Lobby Bar

Lobby Bar – July 24: Hay-Powered Cars, Miss Sophie Finds a Friend, and Painlessly Frying Balls

Lobby Bar – A 100% Polyester Summary of FBT News and Views 
Sunny delight. Join Jeremy Dwyer–Lindgren around the world for some lovely photos of sunsets. The sunsets are quite nice, Jeremy, but there are airplanes photobombing nearly every picture!
When in Rome.  American Express’s new Centurion Lounge at LaGuardia has everything a traveler could want at an airport lounge, with minor exceptions.  Paul Riegler mistook the name to imply that he …

Lobby Bar – July 17: The Transcontinental Aqueduct, Music to your Earplugs, and Citrus Drama

Lobby Bar – An Off-the-Wall Summary of FBT News and Views 
Lime disease. Paul Riegler discusses the final stages on the American Airlines and US Airways merger.  Despite the long-fought battle, when confronted with the ever-important question of how it will slice its limes, American and US Airways couldn’t handle the pressure and decided to dissolve both companies.
Empty pocketed. Jesse Sokolow wants to make sure you travel safely this summer, and …

Lobby Bar – July 10: Electrified Drivers, Marathon-Powered Wi-Fi, and Bulkhead Baseball

Lobby Bar – A Legally Murky Summary of FBT News and Views
Instant undies. Jesse Sokolow reviews some key tips for effective summer packing. We recommend using our newest invention to dehydrate your clothes before packing them; then, when you arrive at your destination, simply spray some water in your suitcase and – voilà! – all of your clothes will magically expand back to their normal size.
Why-Fi? There’s been some confusion …

Lobby Bar – July 3: Macaroni Madness, Time Stands Still, Trump Does Yoga, and a Founding Fodder

Lobby Bar – A Largely Misunderstood Summary of FBT News and Views
Did you feel that? If you noticed, June 30 was a bit longer than usual, due to science.  In that extra second, we managed to squeeze in a trip to Moscow, a Broadway play, and a five-hour nap.
Sweet necessities. Jonathan Spira flies in Transaero’s Imperial Class from New York to Moscow.  All passengers in Imperial Class receive a throne …

Lobby Bar – June 26: Priority Lavatories, Airport Zits, and Stealing Italy

Lobby Bar – A Poorly Translated Summary of FBT News and Views
Witness history.  Join Jesse Sokolow for a tour of the best parts of Los Angeles: Santa Monica and Venice.  We recommend visiting Venice in 1950, when Roosevelt authorized the air lifting of several canals out of coastal Italy and into Los Angeles.  You can borrow our time machine for $15,000 an hour, plus fuel.
Two-face.  Follow Jonathan Spira to the …

Lobby Bar – June 19: Supramarkets, Diamond Pretzels, and Cuddling with Strangers

Lobby Bar – A Pyramid Scheme Summary of FBT News and Views
Check it in. Don’t be alarmed; that carry-on suitcase restriction you read about last week is not actually coming to be. In reality, the International Air Transport Association will be limiting the measurements of carry-on items to 3”x1x”4”, which means you’ll have to start packing your iPhone in checked baggage soon.
Easter Egg. Find out how to solve your storage …

Lobby Bar – June 12: Nintendo’s First Car, How to Fly For Free, and Dessert With Obama

Lobby Bar – An on Steroids Summary of FBT News and Views
Tony, who?  The 69th Tony Awards took place last weekend in New York City where “Fun Home” and “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” each took home five awards.  FBT editor Paul Riegler also received an award for seeing each play 25 times… come to think of it, the “award” was actually a restraining order.
Friendsidentialness.  President …