What Are Your Biggest Hotel Pet Peeves?

by Jesse Sokolow

Hotels are a second home to frequent travelers, many of whom have grown accustomed to spending much of their lives on the road.  As such, they are experts in everything pertaining to hotels, and are much more sensitive than the casual traveler to a hotel’s shortcomings.
In conjunction with FlyerTalk, the world’s largest online travel community, and in partnership with ExpertFlyer, a provider of air travel information tools, we’ve compiled a …

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Lobby Bar – July 3: Macaroni Madness, Time Stands Still, Trump Does Yoga, and a Founding Fodder

by Jeremy Del Nero
Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 11.45.40 AM

Lobby Bar – A Largely Misunderstood Summary of FBT News and Views
Did you feel that? If you noticed, June 30 was a bit longer than usual, due to science.  In that extra second, we managed to squeeze in a trip to Moscow, a Broadway play, and a five-hour nap.
Sweet necessities. Jonathan Spira flies in Transaero’s Imperial Class from New York to Moscow.  All passengers in Imperial Class receive a throne …

Great Moments in Travel History – July 2015

by Jesse Sokolow
An El Al 747 at JFK.  El Al's first international flight was July 3, 1949

On July 10, 1887, the Grand Hotel opened on Mackinac Island, Michigan.  The property, a National Historic Landmark, boasts of having the world’s largest porch.  Over the years, the hotel has hosted a variety of notable guests including Thomas Edison, Mark Twain, five U.S. Presidents (Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton), Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and Russian President Dmitri Medvedev.
Amelia Earhart, the …

‘The Audience’ Final Performance at Gerald Schoenfeld Theater – Review

by Jonathan Spira
Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth with her prime ministers

Helen Mirren will see you now.
That isn’t, of course, a line from the play “The Audience,” although the show, which opened in March for a limited engagement, featured Mirren in her second role as Her Majesty (the first was in the movie “The Queen,” for which she received an Oscar).  The final performance of the play was Sunday.
The premise of “The Audience” is the weekly meeting between Elizabeth II and …

June 30 to be Longer Than Usual Thanks to Leap Second

by Paul Riegler

While the year 2015 may not be a leap year, it will have a leap second.
According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, June 30 – this coming Tuesday – will be a little longer than usual because it will be the recipient of a leap second at 7:50:60 p.m. EDT (23:59:60 GMT).
“Earth’s rotation is gradually slowing down a bit, so leap seconds are a way to account …

Transaero Airlines New York-Moscow Imperial Class – Flight Review

by Jonathan Spira
DSC_0265 (1)

Most airlines call their first-class cabins on three-class flights “First Class,” a clear but somewhat uninspiring designation in today’s heavily branded world. A few airlines have loftier aspirations, but nothing stuck out in my mind as much as Transaero Airlines’ Imperial Class. I had seen photos of the first-class cabin and seats and read about the service on the airline’s website, even forming images of what royalty could expect on …

Lobby Bar – June 26: Priority Lavatories, Airport Zits, and Stealing Italy

by Jeremy Del Nero

Lobby Bar – A Poorly Translated Summary of FBT News and Views
Witness history.  Join Jesse Sokolow for a tour of the best parts of Los Angeles: Santa Monica and Venice.  We recommend visiting Venice in 1950, when Roosevelt authorized the air lifting of several canals out of coastal Italy and into Los Angeles.  You can borrow our time machine for $15,000 an hour, plus fuel.
Two-face.  Follow Jonathan Spira to the …

What’s Doing in Santa Monica and Venice

by Jesse Sokolow
Santa Monica Pier

Two of the country’s most cultural and lively towns, Santa Monica and Venice, California, are, like the rest of Los Angeles, graced by picture-perfect weather year round. The neighboring beach towns offer a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life in Los Angeles, and are the city’s most frequented beaches.
Part of Los Angeles’ Westside community, Santa Monica was populated by early settlers in the late 1800s, with the …