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Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus – Review and First Look

Apple iPhone 6s Plus in gold and 6s in rose gold

In the Appleverse, “s” releases of iPhones are generally incremental, no big deal, a somewhat marginal update.
The 4s (originally the 4S and the “S” stood for Siri, as she was making her first appearance) made its debut in October 2011, 16 months after the 4 was released. It retained the 4’s design, but received an upgrade to the Apple A5 chipset, an improved camera, and an updated operating system (iOS …

Technivorm Moccamaster KBG-741 – Coffee Maker/Brewer Review

DSC_0830 (1)

The quest for the best cup of coffee is a never-ending one. You find a machine, fall in love with it, think your quest is over – and then become disillusioned. That is, until now.
I grew up in a household where water was boiled and lovingly poured over ground coffee beans. My parents knew better than to buy and use a percolator – which was all the rage at the …

Apple WatchOS 2 Review and Test Report

WatchOS 2 face with author's favorite photo of Iceland as background

When the Apple Watch first came out in late April, I lusted after the ones other staffers at Frequent Business Traveler had and soon found myself the proud owner of one. Even though it was a first-generation product, it showed enough promise, and had enough functionality over other smartwatches I had used – including the Pebble and a few Android Wear models – that I had to have it once …

Papal Visit to Disrupt Traffic and iPhone Deliveries in New York, Philly, D.C.

Central Park in New York City

When Pope Francis’ plane touches down in Washington, D.C. Tuesday afternoon, it will be the start of a chain reaction of street closures, security alerts, and travel, transit, and business disruptions across the Northeast that will spread to New York City starting Thursday and move to Philadelphia Friday.
Even more serious to some is the prospect that the Pope’s visit will disrupt delivery of new Apple 6s and 6s Plus smartphones …

Apple iOS 9.0 Gold Master and 9.1 Beta – Review and Test Report

Apple's new iOS 9 multitasking feature uses a stacked deck of apps that one swipes through

With the imminent arrival of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus comes an updated mobile operating system for the devices, iOS 9, which will be released on September 16.
Some of the most interesting updates in iOS 9 are reserved for the new 6s and 6s Plus – in particular 3D Touch – so we won’t be able to report on them until we have the devices in hand shortly before …

4 Apple Watch Tricks You Didn’t Know About

Tell me where I put my iPhone!

Unlike the original or even the most recent iPhone, where I got up to speed in a matter of hours, having an Apple Watch is a continual learning experience.
Given its almost button free design and myriad functions, along with a processor that has more horsepower than a mainframe just a decade ago, many features remain hidden and generally unknown.
Here are some tricks that even those who have had the watch …

Why Selfie Sticks Are Unwelcome at More Tourist Sites This Summer

Rome's Colosseum: No selfies allowed

Unless you are returning from an extended Martian holiday, you’d be hard pressed to be unaware of a new phenomenon, the selfie stick. A selfie stick is similar to a monopod but less sturdy (think transistor radio antenna) and it’s used to take selfies by serving as an arm extender and positioning a smartphone beyond the normal reach of one’s arm.
They seem to be everywhere at places frequented by tourists, …