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Great Moments in Travel History – February 2022

February is the shortest month of the year in both the Julian and Gregorian calendars, and has 28 days in common years – that is years with 365 days – and 29 days in leap years, such the year 2020.  It is also the month of love, as Valentine’s Day falls exactly in the middle of the month.
The month’s name, February, is a divisive issue when it comes to pronunciation, …

423 Days After Shutdown, New York City Begins to Reopen, But Some Businesses Will Never Return

It was not just that spring was in there.  Reopening was starting to take root; indeed, it was palpable.
As a reporter walked in the streets of Manhattan Tuesday night, it was clear that preparations were being made for many businesses that shut down 423 days ago to reopen.  It was also clear by the number of “Out of Business” or “Closed” signs that many would not reopen.
The names are largely …

I Was Vaccinated, and I Fear No More

Immediately after getting my first coronavirus inoculation, I felt like a, superman, albeit not quite in the sense of Nietzsche’s Übermensch.  Of course I realized that my journey through the Age of the Coronavirus was far from over, but it was one step closer to a beginning of a return to normalcy.
On a recent Sunday, I received my second vaccine shot and that evening, headed to the restaurant Daniel, a …

The Lockerbie Bombing Took Place 32 Years Ago Today: Here is One Pan Am Employee’s Story

A Pan Am Boeing 747 en route from London to New York broke up in flight over Lockerbie, Scotland, some 32 years ago today as the result of a terrorist bombing.
Here is what happened and what a Pan Am flight servicesupervisor remembers of that fateful day.
Pan Am Flight 103 was a regularly scheduled transatlantic flight that operated from Frankfurt to Detroit via London and New York.  On December 21, 1988, …

Test ‘n’ Fly: We Review Coronavirus Testing At LaGuardia Airport

Even though I have largely sequestered myself during the past nine months, consorting with almost no one outside the concierge at my residence who accepts my deliveries, I test regularly for the coronavirus because one just never knows.
While I haven’t flown since my final British Airways Boeing 747 flight in early March, I made a few overnight trips by car and also go hiking and biking regularly. 
Meanwhile, airports across the …

Why Enclosed Outdoor Dining is as Risky as Indoor Dining

Since the start of the pandemic, readers of this magazine have seen stories with headlines that included “Why Indoor Dining is So Risky” and “How to Dine Outdoors Safely.” As outdoor temperatures in many parts of the world begin to fall, and restaurateurs who are only permitted outdoor dining adapt their al-fresco ad hoc dining rooms to compensate, dining under the stars may end up being as risky as dining in …

Photo Essay: Jones Beach Bids an Indian Summer Adieu

They had met in kindergarten, lost touch, and reconnected years later.  But there they were, sitting on the sand at Jones Beach, at one with the Atlantic, enjoying the warm (for October) weather, a takeaway lunch of New England fried clams from Bigelow’s, and a bottle of white wine.
It was one of the last if not perhaps the last day that one could get away with a t-shirt and shorts …