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4 Apple Watch Tricks You Didn’t Know About

Tell me where I put my iPhone!

Unlike the original or even the most recent iPhone, where I got up to speed in a matter of hours, having an Apple Watch is a continual learning experience.
Given its almost button free design and myriad functions, along with a processor that has more horsepower than a mainframe just a decade ago, many features remain hidden and generally unknown.
Here are some tricks that even those who have had the watch …

Why Selfie Sticks Are Unwelcome at More Tourist Sites This Summer

Rome's Colosseum: No selfies allowed

Unless you are returning from an extended Martian holiday, you’d be hard pressed to be unaware of a new phenomenon, the selfie stick. A selfie stick is similar to a monopod but less sturdy (think transistor radio antenna) and it’s used to take selfies by serving as an arm extender and positioning a smartphone beyond the normal reach of one’s arm.
They seem to be everywhere at places frequented by tourists, …

Frequent Business Traveler Launches New Mobile Version of Publication

DSC_0560 (2)

Accura Media Group, Frequent Business Traveler’s parent, announced a major update to the publication: a new mobile version of the site. The changes provide readers with a dramatically improved mobile reading experience and far greater speed.
The new version supports multiple smartphone and tablet platforms including all Apple iOS devices such as the Apple iPhone (including the new 6 and 6 Plus) and the Apple iPad; Android powered smartphones and tablets; …

6 Good Reasons to Use an Apple Watch When Traveling


In some respects, the Apple Watch is a solution in search of a problem. When it comes to travel, however, it handily addresses several matters that make travel safer, more pleasant, and more convenient.
1.) Directions
Instead of pulling out your iPhone and looking like a lost tourist, the Apple Watch will give you step-by-step directions to your destination on your wrist, tapping it (using haptic) at every turn. Of course, one …

Blue Mo-Fi Headphones – Review

2015-07-11 19.27.34

There may be a surfeit of headphones on the market, but there are still ways for new products to break through the clutter.  Blue Microphones has always been best associated with professional audio recording equipment, but the company’s Mo-Fi headphones should not be overlooked.  Take out your smartphone, please, because these headphones are something to text home about.
Included in the box with the Mo-Fi are a soft carrying case, 1.2-meter …

Summer Survival Gift and Gear Guide

DSC_0057 (1)

Complete with heat waves and thunderstorms, summer is here for the next two months.  Get ready to bask in the sun, enjoy a bike ride or hike, or cool off in the pool.
Whether you’re planning a big summer adventure or are just going to do a staycation, you’ll need the right gear.
Here are our top picks for everything from water bottles to skin care products to smartphone battery backups to …

3 Tips for Properly Charging Your Smartphone’s Battery


If you ask five people, you’ll get at least six opinions (if not more) on the best way to charge a smartphone’s battery. Be it an Apple iPhone, an Android device, or a BlackbBerry, myths abound including not letting it charge overnight and not using it while charging.
Your smartphone isn’t only smart when it comes to acting like a small computer but it also excels in the charging department. It …