United to Offer Beer, Wine, and Snacks on Nearly All Flights

By Jesse Sokolow on 13 May 2021
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United Airlines announced that it will introduce new drinks and food selections in June.

The carrier will debut new beverages on most of its flights over two hours on June 1. On June 15, the carrier will begin to offer an updated food menu on flights over 1,500 miles and hub-to-hub flights more than 800 miles or over two hours.

The move comes after the airline had significantly reduced food offerings amidst the coronavirus pandemic-induced decline in travel.

The carrier’s new beverage offerings will include White Claw Mango, Michelob Ultra, Stella Artois, and IPA and golden ale options, as well as several red, white, and sparkling wine choices.

United’s new menu options on its longer flights will include entrees such as egg scramble with plant-based chorizo, as well grilled chicken breast with orzo and lemon basil pesto. The carrier also partnered with Chicago-based Eli’s Cheesecake to introduce a new chocolate pie, which the airline calls “Pie in the Sky.”

In addition to the aforementioned changes, United plans to introduce three new snack boxes, namely, the Tapas Box, which will include items such as bruschetta and hummus; the Takeoff Box, which will offer foods including salami and smoked almonds; and its Recline Box, with samplings such as honey mustard pretzels and gummi bears. The carrier will also add three new a la carte options, including chocolate-covered banana bites, chips and salsa, and trail mix.

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