Record Breaking Heat Hits the Pacific Northwest, Canada, Northeast U.S.

Village in Canada Sets Record for National All-Time High with 118° F

By Paul Riegler on 30 June 2021
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Seattle’s Public Market

Temperatures in the Pacific Northwest hit record highs as a heat dome swept across the region.

The temperature in Portland, Oregon, reached 116° F (46.6° C), a hotter than cities known for hot temperatures including Dallas, Los Angeles, and Miami have ever been. The record for Seattle was also smashed when thermometers reached 105° F  (40.5° C).  Seattle also hit a record after hitting three consecutive days of triple-digit temperatures in a row.

The heat was so intense that streetcar power cables in Portland melted and the pavement buckled.

In Lytton, British Columbia, a village that sits on the confluence of the Thompson River and the Fraser River, meteorologists recorded a high temperature of 118° F (48° C), a new national record for Canada that exceeded the old record of 113° F (45° C) by 5 degrees.  Notably, the record temperature surpassed the all-time record in Las Vegas of 117° F (47° C).

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, cities in the Northeast were experiencing a heat wave as well.  At 3:11 p.m. on Monday, the temperature in Boston hit 97° F (36° F), tying a record set for that date in 1901 and 1991.

Electrical utilities on both coasts warned customers of possible outages and brownouts as daily record highs in New England stand to be broken by temperatures that will likely exceed 100° F (38° F).

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