Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore Releases Custom Edition of Monopoly

By Jesse Sokolow on 23 April 2019
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DSC_0018 (1)Guests at the Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore will soon be able to play a custom version of Monopoly that uses Singapore and the Ritz-Carlton hotel as the reference points for the game.

Players can learn about Singapore as a destination while playing the game, with attractions including the Ritz Suite, local museums such as the National Gallery, local landmarks such as the Gardens by the Bay, and art work found in the hotel substituting for the traditional Monopoly properties such as Park Place, Pennsylvania Avenue, and Boardwalk.

The Ritz-Carlton version of Monopoly is the first of its kind.

“We are delighted to be the first Ritz-Carlton property to create a customized version of this classic board game,” said Peter Mainguy, General Manager.

Those playing choose between three custom tokens including the Ritz-Carlton lion and crown emblem, a suitcase, and a Formula One racing car, as well as traditional Monopoly game pieces including the battleship, wheelbarrow, and boot.

The game is for sale at the hotel’s gift shop located on the property’s first floor, at the property’s Colony Bakery, or on the Colony Bakery’s website.

The hotel is also offering a game night package that includes the Ritz-Carlton version of Monopoly.

The board game Monopoly, which was first published in 1935, allows players to buy and sell properties while developing them with houses and hotels. Players move around the board using tokens after the dice and must pay rent if they land on someone else’s property. The ultimate goal is to drive one’s opponents into bankruptcy.

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