ford, which was one of the first automakers to introduce a full infotainment system with its Microsoft Windows-based Sync in 2007, is putting a BlackBerry into your car, starting with some 2016 models.
The original Sync system was designed to support Bluetooth-mobile phones and MP3 players using a combination of voice commands in addition to steering wheel and radio controls. Support for sending and receiving text messages – they were read …

Lobby Bar – October 9: Gollum’s Airline, Transcontinental Hiking, and Hotel Robots

by Jesse Sokolow

Lobby Bar – A Summary of FBT News and Views, Dumbed Down For Public Consumption
Broad-Fil-Way. Join Jonathan Spira for the grand opening of the first Chick-Fil-A in Manhattan. The premiere of the fast-food chain was sponsored by Kinky Boots, and anybody who brings an uneaten chicken nugget to the theater the night of their meal purchase will receive 20% off their ticket.
Bigger, not better. Jesse Sokolow has the low-down on …

Short Stay: Landsdowne Resort, Leesburg, Virginia – Hotel Review

by Paul Riegler
IMG_8468 (1)

It looked enticing on paper, but the Landsdowne Resort, set “on 500 lush green acres” in Washington, D.C.’s wine country, proved to be a bundle of contradictions during a recent stay.
I arrived after a quick flight from New York City to attend a meeting taking place at the hotel. The front desk clerk seemed friendly enough and I was soon en route to my room. Pausing in the hallway as …

Survey: What Are Your Biggest Air Travel Pet Peeves?

by Jesse Sokolow
DSC_0961 (3)

Air travel is widely accepted as the most efficient and convenient means of getting from point A to point B, with millions of passengers flying to thousands of destinations each year. However, the process is far from perfect, and as there are many aspects of the flights experience that have the potential to be annoying, we want to know exactly what they are.
Once again, Frequent Business Traveler and FlyerTalk, the world’s …

2015 Kia Soul EV+ Electric Vehicle – Review and Test Drive

by Paul Riegler
2015 Kia Soul EV+

The Kia Soul EV sneaks up on you, quite literally. Like other electric vehicles, it moves quietly. Indeed, there’s something to be said about the strong but silent type, and that description fits the Kia to a T.
The Soul EV is extremely quiet as it glides by, and there’s a distinct lack of powertrain noise or engine vibration when behind the wheel. With an 81.4kW AC synchronous permanent magnet motor developing …

Chick-fil-A’s First New York City Restaurant – Review

by Jonathan Spira
Patrons in the upstairs dining room on opening day

The opening of the first full-service Chick-fil-A restaurant in Manhattan was eagerly awaited by many New Yorkers, myself included, despite the fact that the chain is relatively unknown in these parts. The Georgia-based company built its reputation on a simple breaded chicken breast sandwich served on a soft, buttered bun accompanied by a slice of pickle. However, aside from a small counter with a limited menu at a New York …