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Lobby Bar – May 20: Naughty Hotels, Illegal Brewing Practices, and the Secret to Immortality

Lobby Bar – An Excellent Excerpt of FBT News and Views
Short and sweet. Jonathan Spira goes to see “Do I Hear a Waltz?” as part of the Encores Great American Musicals series at City Center. While the performance usually lasts a couple of hours, this one was roughly eight seconds long, with a lone thespian taking the stage and reciting one brief phrase, “no, you hear a Tango,” to much …

Lobby Bar – May 6: Traveling Naked, Cars that Drive on Clouds, and Why Tubes are the Future

Lobby Bar – A Meaningless Memo Summarizing FBT News and Views
Phantom limb. Jesse Sokolow details the biggest events in Mays throughout travel history. His time machine took him to May 2053, when people travel exclusively through a network of air-pressurized tubes at hundreds of miles per hour, and may or may not arrive at their destination in one piece.
Move it up. Hundreds of miles of highway stretches in Pennsylvania have …

Lobby Bar – April 22: Professional Kazoo Artists, Free Tickets to Hamilton, and Trees Learn to Drive

Lobby Bar – An Increasingly Irrelevant Summary of FBT News and Views
Ancient entertainment. American Airlines celebrated its 90th birthday last week by playing party games from 1926 – the year the airline was born. Join us for some rousing rounds of roll-the-wooden-hoop-down-the-street-with-a-stick while we use T9 texting with turn-of-the-century Nokia phones.
Boa constrictors. Here are five tips for traveling to Europe amidst the fog of recent terror attacks. Avoid standing out. …

Lobby Bar – April 8: Set Fire to the Air, Traveling with Collectibles, and How to Buy an Airline

Lobby Bar – An Artful Alliteration of FBT News and Views, Rated Two Thumbs Up
Airborne danger. Paul Riegler stumbles across an American Airlines “Welcome Aboard” pamphlet from 1959. The pamphlet warns against the dangers of operating personal radios onboard the aircraft. Oh, and please feel free to smoke at any point throughout the flight.
My fair warning. Jonathan Spira heads to City Center to catch a rousing performance of “1776.” To …

Lobby Bar – March 25: Downloadable Battery Power, Doody Duty, and How to Become Our Pen Pal

Lobby Bar – A Confusing Compilation of FBT News and Views
Moment of silence. Security was heightened in major urban areas across the globe following the attacks in Brussels on Tuesday – but will it be effective in stopping future attacks?  Our hearts go out to those affected by the tragedy in Belgium – in the meantime, in the words of the immortal Sgt. Esterhaus of “Hill Street Blues,” “Let’s be …

Lobby Bar – March 18: Mandatory Happiness, Hotels of Cards, and Obama on the Subway

Lobby Bar – An Alliterative Allusion of FBT News and Views, Perpetually in Neutral
Fun-sized. Jonathan Spira heads to the Village Voice Choice Eats tasting event and has eight recommendations for good grub in NYC. Everything in the event was sample-sized – from the miniature éclairs to the bites of babka – including the napkins and silverware. After dinner, clown cars arrived to ferry guests home.
Tracing game. Which airline currently operates …

Lobby Bar – March 11: BMWs of the Future, Zero Gravity in Copenhagen, and Cooking in Thin Air

Lobby Bar – A Contemptible Consolidation of FBT News and Views
Juvenile Joe. Jonathan Spira flies from Heathrow to Copenhagen while eating a Danish. The flight attendant was out sick, so an 8-year-old boy was called out of his seat to assist with the in-flight service. He was doing fine until something possessed him to try to open the emergency exit mid-flight, upon which he was relieved of his duties.
Bar none. …