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Lobby Bar – January 8: Flying Best Served Alone, Will Smith’s Favorite Car, and Breakfast Fuel

Lobby Bar – An Irregularly-Shaped Summary of FBT News and Views
Repel winter. It may be a month or two late, but winter is finally here, and we have some tips for you on how to handle traveling in the cold and hazardous weather.  Step one: eat a clove of garlic before venturing outside. It’ll boost your immune system, and you’ll manage to score empty seats next to you onboard flights …

Lobby Bar – January 1: Thumb Drugs, Dining Solo on Silvester, and Snapchatting American History

Lobby Bar – A New Year’s Day Summary of FBT News and Views
FBT DARE. It’s everywhere. You’re addicted to it. Side effects of its usage include withdrawal from social activity, sleeplessness, dizziness, headaches, and nausea.  It can even cause death if you walk or drive while using it. Make it a New Year’s resolution: curb your usage… of smartphones.
No rest for the wicked. Join us for our annual look at …

Lobby Bar – December 24: Lazy Passengers, Tampering with Christmas Music, and Snapchatting CEOs

Lobby Bar – An Unseasonably Warm Summary of FBT News and Views
Soaring snail. Join Jonathan Spira on an 8,300 mile trip to nowhere. After 25 hours on the move, Mr. Spira managed to travel a mere 83 feet, from gate 55 at JFK to gate 52. All around, it was considered a huge success.
Mini-docs. Jeremy Del Nero (hey :-P) prints out a boarding pass using the world’s smallest printer, the …

Lobby Bar – December 18: False Advertisements from Piccadilly Circus, Traveling in Pajamas, and What Diamond Guests Really Want

Lobby Bar – A Confusing Compendium of FBT News and Views
Bedazzlunk. Check out the diamond edition of our holiday gift guide for some superb gift ideas for the diamond guest in your life.  Alternatively, discreetly borrow any of his or her current possessions and pay to have it bedazzled in diamonds.  Nothing says “I love you” like a diamond-bedazzled toothbrush.
Not accurate. Jonathan Spira gets behind the wheel of a 2016 …

Lobby Bar – December 11: Inflatable Cars, Vegan Airlines, Feed Your Neighbor, and Magnetic Travel

Lobby Bar – A Calamitous Collage of FBT News and Views
Huff & puff. Jesse Sokolow has presented a few driving tips so you can travel safely this winter. Check for tire inflation frequently because the cold weather will lower air pressure, but be sure to carry a straw with you at all times, just in case you need to re-inflate your tires on the road.
Good research. The results are in …

Lobby Bar – December 4: Santa’s Dirty Secret, Broadway Drinking Games, and the Death of the Smartphone

Lobby Bar – A Confounding Compilation of FBT News and Views
Green giant. Not sure what to get the hippie in your life? Check out our green holiday gift guide with gifts ranging from $25 to $43,000. Just make sure you park the Hummer around the corner when you deliver your gifts.
Dandruff. It’s time for the December issue of Great Moments in Travel History, featuring your favorite time traveling host. Take a …

Lobby Bar – November 27: Santa Gets Greedy, Dieselgate Confessions, and the Teddy Bear Express

Lobby Bar – A Completely-Free-For-Black-Friday Summary of FBT News and Views
Deal with the devil. With winter weather already bearing its teeth, Jesse Sokolow has some tips on how to keep your cool during holiday travel. Taking the train can be a good option, or chartering Santa’s sleigh for the afternoon will get you anywhere in minutes, although Santa has a lengthy waiting list. Don’t worry: bribing Santa to jump the …