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6 Tips and Tricks for the Apple iPhone Reminders App

One of the least discussed apps that come with the iPhone is also perhaps the most useful: Reminders.
Apple’s Reminders app, introduced in iOS 5 and OS X 10.8, allows users to set notifications. It automatically syncs the reminders between an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and MacBook, so it will nag you across all of your Apple devices.
The app starts users off with two tabs – Scheduled and Reminders – and …

Apple iPhone XS – Long-Term Review and Report

While the Apple X – introduced 15 months ago – was the most radical design of the line since Steve Jobs spoke of combining an iPod, a phone, and a computer in one device ten years earlier, it was also in my opinion and that of my colleagues a gigantic beta test.
Among the issues that arose with the device were incoming call delays, buzzing speakers, finger swipes not being recognized …

Tech Review: TCL Roku 28” Smart TV 28S305

As televisions become larger and larger (Samsung recently introduced a 146” model, named, appropriately enough, “The Wall”), it has become harder and harder to find good smaller models, say for your kitchen or your Airstream.
Our search for such a model led us to the TCL Roku Smart TV model. 28S305.
The affordable TCL Roku Smart TV has excellent overall image quality and built-in Roku functionality, essentially giving the TV built-in streaming …

CES 2019: The Coolest Technologies and Gadgets from the Show Floor

The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show opens its doors on Tuesday but the show’s media Days on Sunday and Monday brought myriad announcements and new products and cool gadgets of high-tech wizardry.
Apple is opening its services up to television manufacturers including LG Samsung, Sony, and Vizio, partnering with them on iTunes, AirPlay 2, and HomeKit.
Samsung said its smart TVs this year will support Apple iTunes for movies and television shows via …

5 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About

The newest Apple Watch has a surprising number of features in what is a tiny package, so many that one can use the device for months and barely scratch the surface of its capabilities.
First released in April 2015, the Apple Watch was updated multiple times without changing its form factor until the fifth generation Series 4 device, which was released in September 2018 with a 30% larger display and additional …

Review: Apple Watch Series 4 ECG Feature

Apple introduced a long-awaited feature for the Apple Watch Series 4 that performs an electrocardiogram on the wearer. Apple calls the feature “ECG” on watches set to English, although the term “EKG” may be more familiar to readers.
On Thursday, Apple released the feature for customers in the United States with the release of watchOS 5.1.2. The feature can be used to identify atrial fibrillation, a common type of an irregular …

Today is Information Overload Day: Here’s How to Lower the Overload

Do a search on the term “Information Overload” and what follows will be nothing less than Information Overload, over 3.5 million search results that provide conflicting definitions and descriptions and a fire hose of information.
Come to think of it, this aptly defines the issue.
The problem of Information Overload is a relatively new one. The amount of information available to us has so dramatically increased over the past quarter century that …