Theater Review: ‘Road Show’ at Encores Off-Center at City Center

The third and final musical in the Encores Off Center Series at City Center, Stephen Sondheim’s “Road Show,” completes the trilogy of shows for the 2019 season that started with a highly introspective “Working: A Musical” based on Studs Terkel’s highly acclaimed book of interviews of the working man and woman and followed by “Promenade,” a revival of the thrilling 1960s musical.
“Road Show,” which was called “Wise Guys” at its …

Review: ‘Legally Blonde’ at Argyle Theatre, Babylon, N.Y.

Anyone producing “Legally Blonde – The Musical” is up against one big challenge: How will the lead stack up to Reese Witherspoon’s 2001 portrayal of Elle Woods in the movie that inspired the Broadway show. Witherspoon’s presence on the silver screen makes it clear why – be it at the sorority house or in a courtroom – the Elle Woods character will command attention. Not so much in the musical …

Briefly Noted: ‘The Overwhelming Weight of Happiness’ at Katzspace, London

Five stars for “The Overwhelming Weight of Happiness,” a new one-hour hilarious play, that ran last month at Katzspace, a new 50-seat theater in the heart of London Bridge.
The two-person play, written and performed by Molly Dooner and Tim Harris, will have its third short run in London again at the Albany performing arts space in Southeast London on August 5, 6, and 7 at 7:45 p.m..
The quirky original comedy …

Power Restored to Manhattan After Major Blackout

Power Restored to Manhattan After Major Blackout

The blackout that plunged a wide swath of Manhattan into darkness Saturday evening ended a little over five hours after it had begun, with people cheering in the streets.
The power failure had left people trapped in subway cars and elevators, darkened most Broadway and off-Broadway stages, and briefly dimmed the bright lights of Times Square, impacting approximately 73,000 Con Edison electricity customers and many more tourists and New Yorkers who …

Blackout Darkened Broadway, But Shows Starting with the Letter ‘B’ Carried On

New York City may have had a blackout, but it somehow exempted Broadway plays and musicals starting with the letter “b.”
The blackout that ran from 72nd Street to the West 40s, and from Fifth Avenue to the Hudson River, may have stopped movies in mid-sentence, emptied shops, left diners in restaurants with only the glow of their smartphones, and caused the Great White Way to go dark somehow exempted four …

Major Blackout Hits New York City on 42nd Anniversary of 1977 Power Failure

Major Blackout Hits New York City on 42nd Anniversary of 1977 Power Failure

Parts of New York City were plunged into darkness when a power failure hit the West Side of Manhattan late Saturday.
The power failure came on the 42nd anniversary of the 1977 power failure that led to widespread looting and arson.
The blackout halted subways, disabled traffic lights, and brought the curtain down on Broadway shows. Times Square’s iconic billboards went dark, and Carnegie Hall was evacuated mid-performance and the performers – …

Theater Review: ‘Dropping Gumballs on Luke Wilson’ at A.R.T./New York Theater

Filming a television commercial can be tough. Filming one where the sole actor appearing in it will be dinged and knocked out by cherry red gumballs of an indeterminate weight is even tougher.
Such is the story of “Dropping Gumballs on Luke Wilson,” a play by Rob Ackerman directed by playwright Theresa Rebeck (“Bernhardt/Hamlet”) that opened June 18. This Working Theater production is based on “a sort of true story,” as …