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5 Steps You Can Take to Bring Order to Your Work-From-Home Life by Controlling Notifications

If you’re among the tens of millions of workers working at home during the pandemic, one thing more so than anything else may be driving you crazy: The banners, beeps, and bleats of notifications.
While notifications were always a distraction, telecommuting has created an onslaught that demands attention – in order for you to regain your attention and focus.
Distractions where a notification momentarily interrupts you from something you are working on …

Apple Mac, MacBooks Get Refresh with New Apple-Designed Chips

At the company’s third virtual-only product launch, Apple introduced a new microprocessor for its desktop and laptop computers, reinvigorating the almost 40-year-old product line with several new MacBooks and a Mac Mini.
It took Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives under three-quarters of an hour to introduce all of the new devices during the event, dubbed “One More Thing.”
The event centered on Apple’s introduced of the new M1 chip. The M1 …

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Has Secret Button on Back: Here’s How to Use It

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro has been out in the wild for almost two weeks now and, among the many new features the phone has is one that has not been highly publicized, namely a secret button on the back of the phone that the user can customize to perform certain actions with a mere tap.
The secret button is not activated out of the box, but setting up this feature …

Information Overload Day is Tomorrow: Here’s What You Can Do to ‘Lower the Overload’

Information Overload Day this year is Tuesday, October 20.
The day is intended to call attention to an issue that costs companies and consumers as much as $988 billion per annum in the United States alone.
Do a search on the term “Information Overload” and what follows will be nothing less than Information Overload, over 8.1 million search results that provide conflicting definitions and descriptions and a fire hose of information.
This succinctly …

Apple Unveils New iPhone 12, HomePod, and MagSafe Chargers

At the company’s second virtual-only product launch, Apple introduced several new iPhones capable of connecting to faster 5G networks, a new HomePod, and a charger that can charge both the iPhone and Apple Watch.
Unlike at past events in September where Apple would reveal its new line of iPhones along with other products, Apple only unveiled the latest Apple Watch and the iPhone 12’s debut was delayed to mid-October due to …

Apple Unveils New Watch, iPad Air, and Fitness Service

At the company’s first virtual-only product launch, Apple introduced a new Apple Watch that is capable of measuring blood oxygen levels, a watch priced at a significantly lower price point than in the past, and a new iPad.
Unlike at past events in September where Apple would reveal its new line of iPhones, the iPhone 12 is expected to make its debut in mid-October due to pandemic-induced delays in production.
As a …

Review: Radio Swiss Classic Offers Infinite Variety of Composers and Artists

Ten years ago, I reviewed the online broadcaster Radio Swiss Classic in these pages. Given that I have been listening practically nonstop to this station since the start of the pandemic, I thought it was once again time to bring it to our readers’ attention.
Commercial-free Radio Swiss Classic is operated by Swiss Satellite Radio, a division of Switzerland’s public broadcaster, SRG SSR, known in English as the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation.  I’ve …