Lobby Bar

Lobby Bar – November 20: Eating Glass, Voice-Controlled Eurodance, and Never Drink Tea Alone

Lobby Bar – A Slightly Squeaky Summary of FBT News and Views
Heavy lifting. Jonathan Spira checks out the Delta One private check-in experience at LAX. The staff at Delta One handled everything from taking care of Spira’s boarding pass to checking any luggage he had. We can’t wait for Delta Two, which is said to be staffed by bodybuilders who will literally carry you wherever you want to go and …

Lobby Bar – November 13: Sarcastic Spokesmen, Charitable Embezzlement, and Mother Nature’s Vendetta

Lobby Bar – A Deviously Dubious of FBT News and Views
Family Business. Tell us your 2016 travel plans in our annual business travel survey and for every response we receive, we’ll donate a piaster to the Take a Flight Foundation. *Disclaimer: Take a Flight (TAF) is a wholly owned subsidiary of parent company Del Nero Enterprise.
Mamma data. Did you give thanks to Hedy Lamarr for helping create the technology that …

Lobby Bar – November 6: Passenger Pancakes, Mediocre Hotels, and Sponsored Sauntering

Lobby Bar – A Compelling Conglomeration of FBT News and Views
Birthday boy. In his monthly voyage into the past, Jesse Sokolow recounts great moments in travel history in Novembers past. “Remember, remember, the Eleventh of November, for that was the day I was born.” – Jesse Sokolow circa 1990.
Sushimatic. Jeremy Del Nero (greetings!) goes hands-on with Motorola’s Moto X Pure Edition, which learns its owner’s schedule and will execute certain …

Lobby Bar – October 30: Monopoly on Time Travel, Hotels Made of Glass, and Riding with Strangers

Lobby Bar – A Spooky Summary of FBT News and Views
Save the daylight. This coming Sunday is the longest day of the year in the United States – what will you be doing with your extra hour? In other news, Jesse is writing an angry letter to U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, claiming that he should possess sole ownership over the manipulating of time.
Drop everything. In honor of Information Overload Awareness …

Lobby Bar – October 23: Untethered Skydiving, Public Time Travel, Ikea Jets, and Arsonists Rejoice

Lobby Bar – A Chemically Compromised Summary of FBT News and Views
Swan dive. Jonathan Spira checks into his Business Tower room at the Fosshótel Reykjavík hotel in Iceland. The hotel overlooks the bay, and guests on higher floors have the option of opening their windows to take a dive right into the North Atlantic. The hotel strongly encourages this as it saves the cost of electricity for running the elevator.
Burn, …

Lobby Bar – October 16: Bare Travel Necessities, Edible Bedding, and the Long Way Around

Lobby Bar – A Somewhat Sarcastic Summary of FBT News and Views
Proper send off. With a series of his favorite pictures, Jonathan Spira mourns the scheduled death of US Airways, happening tomorrow. It was a tough and expensive choice to make, but rather than re-outfit the US Airways jets with American Airlines livery, the planes will be buried in a 1,300 acre plot in Arizona.
Autopilot 3.0. Jonathan Spira takes a …

Lobby Bar – October 2: Yelling at Siri, Another Airline Breakup, and Inventing Holidays

Lobby Bar – A Compelling Compendium of FBT News and Views, Sponsored by the Pope
They’re g-r-r-reat! Did you get your free coffee on national coffee day? Check out our article for costume ideas, which include Tony the Tiger, on how to fool the cashier into thinking you haven’t yet received your free cup of coffee. You’ll shake with excitement – or maybe it’s just the caffeine.
Faded and jaded. Jonathan Spira …