1,000 bright orange bikes are now part of the  city's bike share program
by Paul Riegler

While Portland, Oregon’s largest city, isn’t its capital (that title goes to Salem), it is perhaps the country’s capital of cool.
Known for a lively theater, art, and music scene as well as for outdoor activities and amenities, microbreweries, and coffee houses, the city, in the shadow of snow-capped Mount Hood, the city’s temperate climate is welcoming to visitors thanks to its warm and dry summers and moderate, albeit rainy, winters.

Lobby Bar – August 26: The Most Intimidating Beverage, How to Sleep Anywhere, and Why You Should Lick Phones

by Jeremy Del Nero

Lobby Bar – A Slightly Soiled Serviette Full of FBT News and Views
Global air. Did you feel hot last month? That’s because July was the hottest month ever recorded in human history. Don’t worry, Trump has a plan to install an air conditioned dome over the entire planet, which will ensure that everybody can exist in a comfortable atmosphere, ozone be damned, while keeping out all alien species at the …

10 Radically New and Awesome Features in iOS 10

by Jeremy Del Nero
Apple iPhone 6s Plus in gold and 6s in rose gold

When Apple first introduced the iPhone, the operating system didn’t even have a name. At launch, it was called iPhone OS and received its current designation in 2010 with the introduction of the iPad.
Every one to two years, Apple introduces a major update of the mobile operating system and the newest version, iOS 10, is expected to be released in September.
Apple says that the new version will be the “biggest …

Review and Test Drive: 2016 Kia K900 Luxury V8

by Jonathan Spira
IMG_4281 (1)

A year can make all the difference. When we last looked at the Kia K900, we found it wanting in some areas. Elegant styling and advanced technology can only get you so far if all of the pieces in the puzzle don’t quite fit together.
With the 2016 Kia K900, however, Kia has nailed the rear-wheel drive luxury sedan market. It’s not what Kia has added for 2016 – although a …

Fighting Jet Lag – and Winning: 6 Tips to a Restful Night’s Sleep When Traveling

by Paul Riegler
DSC_0486 (1)

Jet lag is a familiar feeling to most travelers. It’s a nuisance when traveling for business and an unwelcome feeling when on holiday.
Sleep science has made much progress in the past 50 years and we now know that sleep isn’t merely a passive state with your head on a pillow. As a result, we know there are things that you can do to improve the quality of sleep and limit …

July Was the Hottest Month on Record

by Paul Riegler

If you found things a bit warmer than usual last month, you weren’t alone. July 2016 was in fact the hottest month since record-keeping began in 1880, some 136 years ago.
The news comes from several agencies including NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, which reported that July 2016 was 0.1° C warmer than previous records, which were set in July in 2015, 2011, and 2009. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric …

Lobby Bar – August 19: The Healthiest Hotel, Sky Balconies, and Instagram Fame Perks

by Jeremy Del Nero

Lobby Bar – A Collaborative Collage of FBT News and Views
Roger, Over. To commemorate National Aviation Day, Paul Riegler assembled some of his favorite photos of planes taking off into sunrises and sunsets. In one of the pictures, Riegler could tell that he was going to miss the sunset by approximately 15 minutes, so he knocked politely on the cockpit door and asked the pilot to speed up a bit. …

Photo Essay: Happy National Aviation Day

by Paul Riegler
A British Airways 747 taking off from LAX

In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed National Aviation Day to be August 19, in honor of Orville Wright’s birthday. Roosevelt intended the day to commemorate the development of aviation in the United States and, since then, it has gone on to also celebrate its history.
In honor of National Aviation Day, airlines and airports throughout the country will be offering aviation enthusiasts behind-the-scenes looks at operations and other aviation-themed activities.
August …