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Lobby Bar – May 5: Pasta’s Worst Enemy, a Blast from the Past, Cognitive Toys, and Shrinking Planes

The Lobby Bar – A Finely Blended Mélange of Travel News and Reviews, Now in Pill Form
Bored? Perhaps Just hungry. Join Jonathan Spira for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, and find out why Mr. Spira was inspired to create his own show, “Jonathan and the Concession Stand.” Hint: it’s because he spent more time there than with the audience.
Stuck in the past. Jesse’s back in his …

Lobby Bar – April 28: In-Flight Yelling, a History Lesson with Samuel L. Jackson, and Interborough Piggybacks

The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Digest of Travel News and Reviews, Best Taken With Lactaid
Pulp progress. Join us in celebrating English Language Day this week. Today we learned that English became the most spoken language on Earth shortly after Pulp Fiction was released in 1994 because non speakers of the language were fearful that Samuel L. Jackson would bust into their homes and demand “English, mother****er, do you speak …

Lobby Bar – April 21: Canadian Coffee Regulations, When Airlines Go Wrong, and Jesse the Canine

The Lobby Bar – Travel News and Reviews Summarized by Donald Trump’s Ghost Writer
New venture. It’s time to test your knowledge of airline slogans in our new quiz. Our favorite slogan, “Fly with the Talking Moosehead,” is used by Fawlty Airways, the airline founded by hotel owner and entrepreneur Basil Fawlty.
Trust us. Hey, you, with the terrible password. It’s time to change that thing. We recommend using a complex series …

Lobby Bar – April 14: Low-Flying Aircraft, the Thrills of an Avocado, and Where’d All the Pilots Go?

The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Attempt to Distract You from Real News.
Full circle. What exactly was behind the massive Delta flight delay and cancellation fiasco this past week? Perhaps it was the airline’s refusal to be part to an interline agreement, although we have inside sources telling us that a number of pilots were busy giving presentations at the April 1 ASSCAM meeting, and haven’t been able to get …

Lobby Bar – April 7: Manual Elevators, French Ducklings, Being Trapped in a Conference Room, and Why Cars Love Phones

Lobby Bar – A Way to Escape from Reality at No Cost. Also, News.
Sit, Booboo, Sit. Join me for a complete guide of how to connect your iPhone to your car via CarPlay. Cars with the CarPlay feature like to play games with their owners including fetch. Simply throw the iPhone out the window while driving, and the car will drive onto the grassy shoulder and sniff around for it. Be …

Lobby Bar – March 31: Naked in the Sky, Thor’s Favorite Car, Expensive Stakes, and an FBT Editor’s Meltdown

Lobby Bar – A Sweetly Soporific Selection of FBT News and Views
Call us idols. We’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled travel news and reviews to offer some flying fashion advice. In general, try to avoid clothing that is too long, too short, ripped, stained, see-through, brightly colored, or made of polyester. On second thought, why not just avoid the question entirely and book your next trip on our …

Lobby Bar – March 24: Planeside Parking, Kissing Fish, and How to Make Money with Good Grammar

Lobby Bar – An Intimate Iteration of Iconic FBT News and Views
Stone’s throw. Join us on a flight from JFK’s Terminal 2 to Phoenix, Arizona, in Delta’s first class cabin. Terminal 2 is the best terminal for getting curbside to airside as quickly as possible, mostly thanks to a secret tunnel that lets passengers drive right onto the tarmac and park next to the aircraft. (Parking meters are located just …