12 Essential Hotel Room Safety Tips

Read These Tips Before Your Next Hotel Stay

By Paul Riegler on 19 February 2015
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Perhaps one of the last things travelers think of when planning a trip is hotel security, but it is not a trivial matter. The joy and excitement from a day of adventures or successful business meetings will quickly dissipate if upon your return you find the room has been ransacked, or worse, that there is an intruder in the room.

Most hotels continually review and update their safety and security protocols, and keeping guests safe is always a top priority. Nonetheless, experts recommend that guests remain vigilant, just in case.

Darryl Hill, director of safety and security at the InterContinental Toronto Centre, offered several precautions many guests might not think of. His hotel issues keys in sleeves with the room number indicated inside the sleeve. He suggests tossing the sleeve (many guests usually keep the key card in the sleeve) so that “there is no room number associated with it” if it’s ever misplaced.



Hill also suggests making sure the room door actually closes, pointing out that “chains or other objects will block the door from completely closing,” and Darrell Chaneyfield, InterContinental Hotels Group’s director of security for the United States and Canada, recommends that guests report anything “suspicious” to the hotel.

Indeed, a little paranoia is good when traveling, as fires, break-ins, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks do occur. Just last week an FBT staffer had to evacuate his hotel room when a dryer in the hotel’s laundry room caught fire.

Taking a few minutes to take some precautions is never a bad idea. Here are some basic tips and best practices that you should become familiar with before your next trip.

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