by Paul Riegler

If the United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union on June 23, nothing would change immediately. Indeed, on June 24, the country would still be a member of the European Union, albeit one that has proclaimed its intention to leave.
The big question that would arise for Her Majesty’s government would be how quickly it should exit. The U.K. Treasury has already pointed out that there is no simple answer, …

Lobby Bar – July 1: Unlocking Hotel Rooms with Thumbs, Making Friends In-Flight, and the World’s Largest Porch

by Jeremy Del Nero

Lobby Bar – A Coveted Collection of FBT News and Views
Exceptions. Remember that nothing in life is free. Unless it’s T-Mobile’s high-speed international LTE roaming – find out how well it performs in Europe. Well okay, there’s still no such thing as a free lunch… except if you’re a T-Mobile customer on a Tuesday, in which case you can grab some free pizza, that is if the gods are smiling on …

Great Moments in Travel History – July 2016

by Jesse Sokolow

On July 10, 1887, the Grand Hotel opened on Mackinac Island, Michigan. The property, now a National Historic Landmark, boasts of having the world’s largest porch. Over the years, the hotel has hosted a variety of notable guests including Thomas Edison, Mark Twain, five U.S. Presidents (Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton), Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and Russian President Dmitri Medvedev.
Amelia Earhart, …

T-Mobile Simple Choice High-Speed LTE Roaming for Europe – Review and Test Drive

by Paul Riegler
Norway, as seen from the air.

T-Mobile USA recently announced it would offer its customers free high-speed 4G LTE roaming in Europe starting in July but it apparently couldn’t wait to pull the plug on the previous, much slower, offering.
The high-speed service will be available in over 50 countries including all of Scandinavia and that’s where we decided to give it an early road test.
Before revealing our findings, I need to explain T-Mobile’s standard offering, which …

Brexit Overload? 4 Key Questions after Britain’s Vote to Exit the EU

by Jonathan Spira
If all else fails, there's always tea.

The world didn’t end last Thursday, as Britons voted in favor of the Brexit, or exiting the European Union, but it might as well have for many.
More than 17.4 million Britons voted to “Leave,” compared with 16.1 million who voted to “Remain.”
The decision to leave not only plunged world financial markets into turmoil and resulted in the resignation of Britain’s prime minister, but it raised untold questions about the future …

2016 Mid-Year Travel News Quiz: Are You Smarter Than a Diamond 5th Grader?

by Paul Riegler

Summer has just begun and it’s time to take our 10-question Mid-Year Travel News Quiz. From flights to Cuba and renamed countries to robotic hotel concierges, challenge yourself and find out how much you really know about what transpired in the past year.
Once again, we warn you that your inner travel geek may come out of the closet.
Simply scroll down, have fun, and feel free to share the quiz with …

Lobby Bar – June 24: Mandatory Tattoos, Presidential Deniers, and the Transatlantic Subway Line

by Jeremy Del Nero

Lobby Bar – An Amazingly Amiable Summary of FBT News and Views
Breggsit on. It’s official, Brexit is go. Now that the United Kingdom has chosen to cut ties with the European Union, the country is reaping the benefits of its decision: worldwide heads shaking in unison, a devalued currency, and, of course, a trending hashtag on Twitter.
Cool for the summer. Summer has officially arrived with the usual telltale signs: odiferous …

EVA Air Business Class Taipei, Taiwan-Kuala Lumpur – Review

by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren
2016_06_01 EVA 321J FBT-1

While I’m never quite ready to leave Taipei, and this day was no exception, I found myself at Taipei-Taoyuan International Airport on an early Wednesday morning, bound for Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia on EVA Air.
The check-in counter for EVA Air’s regional business class was virtually empty, and an agent had me head to the gate in no time at all. Both security and immigration were a breeze, leaving …