by Anna Breuer

A growing number of Swedes is giving up flying because of the carbon emissions caused by flying and there’s even a word in Swedish –  flygskam, or flight shame – which describes the feeling of being embarrassed for flying because of its environmental impact.
Along with #jagstannarpåmarken, or #stayontheground, the two have become popular social media buzzwords.
The change in travel habits comes amidst growing public concern about climate change.
A survey published …

To Brexit, or Not to Brexit, That is the Question

by Anna Breuer

The chatter around Brexit over the past few days is less about whether the European Union and the United Kingdom can reach a new withdrawal agreement, given that the two sides can’t even agree on conditions for starting new negotiations, and more about whether the United Kingdom will crash out of the bloc on October 31 or Parliament can step in to prevent this from taking place.
As London’s mayor, Sadiq …

Restaurant Review: Hickory’s Famous Wood Pit BBQ, Port Washington, N.Y

by Paul Riegler

When I think of barbecue, I think of my drives through the state of North Carolina, the spiritual home of American barbecue and its mouthwatering ‘cue.  
As people in the South are wont to say, barbecue is a noun, not a verb.  It isn’t grilling and one doesn’t barbecue something.  One eats barbecue.  
In the Carolinas, a small restaurant serving barbecue is a barbecue joint.  It’s not fancy – no …

JetBlue Looks Back in Aviation History to the ‘Alright Bros.’ in New Ad Campaign

by Jesse Sokolow

JetBlue Airways wants to make sure that everyone is familiar with some lesser-known aspects of modern aviation history beyond the story of the brothers Wilbur and Orville, who are credited with the invention of the airplane. 
As part of a new marketing campaign that informs travelers that “just alright doesn’t fly here,” the airline introduces the fictional Alright brothers who, in contrast to the Wright brothers, are credited with having …

Review: ‘Two’s a Crowd’ at 59E59 Theaters

by Jonathan Spira

It’s not uncommon, even in better hotels, for two guests to be assigned to the same room.  It is somewhat rare that the two guests end up in that room at the same time, and it’s almost unheard of that the two decide to share the room.  The latter is the premise of the comedy musical ‘Two’s a Crowd,” starring comedienne Rita Rudner, who wrote the book with her husband, …

Official Guide to British Airways Avios: The 4 Best Ways to Use Avios Points

by Paul Riegler

It’s no secret that our staff loves the British Airways Executive Club’s Avios currency.
Avios is the frequent flyer currency of British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, Vueling, and Flybe. Until November 2011, they were known as Air Miles.
It’s easy to accumulate Avios even if one doesn’t regularly fly on British Airways or Iberia, yet many people don’t get the best possible use out of their points balances.  The program offers exceptional …

Review and Test Drive: 2019 Jaguar I-Pace EV400 HSE

by Jonathan Spira

Close your eyes for a moment. Wouldn’t you imagine that the first electric SUV from a European automaker would be from, say, BMW, or perhaps Mercedes-Benz, given those companies’ highly publicized EVs? You’d be wrong, as the first electric SUV from a European automaker is actually from Jaguar, and it’s a doozy.
Designed by Sir Ian Callum, the I-Pace was unveiled in concept-car form at the 2016 Los Angeles International Auto …

Hotel Review: Hyatt Regency Mexico City, Mexico

by Henry Feintuch

In planning our first visit to Mexico City, the country’s capital, we decided to stay in Polanco, a high-end neighborhood with many museums, restaurants, embassies and consulates, shopping malls and upscale stores and the famous Chapultepec Park.
Polanco is also home to the Hyatt Regency Mexico City, which opened its doors to guests in 1987 as the Hotel Nikko Mexico. It was purchased by a Hyatt affiliate in May 2012 and …