Southwest Airlines Cancels Hundreds More Flights, 43% Are Delayed

By Kurt Stolz on 26 June 2021
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Southwest Airlines’ woes continued into the weekend as it continues a turbulence-filled month of flight cancellations and delays.

On Saturday as of noon EDT, Southwest had already cancelled 281 flights – 8% of flights – and 437 had been delayed, according to FlightAware, a service which tracks such data.  The airline had cancelled 6% of its flying, or 254 flights, on Friday, and 43% of its flights – 1,592 – were delayed.

The new batch of delays and cancellations comes a week after the airline cancelled hundreds of flights due to two separate technology issues and after American Airlines said it would cancel hundreds of flights into mid July. It also comes as the airline celebrates its 50th anniversary, which was on June 18.

The airline said it had taken the action based on predicted storms.

“To proactively manage our operation, we implemented a scheduled reduction ahead of expected storms and probable air traffic control initiatives,” it said in a statement.

Users expressed their frustrations using social media.

“I checked in and am on my way to the airport,” said one traveler, Caitlin Morrall, in a tweet. “Opened the app to see flight status and I was rebooked for tomorrow without any email or text alerts. Yet I have boarding passes for today. Wait times over 120 mins [for telephone support].

In hundreds of tweets responding to customers, it said that “inclement weather across our operation” was the reason for all of the delays and cancellations.

“That’s a horrible response,“ said another user, commenting on the airlines response to Morrall. “You did this twice, yesterday & today while waiting to board flt. 30min cancellation notice.”

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