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Lobby Bar – October 6: Pumpkin Spiced iPhones, Michael Moore Sings Opera, and How to Steal From Google

Lobby Bar – The Fifty-First State of the Union
Pumpkin apple pie. Paul Riegler puts through the paces the new and improved CarPlay included in iOS 11, which adds important features such as lane guidance and speed limit info. Keep in mind, however, that the new version is only compatible with Apple’s fall collection of pumpkin spiced iPhone 8 devices.
More Moore. Take a seat next to Jonathan Spira at the Belasco Theater …

Lobby Bar – September 29: Free Ducks, Text a Flight Attendant, and How to Survive a Hurricane

Lobby Bar – You Can Dance if You Want To 
Cheap labor. Jonathan Spira heads to 59E59 Theaters to catch “Small World: A Fantasia.” While he was a little disappointed in the play, Mr. Spira made the trip worthwhile and did not go home empty handed; he persuaded a trio of dancing brooms to come home and augment his Roomba.
Efficient packing. ’Tis the season and we have five helpful tips so …

Lobby Bar – September 22: Charizard the Tourguide, Being Tickled by a Butler, and BMW Invests in Dongles

Lobby Bar – An Optical Illusion of Words
Forced laughs. Take a seat next to us in the theater for a third viewing of “The Play That Goes Wrong.” Before you go swallowing any cayennidday, keep in mind that the actors are professionally trained thespians to give you a very poor performance. Don’t worry, if you aren’t smiling by the end of the show, Perkins the butler will personally go and …

Lobby Bar – September 15: The 1960 Carboat Scandal, Cabin Launching, and the Most Expensive Fruit

Lobby Bar: A New Way to Consume News, Now Available in XXL and Permanent Press
Somebody told me. Join Paul Riegler for a look at all of the classic American cars that are still driven in Cuba today. The reason for the popularity of these old vehicles is obvious: in the 1950s, rich American businessmen would drive their carboats from the Florida Keys to Havana, but when Kennedy took office, he …

Lobby Bar – September 8: Amtrak Goes Postal, Mozzarella Sticks are Life, and Why You Should Become a Cannibal

Lobby Bar – Insert One Bitcoin to Continue Reading
Hurricane Like It’s 1992. Irma is coming and, in honor of the 25th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew, the most destructive storm ever to hit Florida, authorities are urging evacuees to use 300 baud modems, a Mosaic browser, and Motorola MicroTacmobile phones thanks to their excellent 75-minute battery life. Then-President George H.W. Bush later said that he had “misunderestimated” the storm’s impact on …

Lobby Bar – September 1: Theatergoers Anonymous, the Bears of London, and a Brief History of Slaps

Lobby Bar – The Only Fake News That’s Actually Real News
Showdude. Join John Buckley at Wyndham’s Theatre in London for “Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill.” While Audra McDonald’s performance was incredible, it just got us even more excited for Brian Stokes Mitchell in “Gentleman Day at Otto’s Kneipe und Restaurant,” opening in Munich next week.
Ursidae umbrella. Hop on the fastest and most comfortable – albeit not cheapest –way …

Lobby Bar – August 25: Bluetooth Socks, Phone-Powered Cars, and Staring at the Sun

Lobby Bar – Because if You Don’t Deserve a Drink, Nobody Will Offer You One
First thing’s first. Take a seat in American Airlines’ Flagship First cabin on a flight from New York to London. To make sure all eight passengers’ needs are met, there are16 flight attendants (two for each flyer) in the cabin. This proved especially helpful when our editor needed turndown service while requesting another glass of champagne.
For …