United Airlines CEO Kirby: ‘We’re Prepared’ for a Passenger Vaccine Mandate

By Paul Riegler on 19 September 2021
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United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby said that his airline is “prepared” for an air travel environment with vaccine mandates.

Speaking on the CBS news program “Face the Nation” Sunday morning, Kirby said that such a mandate would place a “burden” on vaccinated individuals, but he would nonetheless support it given the “great data and science” the administration uses to make such determinations.

“If they tell us that they want us to check everyone, we’re prepared to do that as well,” he said, although the duties of checking vaccine passports and CDC cards would likely fall to the Transportation Security Administration, which already verifies traveler identification documents.

Commenting on new vaccine mandates for larger companies, Kirby said that he thinks that “the administration’s doing a really admirable job of trying to find all the levers to push to get the whole country vaccinated.”

Kirby said he strongly supported the move and hoped that it would help reinvigorate air travel, which he thinks will recover by January of next year.

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