Apple iPhone 12 Pro Has Secret Button on Back: Here’s How to Use It

The new iPhone 12 Pro shown with MagSafe charger on rear

By Kurt Stolz on 3 November 2020
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The Apple iPhone 12 Pro has been out in the wild for almost two weeks now and, among the many new features the phone has is one that has not been highly publicized, namely a secret button on the back of the phone that the user can customize to perform certain actions with a mere tap.

The secret button is not activated out of the box, but setting up this feature is easy.  It’s actually part of the new iOS 14 operating system and works with most newer iPhones including the iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPhone 11, as well as the new iPhone 12 lineup.

Simply go to Settings and click Accessibility.  Once there, click on Touch and scroll down to the Back Tap option, the very last option.

Back Tap will be set to off but clicking on it will allow the selection of actions for a “Double Tap” and a “Triple Tap” on the back of the phone.  Options include a plethora of useful functions including App Switcher, Control Center, Home, Lock Screen, Mute, Notification Center Siri, Screenshot, Spotlight, Volume Down, and Volume Up.

We selected App Switcher for the double-tap option and Spotlight for the triple.  In tests, we found that the feature works with the new MagSafe silicone case as well as without a case.  We weren’t able to test the iPhone 12 Pro with any other cases, however.

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