How to Sleep Better When Traveling

by Paul Riegler

For those who travel frequently, getting enough sleep is almost always an issue. Yes, one can do without for a day or two and be convinced that one can eventually catch up, but few adults get the hours of sleep optimal for their age.
The pervasiveness of personal electronics has only worsened the situation.
While many believe that this only affects teenagers, its impact is much broader in reach.
Research suggests that 50% …

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Lobby Bar – November 21: No Blood for Oil, Soothing Cleaning Appliances, and Packing Tips from a Wizard

by Jeremy Del Nero

The Lobby Bar – A Polished, Droll Summary of FBT News and Views 
Harry Packer. Robert Waldner details eight tips for holiday travel packing. For a most successful trip, purchase one of Hermione’s handbags, which measures 12″ x 14″ x 6″ yet somehow manages twelve cubic feet of internal storage. The bag can be found in Diagon Alley’s West 4th Street location in New York City.
To the microscope! Jeremy Del Nero …

Review: Monster DNA Pro 2.0 Headphones

by Jeremy Del Nero

Musical artists spend large amounts of time and money, outfit their studios with professional recording equipment, and labor endlessly over their creations to produce a product that is unequivocally theirs. One can only imagine how they feel when they witness their tracks being played back through tiny ear buds or cheap bass-pounding mini Bluetooth speakers. Monster recognized this shortcoming and designed the Monster DNA Pro 2.0 headphones to deliver the …

No Free Lunch: The Ugly Truth About the Best Day to Purchase Airfare

by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren

When it comes to purchasing airline tickets, it seems that nearly everyone has his own tried and true method for snagging the lowest price. We’ve heard them all at some point or another, and some are more outlandish than others: Sundays after 5:00 p.m., sixty-two days seven hours and 43.2 minutes before departure, at 3:00 a.m. on the third Wednesday after the first full moon of the year, and so …

The Rittenhouse, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Hotel Review

by Jesse Sokolow

Situated in downtown Philadelphia, the Rittenhouse hotel overlooks one of the city’s most pleasant public parks. Rittenhouse Square is something of a Central Park in miniature for the City of Brotherly Love, a quiet area filled with lush greenery and fountains, an oasis removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. The hotel and park, as well as numerous other buildings in Philly, were named after David Rittenhouse, an …

8 Packing Tips and Strategies for Holiday Travel

by Robert Waldner

There’s much to keep in mind when packing for a holiday trip., Sometimes the stress of a family get-together can cause people to overlook things that are crucial to a successful traveling experience. Here are some universal tips and strategies for holiday packing from the expert travelers at Frequent Business Traveler magazine to make your trip easier and less stressful.
1.) Choose Your Bag Carefully
When choosing the right carry-on for your …

Poll Finds Ebola Has Little Impact on Travel Plans

by Paul Riegler

Ebola continues to be a major item in the headlines, as major misconceptions about the virus and how it spreads continue, according to the results of a new poll conducted by Frequent Business Traveler in partnership with FlyerTalk, the world’s largest online travel community.
The poll was conducted at a time of a worldwide discussion over how people traveling from the Ebola-impacted regions into the United States and other countries are …

5 Stories To Read This Weekend: November 15, 2014

by Robert Waldner

The weekend is finally here. Once again, it’s a good time to catch up on Frequent Business Traveler news and features that you may not have had time to read over the past week. Here are five stories that might be of interest to you.
1.) Jesse Sokolow reviews the 2015 Lexus RC 350 that develops 306 peak horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque. The vehicle offers vibrant color schemes, a luxurious …