Lack of Personal Space and Misbehaving Passengers Continue Reign as Top Air Travel Pet Peeves

by Karin Sun

Those flying frequently know that travel by air is inevitably fraught with petty annoyances and irritations, many of them a result of being enclosed in a small, confined space with other travelers for long periods of time.
Ironically, the results of this survey are being released on the tails of three highly-publicized in-flight fights resulting from disputes over a reclined seat.
Frequent Business Traveler and FlyerTalk, the world’s largest online travel community, inquired …

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Apple iPhone 6 and iOS 8 – What You Need to Know and Review

by Paul Riegler
iPhone 5s' smaller form factor compared to the 6 Plus

For many people, the next big thing in tech is the new Apple iPhone 6. Indeed, the day the iPhone went on sale, Apple experienced “a record number of preorders overnight,” according to a spokesman. For those who can’t quite justify an upgrade or contractually aren’t eligible for one, there’s no need to suffer iPhone 6 envy. The vast majority of the functionality that millions of people will get come …

What’s Doing in Dallas

by Karin Sun

Following yet another sweltering summer (as I am writing this, it’s 97° F/36° C), Dallas, Texas is preparing for two very welcome events: cooler temperatures and the State Fair of Texas.
The State Fair of Texas, which runs from September 26 through October 19, has taken place in Dallas every year since 1886, with the exception of two short hiatuses during the First and Second World Wars. It occupies a 277-acre …

5 Stories to Read This Weekend: September 13, 2014

by Karin Sun

It’s the weekend.  Once again, it’s a good time to catch up on Frequent Business Traveler news and features that you may not have had time to read over the past week.  Here are five stories that are worth putting on your reading list:
1.) Jonathan Spira reviews the Louis Hotel in Munich, Germany.  The hotel was difficult to locate but the good food and service and a prime location in …

Lobby Bar – September 12: Goldilocks Sleeps Well, Catapulting Fruit, Comfort Crashing, and Overweight Aircraft

by Jeremy Del Nero

The Lobby Bar – A Mockingly Deviant Weekly Summary of FBT News and Views
Time Compression. How much in-flight service can an airline squeeze into an hour-long flight? Jonathan Spira flies from New York to Montreal in Air Canada’s Business Class cabin, where he somehow consumes three meals and manages a four-hour nap in under 48 minutes. Fortunately, he wasn’t offered a thin mint.
Goldilocks and the three pillows. Christian Stampfer peruses …

2015 Volkswagen Golf TDI and e-Golf Review

by Jonathan Spira

While the new, seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf has been on sale in Europe since late 2012, it’s first arriving in the United States now and is being built in Puebla, Mexico (alongside the new Beetles and Jettas) for the U.S. market.
In the U.S., the Golf is available across all variants as a four-door hatchback; the entry-level ($17,995 MSRP) gasoline-powered Golf 1.8T comes as a two-door as well. VW has stubbornly clung …

Is Apple’s Smartwatch Smart Enough to Make Travel Faster and Easier?

by Paul Riegler

Apple’s new smartwatch can buy a Frappuccino or Big Mac, monitor the wearer’s pulse, and help with workouts. The question remains, however, as to whether it will prove useful when traveling.
At the launch event, Apple demonstrated how travelers can use the watch to pay for coffee, board a plane using a Passbook boarding pass, enter a hotel room, or get directions while strolling about.
From a user perspective, paying for something …

Short Stay: Louis Hotel, Munich, Germany – Review

by Jonathan Spira

If one were picking out the ideal location for a hotel in Munich, one might very well consider a street along the Viktualienmarkt, a 240,000-square-foot (22,000-square-meter) gourmet farmers’ market in the center of the city. The owners of the Louis Hotel, a Design Hotel, did just that in 2009.
Located in a 100-year-old former bank building, and designed by the Munich architectural firm of Hild und K, the Louis Hotel overlooks …