Holiday Packing Tips – Part II

By Eva Leonard on 20 December 2011
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As a follow-up to our November roundup of top holiday packing tips, we started a discussion thread on FlyerTalk, asking the expert travelers on the forum, “What are your tips for packing during the holiday season?”

Here are some of their responses, more tips from some of the luggage execs we heard from the first time around, one from Jonathan Spira, Frequent Business Traveler’s editorial director, and one of my own.

Space Odyssey

Compress the clothing so you can fit more in the bag. Use space bags to compress it, pack it in folders, or alternate items when folding. –Cordelli, CT, FlyerTalk

When you have the pile of clothes ready to pack, halve it. You’ll still have more than you need. –Worldiswide, FlyerTalk Forum

Stick to thin and lightweight clothing when packing. Wear the bulkiest items to save space. –Georgene Rada, Vice President Product Development and Design, Briggs & Riley

Tech fabrics, particularly for underwear and socks, allow you to reduce the amount you take because they can be easily washed in the hotel sink and dry quickly. –Lwildernorva, FlyerTalk

Steal space from your kids. Make sure that each family member has a regulation-size carry-on, and spread the clothing across all bags. –Andy Radcliffe, IT Director, Briggs & Riley

Pack versatile basics that can be dressed up or down with accessories, instead of bringing a different outfit for each day. –Kelly Reubens, Vice President Sales, Titan

I pack what I call “disposable clothing,” a polite term for t-shirts, underwear, etc., that is just about at the expiration date. That makes room for things acquired along the way. –Jonathan Spira, Editorial Director, Frequent Business Traveler magazine

A Wrinkle in Time

In earlier years, I carried a travel iron. Now, most of my shirts and pants are Joseph A. Banks Traveler, and at most they require a few minutes steaming in the hotel bathroom with the shower on. –Deubster, FlyerTalk

If you can’t use a suitor section to prevent wrinkles, fold the suit jacket inside out, punching out the shoulders to keep their rounded shape, and lay it on top as the last item. –Alan Krantzler, Senior Vice President, Brand Management, Tumi

Pie in the Sky?

Don’t fly with wrapped gifts, pies, cakes, or food items if you’re uncertain whether they qualify as liquid or gels, as they may need to be opened for inspection at security checkpoints. Pack them in checked bags or ship them in advance. –Eva Leonard, Frequent Business Traveler magazine

If I know wrapping materials won’t be easily available at my destination, I pack a few decorative gift bags in my luggage. –Iff, Paris, France, FlyerTalk

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