Photo Essay: Inside LaGuardia Airport’s Posh New Central Terminal

by Kurt Stolz

LaGuardia Airport, until recently New York’s much maligned aerodrome that was famously maligned by former Vice President Joe Biden as being “third world,” as he targeted the airport’s aging infrastructure, is no more.  All hail the new LaGuardia Airport, or at least its central arrivals and departures terminal, designated as Terminal B.
Built as part of an $8 billion overhaul, the soaring, light- and art-filled building, which may be the most …

Europe Reopens to Visitors, But Americans Aren’t Invited

by Anna Breuer

Much of Europe will undergo a grand reopening of sorts on Monday and Tuesday as these two days mark when a multiple countries will reopen their borders.  But the list of countries whose citizens will be admitted is quite limited in some cases and varies greatly from land to land.
Indeed, June 15 marks the official date for border controls between Schengen member states to be lifted, although each country will …

From ‘Third World’ to Soaring: LaGuardia’s New Central Terminal Opens Its Doors With Little Fanfare

by Paul Riegler

“It is hard to build a new airport while you are operating an old airport,” said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at a ceremony at LaGuardia Airport 18 months ago when the new Eastern Concourse was opened.
Hard it was. But not impossible.
On Saturday, the strikingly modern Arrivals and Departures Hall at the new LaGuardia Airport opened its doors to passengers and onlookers alike, as well as to a few members …

4 Tips to Survive the Rest of the Coronavirus Pandemic

by Paul Riegler

The warmer weather and sunny skies in most of the Northern Hemisphere, not to mention dozens of protests against police brutality with tens of thousands of particiapnts, can be misleading.  One might even begin to think that the pandemic is over.
It isn’t by a long shot.
In many parts of the world, the number of cases and deaths has fallen dramatically.  In places such as Austria and Germany, the infection rate …

Review and Test Drive: 2020 Mazda Mazda6 Signature – Road Trip to Asbury Park

by Jonathan Spira

Reviewing cars during the worst of the coronavirus pandemic here in the New York area was one of the few things I could really look forward to and the temporary drop in traffic made far longer day trips possible as a perverse form of compensation.
Every spring, like clockwork we have added a Mazda Mazda6 to our short-term press fleet and its arrival was always greatly anticipated.
One reason is because all …

Survey: When Do You Plan to Fly, Dine Out, and Shake Hands Again?

by Kurt Stolz

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has placed life on hold for hundreds of millions of people across the globe.  Today, however, many regions are beginning to reopen and allow many everyday activities.
What you do is wholly dependent on your comfort level and, while many are confident to go to a doctor’s office for non-urgent care at this point, probably an equal number are not.
We want your personal opinions on …

Review and Test Drive: 2020 Lexus NX 300

by Jonathan Spira

Roughly one year ago, I noted that Lexus’s Department of Naming knew what it was doing when it named its then entry-level crossover the NX with the explanation that “NX” stands for “nimble crossover.”  As a result, when a Cadmium Orange 2020 NX 300 showed up at our door this past April, at the height of the coronavirus lockdown, I was excited.  After all, during a pandemic, who wanted boring?
Although …