8 Packing Tips for Summer Vacations

By Jesse Sokolow on 8 July 2015
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Home is here the heart is, and for many people, that place is on vacation during the summer. To feel at home, when away from home, travelers struggle to decide what to bring with them on trips, and the task is further compounded by the ever-looming issue of fitting everything you want to bring into your bags.

Here are eight summer vacation packing tips that should help you prepare for your trips, decide on what to pack, and help you do it.

1.) Choose the right bag

Despite the International Air Transport Association’s recent attempt to implement an “optimal” size for carry-on bags in June, the permissible size still varies by airline. Most U.S. carriers currently allow passengers to bring bags up to 22” by 14” by 9” along with a smaller “personal item” such as a large briefcase or backpack. However, regardless of airline, it is important to check the carrier’s carry-on requirements, and be sure that any bags you plan to bring onboard the aircraft during your travel comply with them.

2.) Bring an overflow bag

It’s a good idea to have an additional bag tucked away to carry loose items or necessities once you reach your destination. Consider one of our favorites, a non-descript 18×18 nylon bag with a zipper and hard bottom that folds completely flat and takes up virtually no space when not in use, and can be carried in one of your other bags. It can be used for toiletries, beach amenities, even dirty laundry, as well as bringing back any souvenirs or items acquired while on vacation.

3.) Ship items ahead

People always struggle with deciding on what to bring and what not to bring. If you’re tight on space, consider sending items to yourself so that they are waiting for you on arrival at your destination, or even at a midway point (think fresh clothing for example). It can take some of the stress out of packing the bags you travel with, and free up room in those bags for items you feel you need to have with you while en route. Make sure to enclose a return label in the box to make it easy to send dirty laundry home.

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