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Lobby Bar – March 17: Luxury Dumpster Diving, a Butler to Read the Menu for You, and Why the CIA Spies on Us

Lobby Bar – An Exoskeleton of Exemplary FBT News and Views
Daylight Subliminal Time. Daylight Saving Time celebrated its 99th birthday this year. The first year, churches were urged to ring their church bells “more lustily” to remind people about the time change. Now, we just have CIA agents whisper through the smartphone by your bed to subconsciously remind you about waking up an hour earlier or later; it actually works …

Lobby Bar – March 10: Desserts are Beautiful, Timepieces Get Emotional, and Why Magnets are the Future

Lobby Bar – A Notable Notebook of FBT News and Views
Handyman. Henry Feintuch checks into the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus in downtown Budapest. While the hotel forgot to include mini bottles of moisturizer,  a selection of homemade treats was awaiting his arrival at his room. Mr. Feintuch discovered that Kürtőskalács have both a unique taste and are incredible moisturizing.
Do it now. It’s that time of year again when everybody loses an …

Lobby Bar – March 3: Getting Noticed in Flight, Demons Love Airports, and the TSA Goes Rogue

Lobby Bar – A Silly Soliloquy of FBT News and Views
Loyal to the end. Boeing’s high-tech 787 Dreamliner aircraft has surpassed the 767 in total orders in a third of the time. This is thanks to Boeing’s popular Dreamliner Punch Rewards Card. Every time an airline buys a Dreamliner, it gets an airplane-shaped hole punch in the card, and after ten punches, the airline can head to Starbucks and get …

Lobby Bar – February 24: In-Flight Entertainers, Siri Gets an Accent, and the Future of Umbrellas

Lobby Bar – A Melodious Mélange of FBT News and Views
Here we are now, entertainer. Let’s take a look at why an increasing number of airlines are opting to ditch seatback entertainment systems in new aircraft. The answer is obvious: all major airline unions merged with the Screen Actors Guild to give flight attendants an opportunity to showcase their talents through in-flight monologues, musical numbers, and dance routines. Earplugs are …

Lobby Bar – February 17: Earning Your In-flight Meal, Living a Disney Cartoon, and a Lone Hilton Tree

Lobby Bar – A Spartan Serving of FBT News and Views
Ride with Tolstoy. Join Paul Riegler behind the wheel of the 2017 Kia Cadenza Limited, one of Kia’s newest automobiles. A new technologically advanced windshield keeps the car as quiet as a library. Kia recognized this and went the extra mile by adding several leather-bound classics to the front cabin. Due to the size and weight of the books, the car’s …

Lobby Bar – February 10: Party Car Anthem, Rock-Filled Pillows, and Airplane Deodorant

Lobby Bar – A Righteous Roundup of FBT News and Views
Out of touch. A federal appeals court upheld a lower court’s temporary suspension of President Donald Trump’s “Foreign Terrorist Entry” executive order on Thursday. “However,” wrote the three judges, “we think banning middle-aged men with orange hair from entering the country could potentially provide us with tremendous security benefits.”
Discotility. Jonathan Spira hops into the driver’s seat of the 2017 Acura …

Lobby Bar – February 3: Emergency Condiments, Missing Letters, and Your Own Worst Nightmare

Lobby Bar – A Compelling Compilation of FBT News and Views
All chips, no dip. Emergencies happen everywhere in the world, so make sure you’re prepared with emergency contact information just in case disaster strikes while you are traveling. And no, running out of ketchup for your fish and chips snack in your Airbnb loft in London does not count as an emergency. However, running out of jellied eels does.
Gold on …