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Lucid Air Gets 520 Miles on a Charge, Beating Tesla in EPA Rating

Lucid Motors, a start-up in EVs compared to Tesla, has beaten its competitor at its own game, namely extending the distance an electric vehicle can travel on a single charge.
The Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday that the Lucid Air Dream Edition Range can go 520 miles (837 kilometers) on a single charge.  The Tesla Model S Long Range, which previously was the record holder, has a range of 402 miles …

Delta Returns to Pre-Pandemic Boarding Process

Delta Returns to Pre-Pandemic Boarding Process

Delta Air Lines said it had returned to boarding its planes by zones, eliminating one of its last remaining pandemic-era practices, namely front-to-back boarding.
The new – and old – process – allows travelers to board based on elite status with the airline or a partner as well as seat location.
“This update drives efficiency in the boarding process, making it faster and easier for both customers and employees as we continue …

Alaska to Introduce New Top Elite Tier, MVP Gold 100K

Alaska to Introduce New Top Elite Tier, MVP Gold 100K

Alaska Airlines announced plans for the introduction of a new elite tier in its Mileage Plan frequent-flyer program, MVP Gold 100K.
MVP Gold 100K would require a Mileage Plan member to reach 100,000 qualifying miles with Alaska, a oneworld airline, or a global airline partner of Alaska, or 140 eligible segments.
The new tier will be introduced in January 2022.
Mileage Plan MVP Gold 100K members will receive the same oneworld status as …

Apple Unveils New iPhone 13, Smartwatch, and Tablets

At what’s become the company’s annual virtual product launch, Apple introduced several new iPhones and a new Apple Watch.
While Apple CEO Tim Cook last year was able to welcome the line of high-speed, 5G-capable iPhones and a new design, this year’s batch of iPhones has a more vibrant screen, improved cameras, faster microprocessors, and a larger, longer-lasting battery as well as the new A15 Bionic microprocessor.
The Apple Watch 7 has …

T-Mobile CEO: Data-Security Breach Was ‘Humbling’

The CEO of T-Mobile made a public apology Friday for the recent security breach that allowed a hacker to access over 50 million customer records, and promised to take steps to take the company’s cyber security efforts “to the next level.”
In an open letter to customers, Mike Sievert said that the cyberattack was “humbling for all of us,” adding that he was “truly sorry.” Sievert further said that the company …

After a Week of Glitches, Amazon (Finally) Updates iOS Shopping App

If your Amazon app wasn’t working properly over the past week, you were not alone.
Amazon (finally) updated its shopping app for Apple iOS after a significant number of users experienced glitches that prevented them from viewing order information for almost a week.
The problem did not affect Amazon’s app for Android users.
Multiple users on Twitter and at least two here at Frequent Business Traveler and The Travelist reported that parts of …

Using Windows? Update Your Copy Now, Says Microsoft

If you’re using the Microsoft Windows operating system, the folks in Redmond have a message for you: Update your copy of Windows right now.
The tech company issued this warning after security researchers found a serious vulnerability in the operating system’s code.
The vulnerability impacts both Windows 10 as well as the older Windows 7, a version of the operating system that is no longer supported by Microsoft.
Microsoft nonetheless issued a patch …