Lobby Bar

Lobby Bar – June 5: People Power, Desserts For Days, Vegetarian Beefeaters, and Anti-Oxygen Airlines

Lobby Bar – A (dis)Honest Summary of FBT News and Views 
Volatile editor. It’s that time of the month when Jesse hops in his time machine and visits June travel events throughout history. Jesse was last seen hanging out with Taft and Coolidge in the LaSalle Hotel (before the big fire), convincing them that he is a president from the future. Jesse now has the nuclear launch codes, so be careful …

Lobby Bar – May 29: Spirit Animals, Cars Made of Glass, and Affectionate Biting Habits

Lobby Bar – A Truth-Defying Summary of FBT News and Views
Free plus tax.  There may not be such a thing as a free lunch, but FBT safety experts have concluded that wearing your seatbelt in the back of a taxicab is free and could save your life.  (Disclaimer: seatbelt is free only with the purchase of a ride valued at $2.50 or greater, seatbelt cannot be removed from cab, batteries …

Lobby Bar – May 22: Royal Flushes, Cuddle Service, and Crowd-Powered Aircraft

Lobby Bar – A Tantalizingly Untrue Summary of FBT News and Views 
Royal spoons. Jonathan Spira checks into the Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans, where Club Level guests are treated like royalty. These elite members receive complimentary pressing of two garments each day, free Wi-Fi access in the lounge, and a cuddle buddy for those cold New Orleans nights.
Time killer. Paul Riegler pokes around Flushing Meadows Park, which once played host to …

Lobby Bar – May 15: The Hundred-Mile Shot-put, Derriere Templates, and Bring Your Own Airline

Lobby Bar – An Every-Day-is-April-Fools Summary of FBT News and Views 
Human catapult. Don’t miss our guide on what’s doing in the city of New Orleans.  It’s a common misconception that the city’s airport is named after the famed jazz singer; in fact, a man named Louis, with a pair of impossibly strong arms, stands outside the transportation hub and hurls travelers to their destinations.
All powerful ‘D. Join us for a …

Lobby Bar – May 8: Emotional Cars, Kinetic Denim, Broadway Broads, and We’re Hiring

Lobby Bar – An Unbelievable Summary of FBT News and Views 
Bittersweet symphony. Join The Diesel Driver for a farewell voyage to Philadelphia with the BMW 535d. It was a bittersweet drive; the driver shed a few tears, and the 535d even leaked a few droplets of diesel in an effort to convey emotion.
Discovery café. Jesse Sokolow explores Hollywood and West Hollywood, finding all of the best things to do in …

Lobby Bar – May 1: Index Finger Flying, Phoning a Friend, Emotional Autos, and First Class Brawls

Lobby Bar – A Truth-Defying Summary of FBT News and Views 
Many will enter. One will win. Check out our top tips on how to survive a long flight. It’s dog-eat-dog up in the air, so we recommend discreetly poisoning your seatmate’s meal before he gets around to stabbing you with his TSA-approved nail clippers.
Watch this. Jonathan Spira spends the night in front of the Apple store to get a spankin’ …

Lobby Bar – April 24: Midas’ Daughter, Improvisational Hospitality, and In-Flight Death Matches

Lobby Bar – A Boundary-Pushing Summary of FBT News and Views 
Goldy Galore. Jonathan Spira sees the Woman in Gold, revisiting his childhood in Vienna. It’s a little-known fact that the film is actually a sequel to the 1964 Bond film “Goldfinger,” following the story of the Bond girl who was lost beneath a mountain of gold but uncovered a year later in full health.
High tolerance. Paul Riegler takes his set …