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Lobby Bar – December 9: Portable Kitchens, Zero-Emission Aircraft, and How to Become Art

A Diabolical Diatribe of FBT News and Views
Many talents. Twenty-five years ago, Pan Am ceased operations. We were so attached to the airline that, before it shut down for good, we acquired one of its original Boeing 707 jets. Please contact us if you’d like a private lift from Jesse, our news editor and fully licensed pilot.
Chained freedom. You’re invited to be transported back to 1903 to the Palace Theater …

Lobby Bar – December 2: Emotions Not Included, Carry-on Lounges, Luxury Carbs, and Potato Power

A Cunning Collection of FBT News and Views
Doggy bags. Jonathan Spira checks out United’s first Polaris Lounge at Chicago O’Hare International Airport an hour before anybody else had the chance to enter. The rest of the guests were slightly confused when they arrived as they could see none of the food that was promised to them. Then, they noticed in a corner our beloved editorial director with a smug look …

Lobby Bar – November 25: Pokémon Panic, Rooftop Flamethrowers, and Fast Food Airlines

Lobby Bar – A Serious Series of FBT News and Views
Fire away. If there’s one relevant quote from Game of Thrones right now, it’s “winter is coming.” Make sure you’re prepared with these five helpful winter driving tips, including swapping out the leaf blower strapped to the roof of your car for a commercial flamethrower. For extra heat generating capacity, the use of Li-ion batteries is highly recommended.
Marry me? Jonathan …

Lobby Bar – November 18: Light my Fire, Airline Dating, and Clinton’s Servers get Rebooted

Lobby Bar – A Divisive Divertissement of FBT News and Views
Shut it down. Hitting “reply all” culminated with an unprecedented e-mail system meltdown that brought health services in the United Kingdom to a full stop. Democrat Americans are planning a similar scheme to bring Trump’s operations to a standstill once he gets in office; Clinton will provide the e-mail servers and an ample supply of wiping cloths will be provided.
Home …

Lobby Bar – November 11: Back to the Present, Toxic Automobiles, and Canines Should Avoid the Theater

Lobby Bar – A Skeptical Synopsis of FBT News and Views
Slay Rosebud. Jonathan Spira gets in the driver’s seat of the 2016 Ford Mustang GT Fastback California Special. The car, dubbed “Little Red Wagon” is actually nothing more than a motorized Radio Flyer wagon, but thanks to its size and efficiency, gets an astounding 10,000 miles to the gallon. And that’s gallons of lemonade, supplied to the 10-year-old child pulling …

Lobby Bar – November 4: Leaf Blowers Anonymous, Time Travel Paradoxes, and Accidental Art

Lobby Bar – A Belligerent Bellwether of FBT News and Views
Modern comforts. Most countries in Europe have set back their clocks for winter time. This year, parts of Spain voted to abstain from changing their clocks because, as they pointed out, there is no need to adhere to obsolete and ancient time changing practices, especially now that we have time travel machines thanks to advancements at FBT Magazine.
Eyes on me. …

Lobby Bar – October 28: Bird-Assisted Air Travel, Pillows are Not for Sleeping, and Artificial Intelligence Gets Smug

Lobby Bar – An Allegorical Assortment of FBT News and Views
Air Purgatory. It’s time to find out if you’ll be accepted into our spring honors course by taking our fall travel pop quiz. If you don’t get at least three questions right, you’ll be sent to traveler’s purgatory: an Air Koryo flight with unlimited fuel that never seems to receive clearance for landing.
A tale of two strokes. Jonathan Spira is …