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Review: Moto 360 Smartwatch

2014-10-10 14.59.12

“Nice watch,” I have heard about a dozen times a day over the last two weeks. Onlookers, both friends and strangers alike, were commenting on the Moto 360 smartwatch strapped to my wrist. Motorola released the 360 in early September in a relatively unpopulated market. Apple’s watch isn’t scheduled to be released until 2015, and that alone gives the Moto 360 an edge. It should be noted, however, that the …

Apple Mac OS X Yosemite Review and Report

MacBook Pro with Yosemite and Safari 12

If perhaps you found a phone call unexpectedly ringing on your MacBook, there’s no cause for worry. You haven’t been hacked. It’s merely Apple’s new operating systems, iOS 8 and Yosemite, at work.
With Yosemite and iOS 8, the two operating systems can work together, something Apple calls “Continuity.” Indeed, what Apple now offers is the best realization of what the telecoms industry calls “unified communications.” This term, which has been …

Apple iPhone 6 Plus – Review and Report


The demand for the new Apple iPhone 6 existed long before the iPhone 6 Plus reached retail stores. Indeed, many colleagues lusted after it. The big 5.5” screen, larger capacity battery, optical image stabilization were all cited as factors. They are flying off the shelves in the lucky stores that managed to get inventory, given that Apple significantly underestimated demand. One T-Mobile store manager, who runs a busy store in …

Review: Kero Nomad Charging Cable

2014-09-29 11.06.58

Portable electronic devices have become more than just a convenience in everyday life –  they are a necessity, especially for the business traveler.  One of the biggest problems that plagues smartphone users (both iPhone and Android users alike) is poor battery life.  While a USB port is usually not far away, it’s less likely that a charging cable is as accessible.  That’s where Kero’s Nomad Charging cable shines, although, it’s …

Apple iPhone 6 One-Week Review and Report


The past week was undoubtedly quite busy at Apple as it began putting its new and larger iPhones in the hands of millions of customers on Friday. Apple said it received more than four million orders of for the new models, considerably more than the number of devices it had set aside for preorders. Lines continued at Apple stores around the country over the weekend.
While it’s too soon to pass …

Apple iPhone 6 and iOS 8 – What You Need to Know and Review

Setting up the iPhone 6

For many people, the next big thing in tech is the new Apple iPhone 6. Indeed, the day the iPhone went on sale, Apple experienced “a record number of preorders overnight,” according to a spokesman. For those who can’t quite justify an upgrade or contractually aren’t eligible for one, there’s no need to suffer iPhone 6 envy. The vast majority of the functionality that millions of people will get come …

Is Apple’s Smartwatch Smart Enough to Make Travel Faster and Easier?


Apple’s new smartwatch can buy a Frappuccino or Big Mac, monitor the wearer’s pulse, and help with workouts. The question remains, however, as to whether it will prove useful when traveling.
At the launch event, Apple demonstrated how travelers can use the watch to pay for coffee, board a plane using a Passbook boarding pass, enter a hotel room, or get directions while strolling about.
From a user perspective, paying for something …