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Lobby Bar – July 8: Hilton’s Foray into Camping, Clairvoyant Constellations, and Thou Shalt Not Drive (Diesel)

Lobby Bar – A Compellingly Concise Summary of FBT News and Views
Meant to be. Jonathan Spira explains why Britain’s exit from the European Union was written in the stars. It’s quite simple, it was literally written in the stars – just grab a telescope and direct your gaze directly beneath Orion’s Belt, where you can read all about it.
Boats in bins. Let us take you around the beautiful city of Oslo, …

Lobby Bar – July 1: Unlocking Hotel Rooms with Thumbs, Making Friends In-Flight, and the World’s Largest Porch

Lobby Bar – A Coveted Collection of FBT News and Views
Exceptions. Remember that nothing in life is free. Unless it’s T-Mobile’s high-speed international LTE roaming – find out how well it performs in Europe. Well okay, there’s still no such thing as a free lunch… except if you’re a T-Mobile customer on a Tuesday, in which case you can grab some free pizza, that is if the gods are smiling on …

Lobby Bar – June 24: Mandatory Tattoos, Presidential Deniers, and the Transatlantic Subway Line

Lobby Bar – An Amazingly Amiable Summary of FBT News and Views
Breggsit on. It’s official, Brexit is go. Now that the United Kingdom has chosen to cut ties with the European Union, the country is reaping the benefits of its decision: worldwide heads shaking in unison, a devalued currency, and, of course, a trending hashtag on Twitter.
Cool for the summer. Summer has officially arrived with the usual telltale signs: odiferous …

Lobby Bar – June 17: Sky Camping, Renaming Airlines and Automobiles, and Broken Windows Offenses

Lobby Bar – An Extraterrestrial Excerpt of FBT News and Views
Yellow versus Magenta. Now that all wireless carriers seem to offer the best service at the best price with the fastest speeds and the most data, T-Mobile has upped its game by offering free pizzas on Tuesdays, albeit with some complications. To combat this offer, rumor has it that AT&T is partnering with IKEA to offer customers a free loveseat …

Lobby Bar – June 10: Pizza Timeshares, Champagne in Orbit, and Cold Hard Cash Cars

Lobby Bar – A Confounding Compendium of FBT News and Views
Remain the same. What on earth will happen if the United Kingdom decides to leave the European Union? The answer: chaos will ensue. Should the vote go in favor of the Brexit, the announced it would immediately adopt its own currency and begin driving on the opposite side of the road as the other countries.
Power of Internet. Let Google be …

Lobby Bar – June 3: Fresh Sky Burgers, What Jets do to Relax, and Where Babies Come From

Lobby Bar – A Twisted Trilogy of FBT News and Views
Airborne grillz. If you were traveling over Memorial Day, you might have been pleasantly surprised by the short wait time at airports across the nation. There was also the added benefit of enjoying fresh BBQ in-flight on the one day of the year fire marshals “look the other way.”
First father. Jesse Sokolow travels back to important air travel moments in …

Lobby Bar – May 27: The Day the Planes Stood Still, Human-Powered Cars, and a Decline in the Wizard Population

Lobby Bar – A Blatantly Blasphemous Interpretation of FBT News and Views
Biggest in-flight danger. Paul Riegler wants to reassure you that, even after recent terror attacks, you are still quite safe in the sky. Except from that smelly dude in 7A. You’ll never be safe from him, so be prepared to breathe through your mouth for six to eight hours.
The plot thickens. Broadway shows are once again setting records for …