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Wojo Wallet – Review

2015-04-09 00.25.23

A man’s wallet is a part of his being and identity.  His smartphone, keys, and his wallet are the only things guaranteed to be on his person every time he leaves home.  For the man with a minimalistic lifestyle – the money-clip man, we could call him – the Wojo wallet may be just the ticket.
The lightweight compact wallet is simple in design – just a credit-card-sized neoprene sleeve with a …

8 iPhone Tips and Tricks You Didn’t Know About


The iPhone remains the most popular smartphone currently in use and, while it’s fairly simple to use, there are many features and functions that have even eluded power users of the device. Here are eight tips and tricks you may find useful.
1.) Turn automatic updates off when traveling.
The iPhone’s automatic update feature is intended to keep all apps up to date without user intervention. Apple says it was designed to …

Hailo E-Hailing Taxi App – Review and Report


While taxi hailing apps have been around for several years, and one player in the space, Uber, has been making somewhat unwelcome headlines, another company, Hailo, has been quietly making friends in cities across the globe.
Indeed, Hailo not only stays out of headlines but also isn’t targeted by protesting cabdrivers, primarily because Hailo was founded by three black-car drivers in London and works closely with taxi drivers in the cities …

Phone Expander iOS Space Saving App for iPhone and iPad – Review


Despite what Apple claims, 128 GB may simply not be enough.
If you are perennially running out of storage space on your iPhone or iPad, there may be a solution, a new Mac app called Phone Expander.
While the space problem has come to a head when performing upgrades (the release of iOS 8 highlighted the issue as thousands of users were told by their devices that they didn’t have enough free …

First Transcontinental Phone Call Took Place 100 Years Ago Today

Bell System Western Electric Model 302 dial telephone, ca. 1936

The first transcontinental phone call took place one hundred years ago today, on January 25, 1915.
The historic call was placed by three parties, Alexander Graham Bell in New York, Theodore Vail, the president of AT&T in Jekyll Island, Georgia, and U.S. President Woodrow Wilson in the White House, to Bell’s assistant Thomas Watson in San Francisco.
In the call, Bell repeated into the phone his famous sentence, “Mr. Watson, come here, …

‘123456’ Leads Worst Password List for 2014


Despite the number of highly publicized data breaches at Sony, Target, and elsewhere, few people are getting the message about passwords.  If your password more resembles “X1qT-4Pp0-2C9z” than “password” or “123456,” you need not read any further.  If you are still here, there’s still time to take appropriate action and spare yourself potential public embarrassment.
Once again, SplashData, a password management company, has released its annual list of the worst passwords, …

Google Translate App with Conversation Mode – Review and Report


Google recently announced an update to its Translate app that gives it the ability to support a real-time conversation in two languages with little delay. The “conversation mode” feature acts as a near-real-time translator, somewhat reminiscent of Star Trek’s universal translator.
Using the app is simple. Translation mode supports spoken input, typed input, or handwriting. To test its functionality, I simply selected the two languages for the conversation and used the …