EU to Toughen Restrictions on U.K. Visitors as Concerns Over India Variant Grow

By Kurt Stolz on 28 June 2021
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The Festung Hohensalzburg, in Salzburg

Several European countries are toughing entry requirements for U.K. travelers amidst rising numbers of Covid cases in Britain.

The United Kingdom reported 22,868 additional Covid cases on Monday and that number is causing great consternation across the European Continent.

As a result, multiple countries including Spain and Portugal are putting new travel restrictions into place

Meanwhile, Angela Merkel wants a the bloc to take a common approach to the situation in the United Kingdom.

Currently, numerous countries within the bloc including Germany, Spain, and Portugal all have different rules about travel to and from the United Kingdom.

While citizens of the European Union can travel within the bloc without having to show their passports, they do have to show their Green Pass when crossing borders.

The new restrictions don’t impact the rules that will go into force on July 1 within the bloc, however.

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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