United Airlines to Debut New Logo and Livery on Wednesday

By Jesse Sokolow on 22 April 2019
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IMG_9776 (1)United Airlines plans to a new albeit evolutionary logo and livery on Wednesday and released a video teasing what the corporate identity would look like.

One thing is clear: the United globe, inherited from Continental when the two airlines merged in 2010, is to remain, likely in modified form.

“Our globe truly represents how we connect people and unite the world, and it really has become part of our visual identity,“ the airline said in the video.

The video shows a simplified Continental globe, and it strongly hints that purple may be a part of the new corporate identity, as well, by dint of a vivid display of a purple tie and pocket square on a flight attendant’s uniform and purple mood lighting onboard an aircraft.

United’s visual identity has an interesting history. Early wordmarks for planes’ tails were devised by industrial designer Raymond Loewy. But the logo that everyone has associated with United for over 30 years – the so-called “tulip” logo with its red, white, and blue abstract of the letter U – was designed by the Academy Award-winning graphic designer Saul Bass in 1973.

“The evolution of our brand is meant to reflect the experience, our products, what our people feel like when you fly,” said United CEO Oscar Munoz.

“The new brand identity for United is definitely an evolution, not a revolution, primarily because it doesn’t need to be,” said Nigel Goode, a principal at PriestmanGoode, a London-based design firm that specializes in the hospitality and aviation industries.

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