Five Clusters of the Largely Non-Vaccinated Put Recovery in U.S. at Risk

By Paul Riegler on 8 July 2021
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A residence in Louisiana

Researchers at Georgetown University identified five clusters of non-vaccinated people in eight states, most of them in the southern United States, that would be vulnerable to surges in coronavirus cases.  The clusters could also become breeding grounds for far more virulent and transmissible variants of the virus.

The researchers identified 30 clusters of counties with low vaccination rates and significant populations.  The five most significant of those are parts of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. They start in the eastern part of Georgia and continue west to Texas and north to southern Missouri.

These areas are experiencing noticeable increases in new coronavirus cases.

While the clusters are largely composed of smaller counties, they also include several major cities including Amarillo, Texas; Montgomery, Alabama; and Shreveport, Louisiana.  Together, these clusters represent some 15 million people, and they are areas where no more than 28% have been vaccinated.

The findings come as one-third of American citizens have yet to receive even a single dose of coronavirus vaccine, despite the fact that the vaccines are widely available in these regions at no charge.

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