American Express Updates Airline Fee Credit Program

By Paul Riegler on 11 June 2012
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An important benefit offered by American Express’ Platinum and Centurion cards is the $200 Airline Fee Credit, one of several worthwhile benefits.  American Express will refund up to $200 per year for miscellaneous fees and purchases that cardholders pay for with a specific airline (the cardmember has to specify the airline in advance of making any purchases, however)

Previously it wasn’t always clear as to which fees American Express would reimburse and which ones were not eligible.

Recently, American Express sent out a letter to cardmembers with this information.  The letter also asked cardholders to review their accounts and advise if any credits had been missed.  Tips for using American Express’ website search tools to look for airline charges and related credits were enclosed as well.

Purchases eligible for the $200 credit  include checked baggage fees, overweight and oversized baggage fees, itinerary change fees, phone reservation fees, seat assignment fees, and in-flight purchases such as beverages, food, headphones, entertainment, and pillows and blankets.  Also included are airline lounge day passes and annual memberships as well as fees for pets.

Purchases that are excluded from the program include in-flight Internet charges, fees charged by partners of the enrolled airline, airline tickets, upgrades, purchases of miles, fees to transfer miles and points, gift cards, duty-free purchases, and fees related to award ticketing.



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