Germany to Lift Restrictions on Intra-European Travel

Germany to Lift Restrictions on Intra-European Travel

The German government said Wednesday that it will lift its travel warning to 26 EU countries as well as five other European states, although many decisions relating to lockdown measures are ultimately up to the individual states.
Außenminister Heiko Mans said that Berlin would decide late on guidelines for other countries including Turkey.  The decision on Wednesday also includes Britain, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland.
The initial easing of restrictions in the …

BMW Welt Reopens in Munich As Coronavirus Restrictions in Germany Ease

The BMW Welt, BMW’s €500 million ($540 million) brand experience and delivery center, reopened Friday after closing on March 17, following a directive issued by the Bavarian government for all tourist attractions to close.
Now the most popular tourist attraction in Munich, the BMW Welt opened its doors on October 17, 2007 with 800 guests in attendance, followed by a Tag der Öffenen Tür – or Open House – on …

Roman Holiday? Here’s How Europe Will Attempt to Salvage the Summer Travel Season

A vacation on the Continent this summer may not be a pipe dream, after all.
The European Union announced on Wednesday a plan to salvage the summer season amidst the coronavirus pandemic.
The European Commission outlined guidance for how countries could lift ID checks at borders that were closed due to the pandemic, promulgate health measures for hotels, and get its airlines back into operation, all while ensuring the health and safety …

Photo Essay: Christmas Markets in Austria, France, Germany, and the United States

You haven’t truly experienced Christmas unless you’ve been to a Christmas market in Europe. They are an excellent source for traditional gifts, mugs of Glühwein, and an unparalleled festive feeling.
Christmas markets can be found in every major city and town in many countries and the best are found in Austria, France, and Germany.
We went to over a dozen markets on the Continent, including the Münchner Christkindlmarkt at Marienplatz and the …

Germany Surpasses Norway as Europe’s Largest Electric Car Market

Germany Surpasses Norway as Europe’s Largest Electric Car Market

Germany is now poised to take the lead in sales of electric vehicles, beating out perennial favorite Norway, which has held the position of frontrunner since 2010.
The news shows that German automakers’ investments in developing electric vehicles that average consumers will buy are finally paying off.
The number of new electric vehicle registrations in Germany through November was 57,533 versus 56,893 in Norway.
Norway still holds the lead in the percentage of …

Mauerfall: The Berlin Wall Fell 30 Years Ago

On November 9, 1989, a somewhat comical slipup toppled the Berlin Wall when Günter Schabowski, the newly minted spokesman of the East German Politbüro, as a footnote to a press conference, added a statement concerning plans to lift travel restrictions between East and West.  When an Italian reporter asked when the change would come into effect, Schabowski assumed it would be the same day and replied, “Das tritt nach meiner Kenntnis …

Review: Taking the S-Bahn from Munich Airport to the City Center

Although I’ve taken the S-Bahn S1 and S8 from Munich Airport to the city center for years, it only occurred to me to document this fast and convenient means of transportation in the magazine on a recent trip.  The “S” is short for Stadtschnellbahn or urban rapid rail and it has characteristics of both a rapid transit system such as the New York City subway and a commuter rail system …