American Airlines Agent Tells Passenger Removed from Flight for Cursing to Fly Spirit Instead

By Kurt Stolz on 22 July 2021
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An American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER in Dallas

A quick-thinking American Airlines gate agent told a passenger being booted from a flight from Dallas to Miami who cursed at a flight attendant that she should fly Spirit Airways instead.

“You can find another carrier to fly,” he said. “I’d suggest Spirit.”

The agent, whose calm demeanor was noted by thousands who viewed the video online, tells the unidentified woman that what she said to the flight attendant was  “totally uncalled for, totally inappropriate, [and] we don’t tolerate that crap.”

When the woman denied using profanities, the agent made it clear he did not believe her.

“Don’t lie. You already did that once, when you took your mask off and put it in your pocket,” he told her.

“If you don’t follow procedure, it’s end of discussion,’ he tersely said, before turning her away from the gate.

Witnesses to the incident on the aircraft said that a flight attendant told the woman her face mask, which had holes, was not acceptable for flight.

Federal law requires that passengers don masks on conveyances, although they can be briefly removed for eating or drinking.

The airline confirmed the incident, albeit without the comment about Spirit.

“On July 17, a customer was not allowed to travel on American Airlines flight 2823 with service from Dallas Fort Worth to Miami after failing to comply with the federal mask mandate and addressing one of our team members using profane language,” it said in a statement. “We expect our customers to comply with our policies and treat everyone with respect when they choose to travel with us, and we take action when that is not the case.”

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