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Photo Essay: The Ballpark Experience

by Jonathan Spira

Baseball has unquestionably been the national summer pastime in the United States for close to two centuries, and the first professional game for which admission was charged took place in July 1858 at the Fashion Race Course in Corona, New York, less than a mile from the site of Citi Field, the home of the New York Mets since 2009.
Citi Field is an intimate ballpark built next to the site …

Inside Frequent Business Traveler

Great Moments in Travel History – August 2015

by Jesse Sokolow
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The United Kingdom officially entered the First World War on August 4, 1914, with a declaration of war against Germany in support of its ally, France.  Hostilities had broken out on July 28 when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo.
Harriet Quimby became the first woman in the United States to be licensed as a qualified pilot on August 2, 1911.
The International Air …

Lobby Bar – July 31: Lime Disease, Neck Weights, Adopt-a-Guest, and Rewarding Beauticide

by Jeremy Del Nero

Lobby Bar – A Summary of FBT News and Views, Best Served Chilled
Clothe the masses. People have been wandering the streets, naked, unsure of what to wear this summer.  Have no fear: Paul Riegler has picked out a trendy new outfit just for you; you never have to be a confused naturist again (unless you’re into that).
Don’t be sour. American Airlines, now the world’s largest airline, gives us the inside …

Blue Mo-Fi Headphones – Review

by Jeremy Del Nero
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There may be a surfeit of headphones on the market, but there are still ways for new products to break through the clutter.  Blue Microphones has always been best associated with professional audio recording equipment, but the company’s Mo-Fi headphones should not be overlooked.  Take out your smartphone, please, because these headphones are something to text home about.
Included in the box with the Mo-Fi are a soft carrying case, 1.2-meter …

What’s Doing in New York City in the Fall

by Jesse Sokolow
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While the calendar may say July, autumn in New York City will soon be here. With the advent of autumn come new Broadway shows, museum exhibitions, and holiday activities, including the iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which will entice many visitors to the metropolis.
With markedly cooler weather, (the fall season’s unofficial start is the day after Labor Day), the city will be far more hospitable to outdoor adventures and simply …

The Serras Hotel, Barcelona, Spain – Review

by Henry Feintuch

Barcelona, a magical city, is Spain’s second largest by population and the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia. It is the furthest northeastern section of the country just south of France and is the largest city on the Mediterranean Sea. The city has grown in recent years to become one of Europe’s cultural capitals with its broad assortment of restaurants, museums, architecturally resplendent buildings and a distinct and sophisticated …

American Airlines Strategy for 2015 and Beyond: The World’s Biggest Airline Prepares for Takeoff

by Paul Riegler
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American Airlines just completed a quarter in which it reported the “highest quarterly earnings that any commercial airline ever reported in a quarter.” The earnings, $1.9 billion, were the highest the airline itself ever had in a quarter in its entire history, not a total surprise given that American is now the world’s largest airline.
On a conference call on Friday, airline executives provided details on their plans for the remainder …

What to Wear This Summer

by Paul Riegler
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You might not be planning a water taxi ride in Los Cabos in a glass-bottom boat, but if you did, these clothes are exactly what you’d want to wear
Whether your travels this summer will take you to the Florida Keys, Majorca, Ibiza, or Hawaii, here’s a selection of good-looking shirts, shorts, and swim suits to pack on your trip.
Jetlag Cargo Shorts with Zipper Detail 
Look good this summer with cargo shorts …