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Gram Games 1010 – Game Review


Every frequent traveler needs to unwind, and in between going through security and checking for e-mails during a flight, there’s bound to be some down time for a little gaming.  The best type of game for those constantly on the move is one that can be picked up, played for a few minutes, and saved for later.  1010, produced by Gram Games, is such a title.
1010 is a minimalistic and …

Mobile Phone Roaming Charges in the European Union Just Got Less Expensive

The Siegestor in Munich.

If you live in the European Union or are in the habit of buying local SIMs for your voice and data requirements when traveling, take note: the cost of making and receiving calls, sending and receiving texts, and using data just got cheaper.
Over the past few years, thanks to European Union regulators, the cost of mobile roaming has dropped significantly and roaming charges are slated to completely disappear in just over …

Apple Watch Gift Guide: The 6 Best Accessories for Your Smart Watch

Apple Watch with Milanese Loop Watch Band

There’s no denying that owning an Apple Watch can become addictive. The Watch marked its first anniversary Sunday and, despite the predictions of naysayers, Apple sold twice as many Watches as it did iPhones in each device’s debut year.
You can accessorize it with various stylish straps, minimalistic stands, and chargers that keep the clock (or watch) ticking. Indeed, there are literally thousands of possibilities, but we’ve sorted through them in …

How to Use Apple’s New Night Shift Feature

DSC_0814 (1)

Apple just released iOS 9.3: the company’s biggest upgrade to its mobile operating system since iOS 9.0 was launched last year. With it came Night Shift, a feature that shifts the display to warmer colors in the evening, reducing the amount of blue light emitted from the device. Blue light has a negative impact on sleep by disrupting the body’s circadian rhythm.
Night Shift uses your iPhone or iPad’s clock and …

New Lookout Apple Watch App Helps Locate Lost iPhones – Review and Test Drive


Several decades ago, my father, the CEO of Spiratone, at the time the country’s largest supplier of photographic accessories, came up with the idea of a gadget bag that would alert the photographer if someone were to pick it up.
The system, which was considered advanced for its time, involved a motion sensitive switch that was controlled with a special key for arming and disarming the system, and an electro-mechanical buzzer …

Restaurant Review: Sugar Freak, Astoria, N.Y. – New Orleans Comfort Food is the Plat du Jour

IMG_2412 (1)

While many Yankees continue to think of southern cooking as fried chicken, grits, collard greens, biscuits, and sweet tea, and presume this is all the same anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon line, the south’s cuisine is rather nuanced and varies greatly by location.
One standout is New Orleans’ cuisine. While Louisiana and, more specifically, New Orleans, are geographically and politically part of the south, its cuisine reflects its Cajun, Creole, and …

Lobby Bar – February 5: A Bloody Mess in London, On-Demand Underwear, and Why Scorpions Don’t Like Winter


Lobby Bar – A Glittering Collection of FBT News and Views
Fight fire with fire. Despite what Punxsutawney Phil predicts, hazardous weather could carry on more months to come, so be sure to check out our ten tips for safe winter driving.  Try to avoid driving on icy roads, but carry a USB-powered flamethrower to help clear the path ahead of you just in case.
Cold-weather arachnida. The Blizzard of 2016 gave …