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Summer Survival Gift and Gear Guide

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Complete with heat waves and thunderstorms, summer is here for the next two months.  Get ready to bask in the sun, enjoy a bike ride or hike, or cool off in the pool.
Whether you’re planning a big summer adventure or are just going to do a staycation, you’ll need the right gear.
Here are our top picks for everything from water bottles to skin care products to smartphone battery backups to …

3 Tips for Properly Charging Your Smartphone’s Battery


If you ask five people, you’ll get at least six opinions (if not more) on the best way to charge a smartphone’s battery. Be it an Apple iPhone, an Android device, or a BlackbBerry, myths abound including not letting it charge overnight and not using it while charging.
Your smartphone isn’t only smart when it comes to acting like a small computer but it also excels in the charging department. It …

June 30 to be Longer Than Usual Thanks to Leap Second


While the year 2015 may not be a leap year, it will have a leap second.
According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, June 30 – this coming Tuesday – will be a little longer than usual because it will be the recipient of a leap second at 7:50:60 p.m. EDT (23:59:60 GMT).
“Earth’s rotation is gradually slowing down a bit, so leap seconds are a way to account …

August Smart Lock and August Connect – Review and Test Report


Starting in 2005, thanks to BMW’s Comfort Access keyless start feature, I stopped having to take my car key out of my pocket in order to unlock, lock, or start my car. Why were the technologies for homes so far behind those of automobiles? Simply put, having to use a metal key is unacceptable in 2015.
Ten years later, door locks are starting to catch up and many are app based, …

5 Tips to Better Manage Storage Space on Your iPhone or iPad


Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. The more things change, the more they remain the same. It was only a few years ago that storage on desktops, and then on laptops, was an issue of considerable import to users of same. Today, especially on Apple iPhones since they don’t offer expandable storage options, managing storage on such devices is a necessity.
It doesn’t matter if the iPhone has 32 …

Zipbuds Pro Mic – Review

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There are a number of problems with in-ear headphones, ranging from ear discomfort and quality issues to distracting microphonic noise and the tangled mess they can quickly become.  Earbuds usually fail to match the quality and comfort expected from over-the-ear headphones.  However, it isn’t practical to tote along bulky headphones, and in those instances, it’s important to have a reliable pair of earbuds to listen to music or take phone …

Apple Watch Review and Report: A Stylish Watch with Many Complications


Dick Tracy. That’s all I could think of when I made my first phone call with the new Apple Watch. Dick Tracy and his 2-Way Wrist Radio.
The Apple Watch is clearly a first generation device and, especially since Apple has packed in hundreds of new and updated features into it, there will be a steep learning curve both for users and the company as well.
Apple offers the watch in two …