JetBlue TrueBlue Members Can Now Earn Points on All American Airlines Flights

By Kurt Stolz on 26 May 2021
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Members of the JetBlue TrueBlue frequent-flyer program are now able to earn points when flying on American Airlines flights, the two airlines announced Wednesday.

The move is part of the two carriers’ Northeast Alliance and covers all American flights regardless of departing or arrival city.

“Just in time for summer travel, we’re giving TrueBlue members more program value and versatility by offering the ability to earn TrueBlue points on thousands of daily flights operated by our Northeast Alliance partner, American Airlines,” said Don Uselmann, the vice president of loyaltyat JetBlue.

The alliance kicked off in February with 80 codeshare flights and more flights have been added since.

The Northeast Alliance will allow the two carriers to leverage their complementary networks in the Northeast, the two airlines said when announcing the program last year.

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