Two ‘Unruly’ Passengers Arrested in Separate Incidents at Nashville Airport

By Kurt Stolz on 19 August 2021
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Washington Dulles International Airport

Two unruly passengers were arrested in separate incidents at Nashville’s airport after refusing to don face masks in keeping with federal law.

The first miscreant, Antur Grigoryan, was arrested at Nashville International Airport after what could only be described as serial bad behavior.  The incident began when Grigoryan refused to wear a face mask on a Spirit Airlines flight departing the city and used vulgar language towards the cabin crew.  He was removed from the flight and the airline said he will not be permitted to fly on Spirit at any time in the future.

Police in Nashville said that, while Grigoryan was waiting for his new flight with American Airlines, he stole food, left a bag unattended, and refused to wear a face mask when going through the security checkpoint.  Upon refusing to don a face mask once on his flight, police were summoned and he was arrested.

Meanwhile, James Swafford refused to wear a mask on his Southwest Airlines flight to Washington, D.C. after the plane pushed back.  The aircraft returned to the gate to have him removed.

Police said that there were “strong odors of an alcoholic beverage” emanating from Swafford and that he was loud and aggressive towards them.

The two face disorderly conduct chargers.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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