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by Jesse Sokolow

Washington, D.C. is a city steeped in political history, and perhaps no other building in the district is as notorious as the Watergate Hotel, made infamous during the 1970s scandal that led to President Richard M. Nixon’s resignation.
The hotel is part of the larger Watergate Complex, which includes apartments and office space, the latter being the site of the actual break-in (although the perpetrators did stay in the Watergate Hotel).
However, …

2016 Fall Travel News Quiz: How Will You Fare?

by Paul Riegler

Bid farewell to summer by taking our 10-question Travel News Quiz. From hotel mergers to exploding phones, challenge yourself and find out how much you really know about what transpired over the past few months.
Once again, we warn you that your inner travel geek may come out of the closet.
Simply scroll down, have fun, and share the quiz with your friends.
If you are using a mobile device, click here for …

Review: ‘Sunday in the Park with George’ – Encores Great American Musicals at City Center

by Jonathan Spira

When “Sunday in the Park with George” premiered off Broadway in 1983, it shook things up. Theatergoers were treated to a profoundly moving work of art as much as to a Broadway musical. But over 30 years later, it’s clear that, if “Sunday” wasn’t a paradigm shift, it did somewhat break the mold.
In the first act, we meet George, ostensibly Georges Seurat, the French post-Impressionist painter played brilliantly by Jake …

Today’s Low Airfares to Europe? Thank Low Fuel Prices, Sir Freddie, and a Viking Named Bjørn

by Paul Riegler
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The fare wars are on and you can thank cheap fuel and a dramatic increase in competition for them. Channeling the ghost of Sir Freddie Laker who, in the 1970s pioneered jet age “no frills” international flights, numerous low-cost carriers, including Ryanair of Ireland, have brought affordable travel to the masses across the globe. Southwest Airlines, now the second largest airline in the world by number of passengers carried, has …

JetBlue Airways New York JFK-Boston – Flight Review

by Jonathan Spira

In order to experience JetBlue’s Mint premium cabin on its inaugural flight from Boston to Los Angeles, I had to position myself the night before in Beantown. It’s been a while since I last flew JetBlue and that flight, several years back, was actually to nowhere (it was the Fly-Fi in-flight Internet launch occasion which had the routing JFK-JFK).
Not having spent much time in the new Terminal 5 (to distinguish …

Review: ‘The Escape’ at BMW Films

by Jonathan Spira
BMW's headquarters building in Munich

As part of its introduction of the new BMW 5 Series, the Bavarian automaker had its newest sedan vanquish a Volvo truck, destroy a Bell 206 helicopter, and rescue a young girl – all in under ten minutes.
“The Escape” resurrects the BMW film series “The Hire,” a series of eight short (on average ten-minute) films that debuted 15 years ago. After the first eight, the series was discontinued due to …

Lobby Bar – October 21: Get a Travel Buddy, Surviving the Ice Age, and How to Deal with Too Much Fish

by Jeremy Del Nero

Lobby Bar – A Bloody Brilliant Bundle of FBT News and Views
Help me? Information Overload Awareness Day was this week. Read our 563,487 tips on how to overcome Information Overload and stay focused in an age of constant distraction. The 2020 Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo, Japan.
Fire and sound. Because the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is subject to spontaneous combustion, many airlines have started carrying fire-containment bags. The …

Review: ‘Oh, Hello on Broadway’ at Lyceum Theater

by Jonathan Spira

Oscar and Felix, you’ve been replaced. Give it up, ladies and gentlemen, for Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland, two gentlemen whose mission is to bring 1970s shabbiness to today’s rather Disneyfied Great White Way.
The eclectic set by Scott Pask typifies the Upper West Side. There’s the front door and stoop from the Huxtables’ brownstone (for some unknown reason, no one wanted Bill Cosby’s stoop), a staircase from an unnamed …