London Heathrow from the air

Crossing the Pond: Assessing British Airways’ Competition in First and Business between London and New York

by Jonathan Spira

New York-London is one of the busiest markets for business travel. The route links two of the world’s most important financial hubs and it is also the busiest intercontinental route in the world. In 2012, over 3.6 million passengers flew from London Heathrow to New York.
The competitive nature of the route has made it necessary for airlines to continually practice one-upmanship, and this has resulted in the introduction of many …

Inside Frequent Business Traveler

Great Moments in Travel History – August 2014

by Jesse Sokolow
Lobby staircase, Ritz-Carlton, Vienna

The United Kingdom officially entered the First World War on August 4, 1914, with a declaration of war against Germany.
The International Air Traffic Association was formed on August 28, 1919, in The Hague, Holland.  The organization is the predecessor to the International Air Transport Association, which currently represents 240 airlines that make up approximately 84% of all airlines’ passenger carrying capacity.
On August 18, 1934, Jeannette and Jean Piccard flew the …

Home Automation Part 4: Phillips Hue Starter Pack, Friends of Hue Bloom Lamp, and LightStrip

by Jonathan Spira
Friends of Hue LightStrip mounted under the cabinet (set to red)

In the fourth part of our Home Automation series, we now look at a very specific application: lighting.  The first new piece of gear that I acquired for this was the Phillips Hue Starter Pack.
This system provides wireless control over the color and intensity of household lighting using special Phillips LED bulbs, a hub, and an app.  At first, I thought it would be just a toy, but the system …

Even Hotel Rockville, Maryland – Review

by Jonathan Spira

If someone had told me a few weeks ago that I would be on a mat on a sidewalk of a busy street doing yoga, I would have thought that person a bit odd.  Yet, there I was, on a yoga mat, outside the brand new Even Hotel in Rockville, Maryland, participating in my first-ever class.
But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Allow me to first describe the hotel.
What we have …

Reader Wins Master Frequent Business Traveler Contest

by Jeremy Del Nero

One lucky Frequent Business Traveler reader was selected as the winner of our Master Frequent Business Traveler essay contest and was invited to the annual GlobeRunner Awards Ceremony in New York City.
The winner was Louis Marquez, a manager at New York-based Scoville Fasteners.
Mr. Marquez, who told us he travels multiple times a year within North America as well as to Europe and Asia, was, perhaps quite fittingly, unable to attend …

5 Stories to Read This Weekend: July 26, 2014

by Karin Sun

As we head into another weekend, let us take a look back at some of the most engaging news and features from the past week.  Here are five stories that will keep you entertained en route to your weekend getaway:
1.) The winners of the 2014 GlobeRunner Awards were announced at a ceremony in New York City on Tuesday.  This year, attendees were treated to such Viennese specialties as Wiener Schnitzel …

What’s Doing in Warsaw

by Karin Sun

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is the ninth most populated city in the European Union.  Like Budapest, this east European metropolis is renowned for its majestic royal palaces, churches, and parks, and exudes a regal and dignified air.
However, the city’s commanding beauty masks a tragic and turbulent past.  Sometimes referred to as “the phoenix city” as a result of the number of wars it has endured, Warsaw is notable for …

Elvis’ Lost BMW 507: A Special Exhibition at the BMW Museum

by Christian Stampfer

MUNICH – The King may be dead but the King’s car is back. BMW unveiled the mythical BMW 507 that originally belonged to singer Elvis Presley at a ceremony at the BMW Museum in Munich.
Called “Elvis’ 507: lost & found,” the special exhibit opened on Wednesday. It will be open to the public for two weeks and will feature the King’s original BMW 507 in its unrestored condition.  Following the …