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Lobby Bar – June 30: Pancake Trees, Rock Cars, and Literally Free Money

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Where do you get your kids? Time to celebrate: the iPhone is officially ten years old. Like most 10-year-olds, the iPhone throws plenty of tantrums, needs to recharge every few hours, and stays up late texting.
Please remain seated. Join Jonathan Spira at the Daryl Roth Theater for “In & of Itself,” a meta-realistic production that aims to make …

Lobby Bar – June 23: How Airplanes Relax, Cats Can Fly, and a Co-operative Driving

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Yep, him too. Jonathan Spira heads to Central Park to see his old friend, Julius. The play has undergone a few minor changes to be relevant to the current political landscape; highlights include Caesar dying for the 119th time, gasping “Et tu, Trumpe?”
Traveling club kids. Penn Station is trying to rid itself of its icky reputation, …

Lobby Bar – June 9: Portable Fireplaces, Bring Your Own Restaurant, and Why Muggles Hate the Theater

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Something missing. Join Jonathan Spira and Jeremy Del Nero at Upper Story, a restaurant by Charlie Palmer. Upper Story is a new concept: BYO restaurant. What started with us bringing our own coffee creamer and dessert and has since evolved into a full-fledged operation that requires dining guests to bring their own tables, chairs, and napkins as …

Lobby Bar – June 2: Land-locked Cars, Reach for the Stairs, German Audiophiles, and Vanity Airlines

The Lobby Bar – An Apathetic Anthology of Travel News and Reviews
Alt-auto. Jonathan Spira calls shotgun in the 2017 Lincoln Continental. The auto ended up being one of Mr. Spira’s favorite cars to drive, but as its name implies, it cannot leave the continental United States. To drive in Hawaii, Alaska, or other U.S. territories, drivers will need to purchase the Lincoln Non-Contiguous-Far-Away-States edition of the vehicle.
To the stairs! Join …

Lobby Bar – May 26: Scandalous Sisters, My Bloody Verizontine, and Getting the Boot

The Lobby Bar – A Euphoric Eulogy of Travel News and Reviews
We are your eyes. Safety is always uncertain, but we have a few tips on how your travel can be safer this summer. We suggest equipping a baseball cap topped with a 360° camera, then hiring FBT’s newest intern, Alex Dot, to watch your surroundings around the clock so you don’t have to.
The dark side. Join Jonathan Spira for …

Lobby Bar – May 19: Sedating Passengers, Parachute Connections, and In-Flight Hammocks

The Lobby Bar – A Curious Concoction of Travel News and Reviews, Extra Salty
Fly to fly. Join Jonathan Spira in Delta One’s business class cabin from Los Angeles to New York. Mr. Spira’s connecting flight from Kona, Hawaii was delayed an hour, but he still made the flight to JFK thanks to the help of a Delta flight attendant, a quick parachute descent over LAX, and the strong arms of …

Lobby Bar – May 12: In-Flight Scuffles, Bette Midler Tries Rapping, and How to Become Famous

The Lobby Bar – A Mellifluous Melody of Travel News and Reviews, Now in E Flat
Animals matter. Join Jonathan Spira at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre for “The Little Foxes,” a play that is not about foxes at all. The play’s original title “Grumpy Old White Ladies,” more accurately described the plot, but ended alienating audience members. Due to the play’s revised title, however, foxes and their friends have all …