American Airlines Launches Five Star Essentials $149 Meet-and-Greet Service

By Kurt Stolz on 24 May 2021
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American Airlines debuted a new meet-and-greet service priced for families who will be flying as travel begins to resume.

The new Five Star Essentials service is a stripped down version of the carrier’s standard Five Star Service offering, which includes lounge access and other amenities.

The service “is perfect for families or customers who want an extra set of hands during their journey,” the airline said in a statement, adding that it may be useful for those who haven’t traveled recently as well.

Flyers who purchase the service will be greeted by a special agent at the priority check-in area, accompanied by the agent, who will also ensure luggage and other items remain together, through a priority security checkpoint lane, and then escorted to the departure gate.

The new service will be available at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, and Miami International Airport.

“Five Star Essentials is another way to help ease the journey for busy families or anyone who simply needs an extra set of hands to navigate through the airport,” said Clarissa Sebastian, the airline’s managing director of premium customer experience.

The fee for Five Star Essentials is $149 and that includes two adults and three children and/or pets.

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