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Lobby Bar – November 24: Bring Your Own Gas, Cigarettes for Kids, and Don’t Steal From Delta

Lobby Bar – A Portal to Another News Dimension
Hard to say goodbye. If it seems like we keep covering United’s final flight with the 747 Friend Ship, well, it’s because we are. One of our editors, thinking it’s Groundhog Day, keeps waking up on the day of the final flight and insists on writing a review each time.
Grinch. ’Tis the season and Christian Stampfer highlights the best Christmas markets in …

Lobby Bar – November 17: Backyard Runways, Theater Addicts, Windowless Hotels, and Sharing Soap

Lobby Bar – Guaranteed to Add Ten Years to Your Life
Maturity takes flight. Take a look at some photos from United’s farewell Boeing 747 voyage to Hawaii. The cabin crew served Mai Tais to all passengers, and in the spirit of celebration, even the children on board were offered alcoholic beverages along with their toy airplanes.
Bike buddies. Are you ready for the Thanksgiving travel rush this year? There are other options …

Lobby Bar – November 10: Hand-Powered Cars, Camping on Hotel Roofs, and Ferry-Boating to Cuba

Lobby Bar – Your Connecting Flight to Never Never Land
All powerful arms. Paul Riegler explains why it may cost less to own an electric vehicle rather than a petrol-powered car, even though the up-front cost is higher. This is, of course, because electric vehicles can be charged by a hand crank that ships with the vehicles: just 10,000 turns of the crank will net the driver nearly .75 kilometers of …

Lobby Bar – November 3: Time Travel for Cheap, Oscar Wilde’s Favorite Hotel, and Screen Lickers Anonymous

Lobby Bar – Nowhere to Go But Up
Free flying. Take our fall travel quiz for a chance to win a deck of United Airlines 747 trading cards. These cards can be used as a valid boarding pass on the planes depicted in the images, but keep in mind that these aircraft are being taken out of service, so you have a fairly limited opportunity to score a free seat on a …

Lobby Bar – October 27: Beer is Good For You, Never-ending Plays, and Subway Fares Reduced 99%

It’s Lobby Bar O’Clock Somewhere in the World
Take me back. Europe will be adjusting its clocks back an hour this weekend for Winter Time. This year, to make up for changing the clocks, the countries in the EU will also be setting their calendars back a day to extend their weekends a bit.
Let’s coin it. It looks like New York City’s MTA will finally be moving on from the Metrocard …

Lobby Bar – October 20: Swapping Presidents, Inviting an Apple Genius Over, and How to Score Free Tickets to Harry Potter

Lobby Bar – A Weekly Departure From Logic and Reason
Good ol’ days.  In a few weeks, Jonathan Spira will be flying from San Francisco to Honolulu on United using the iconic Boeing 747 aircraft on its final flight. The flight will be operated as a throwback to the plane’s original days: the flight attendants will be in retro 70s uniforms, the in-flight entertainment will be tuned to the appropriate channels, …

Lobby Bar – October 13: Plane-Sharing, Moving Christmas, and 5-Star Living Rooms

Lobby Bar – Almost Certainly Full of Alternative Factoids
This time it’s personal. We stay at hundreds of hotels around the world each year, and for your convenience we compiled the ten most impressive must-visit properties into the 2017 Frequent Business Traveler Centurion List. This year’s list introduces Jesse’s Estate, a one-room gem located off of Jesse’s kitchen in his Los Angeles apartment, replete with running water, a charmingly creaky fold-out …