Israel, Bahrain Reach Landmark Vaccine Passport Deal

By Kurt Stolz on 24 April 2021
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El Al is Israel’s national airline

Israel and Bahrain will recognize each other’s Covid-19 vaccination programs and let citizens who have been inoculated travel between the two countries without any restrictions, Israel’s Foreign Ministry said Thursday.

The move constitutes one of the first bi-lateral vaccine passport-like arrangements to be announced to date.

The agreement, the ministry said, will boost tourism and trade between the two states.

Bahrain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the deal in a tweet.

“The governments of  Bahrain and Israel each an agreement on mutual recognition of vaccination,” it said.

Last year, relations between the two countries were normalized with the help of the United States.

Neither country said when the vaccine passport arrangement would go into effect.

Israel, which currently maintains tight restrictions on incoming visitors, said it plans similar arrangements with other countries and will announce these in the coming weeks.

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