New ‘Hotel-Style’ Sleeper Trains Planned in Europe

By Kurt Stolz on 22 June 2021
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A new startup, Midnight Trains, is hoping to revive interest in night trains in Europe and plans to launch a Paris-centric network starting in 2024.

Midnight Trains, a company started by Adrien Aumont and Romain Payet, the team behind French crowdfunding website KissKissBankBank, aim to make taking a sleeper train cool again by creating the experience of “rolling boutique hotels.”

The company plans to link the French capital with 12 other destinations including Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Hamburg, Milan, and Rome.

The founders aren’t trying to match the luxury of the storied Orient Express but rather to offer a much more chic alternative to state-run SNCF sleepers and crowded short-haul flights.

The trains will offer “hotel-style” rooms offering privacy and security.  Each train will have an onboard restaurant and bar.

The company will offer a variety of cabin sizes to satisfy everyone from singles to larger groups such as families, and will depart from Paris’s Gare du Nord train station.

The founders are counting on the fact that their trains will emit twenty times less greenhouse gases per passenger than a commercial flight per mile or kilometer traveled, and will capitalize on offering a good night’s sleep as well.

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