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Lobby Bar – March 4: Rainbow-Colored Passports, Build-a-Bed Workshops, and Flying with Kids Now Encouraged

Lobby Bar – A Glamorous Aggregation of FBT News and Views
Henry VIII. Jesse Sokolow travels to March in the year 1910, where he observes Le Canard making its debut flight. Jesse’s head was officially in range of the plane’s cruising altitude of 7 feet, and he would have been decapitated had he not quickly pressed the “return to the present” button. Nowadays, planes cruise at about 30,000 feet, so only …

Lobby Bar – February 26: Reshaping Geography, Free Apple Products, and Getting Surgery for your Upcoming Flight

Lobby Bar – A Collectible Collage of FBT News and Views, Written by Donald Trump’s ghost writer.
Down the hatch. Jonathan Spira sees Disney’s Fantasia live, performed by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra.  Upon entry into the theater, everybody must take a serving of LSD to accurately envision the dancing mops and hippo ballerinas.
Invisibility suits: on. Paul Riegler dines on Southern fare at Burnside Biscuit in Astoria, Queens. The food was …

Lobby Bar – February 19: Illegal Time Travel, Food Fight Flights, and Why Horses are the New Cars

Lobby Bar – An Irregular Irrelevance of FBT News and Views, Written Unconsciously
Underwater flying. Paul Riegler explores the historic Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia Airport. True to its name, the Marine Air Terminal is in fact underwater, so be sure to bring your scuba gear when you visit.
Popular, redefined. Your time has come: flex your muscles and tell us about your favorite travel companies in 2015. Please be truthful and …

Lobby Bar – February 5: A Bloody Mess in London, On-Demand Underwear, and Why Scorpions Don’t Like Winter

Lobby Bar – A Glittering Collection of FBT News and Views
Fight fire with fire. Despite what Punxsutawney Phil predicts, hazardous weather could carry on more months to come, so be sure to check out our ten tips for safe winter driving.  Try to avoid driving on icy roads, but carry a USB-powered flamethrower to help clear the path ahead of you just in case.
Cold-weather arachnida. The Blizzard of 2016 gave …

Lobby Bar – January 29: Homeless Business Travelers, Hipsters in Space, and Why Airports Make the Best Campsites

Lobby Bar – An Innovation Infusion of FBT News and Views
Moving a country. Jonathan Spira dines at Taste of Samarkand in Uzbekistan, which has relocated to Queens, N.Y.  Find out how the country managed to uproot and migrate thousands of miles, and why you should never leave home without lepyoshkas again.
Riches to ruin. Our annual business travel survey results are in and once again business travelers are expecting to take …

Lobby Bar – January 22: Ineffective Dragon Monkeys, Cars for Arachnids, and Shelter from the Storm

Lobby Bar – An Increasingly Irrelevant Summary of FBT News and Views
I.O.U. Gas prices are continuing to drop nationwide, bringing the price below $1 in some parts of the country. Fierce competition is giving birth to rumors that some gas stations are charging as low as -11 cents a gallon; on average, motorists are being paid about $1.50 to full up at these pumps.
The password is…. passw0rd? It’s a new year, but …

Lobby Bar – January 15: Presidential Auto Show Orders, a Lion’s Worst Fear, and Being Drugged by your Phone

Lobby Bar – A Subliminally Sexy Summary of FBT News and Views
Quit while ahead. Before the Detroit Auto Show opened, the Buick Avista Concept stole the hearts of auto enthusiasts nationwide. After reading the press release, the auto show committee decided to cancel the show entirely as nothing could possibly live up to Buick’s announcement.
Scratch that. Unfortunately for Buick, but fortunately for other automakers and the thousands of reporters and …