5 Winter Getaways for the New Year

Bicycling in the Bavarian Alps near Schloß Elmau

By Jesse Sokolow on 11 January 2016
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The holidays may be over, but the travel season certainly isn’t. Winter has just begun, and with snowstorms in recent years coming as late as April, it may be here for a while.

The presence of cold weather means that it is time to either embrace it, or escape it. Whether you are a fan of sipping hot chocolate and carving up the slopes or drinking margaritas and soaking up the sun, there is still time to head to one of our top five recommended winter getaways.

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Hotel Bayerischer Hof
Munich, Germany

While the weather isn’t exactly warm this time of year in Munich, a stay in one of the city’s most traditional hotels is always an enticing draw. Built at the behest of King Ludwig I. who wanted comfortable lodgings for his guests, the hotel and its exceptional staff exude warmth and charm, making it an excellent choice even if you are not Ludwig’s guest.

The property’s Blue spa, which offers a pool with a sliding glass roof (that presumably remains shut this time of year), a sun deck, and a sauna, is a fine escape from the cold weather.

The Bayerischer Hof also teems with nightlife, as the property boasts seven bars including a Polynesian-themed venue, and five restaurants. After a cocktail at the Night Club Bar, head to Atelier, which offers four-, five-, six-, or seven-course meals with a menu by the restaurant’s chef, Jan Hartwig, one of the top young chefs in the city.

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