Austria’s New Klimaticket Costs $3.50 Per Day and is Valid on All Modes of Public Transportation

By Kurt Stolz on 30 October 2021
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A vintage Straßenbahn, or streetcar, in Vienna, Austria

Austria’s Klimaticket, which offers seamless travel across all modes of public transit in the Alpine nation for just €3 ($3.47) went live earlier in the week.

Dubbed the Klimaticket, or climate ticket, the new go-anywhere pass is intended to combat climate change by making all forms of public transportation irresistibly priced so that driving a private automobile never comes into question.

The new pass is valid on the ÖBB, the abbreviation for the Österreichische Bundesbahnen, the state railroad system; the Westbahn, an electrified train from Vienna via St. Pölten and Linz to Salzburg; and all public transit throughout the country, including the Straßenbahhnen, or street cars, of Vienna.

Travelers can use the Klimaticket to access border train stations in the direction of Germany, Hungary, Italy, and Switzerland as well, although the pass does not cover travel beyond the Austrian border.

The Klimaticket is also valid on so-called ÖBB-Korridorzügen or corridor trains that travel across Germany to reach a destination within Austria.

While other European nations offer nation-wide travel passes, none is as value-priced as the Klimaticket, which is part of the country’s goal of becoming climate neutral by the year 2040.  The program is supported by funding from the federal government, which thus far has committed €240 million.

The initial demand for a discounted early-bird ticket crashed the Klimaticket website.

“This is a big day for the climate and for transport,” said Leonore Gewessler, Bundesministerin für Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Energie, Mobilität, Innovation und Technologie, or federal minister for climate protection, environment, energy, mobility, innovation, and technology.

“If this summer has shown us anything, it is that the climate crisis has already arrived with us.”

At launch, the Klimaticket is available only on an annual basis.  A Klimaticket for one adult costs €1,095 and youth and senior fares are €821 annually.  Family tickets are available for €1,205.


Jonathan Spira contributed to this story.

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